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Dec 1, 2010

Belizean American wants $48,500 returned from Clear the Land

edmund castro

Edmund “Clear the Land” Castro was fired from his post as Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, since last Wednesday but he has been unable to escape the spotlight. New details are surfacing as to one of the reasons why the Prime Minister felt it necessary to clear Castro as a Minister of State immediately while he continues to ignore allegations of wrongdoing in the Ministry of Defense and Immigration. As it turns out Althea Grant, A Belizean American, came in contact with Prime Minister Dean Barrow when he made a trip to Los Angeles earlier this year.  This is when she raised her concern that she had paid thousands of dollars for public land to the Minister of State. According to Grant, she had been paying for ten acres of land. She paid as much as forty-eight thousand five hundred dollars which were transferred to bank accounts of close relatives. She additionally paid for surveys to be carried out on the phantom land. The story Grant was fed by Castro was that she was getting prime land in the rural north constituency of the Belize District. Grant made trips to Belize and Castro would take her to look at the rich green and fertile soil of the land she would soon own but that did not happen. Now that she has exposed the misdeed, she has been assured by the Prime Minister that she will receive a parcel of land, but it is not prime property like the one she viewed. And since the value is not the same as the price she paid, she is seeking legal action to recover the money. One attorney believes that Castro has breached the constitution’s code of conduct which states he cannot use his office for personal gain and he has allowed his integrity to be called into question.

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17 Responses for “Belizean American wants $48,500 returned from Clear the Land”

  1. corf says:

    Damn crook!

  2. DonPepe says:

    He shouldn’t even be an area representative, what a disgrace of man, piece of trash all they do is seek politic to full their pockets, because that’s the only way he can steel legally. What a disgrace to Belize, and please get rid of Perdom ASAP.

  3. rod says:

    this guy should be put in jail not given another position what kind of pm do we have in fact they should be both put in jail for theft and conspiracy pm along with castro this just shows the brazen corruption of this gov. with no consequences lard i can take it no mo

  4. rootsman says:

    He is no better than the common criminals in the street a con and a liar I knew it was not going to be too long before his dirty deeds caught up with him. I hope they don’t try to sugar coat this one to make it seem like something else it is what it is and Belize rural north does not need a representative like him; you are not doing anything special for that constituency.
    Castro anything good that happens under your watch should be expected and what you are being paid to do so don’t go thinking that you have been so spectacular whatever trivial little accomplishments you have achieved in the area is pale and the exception to your rule of greed and deceit always running around trying to look good in the eyes of the people, I hope you do the tax payers a favor and resign all together so that they don’t have to pay your salary and maintain your corrupt behavior. Like I told you before, “Always do the right thing when you can, never give up until the job is done” but you don’t listen, do you?

  5. Junito says:

    Castro is Tainted forever…real theif


    What is wrong with Belizeans, it seems that everywhere I turn there is always someone there trying to !@#$ another Belizean over for nothing or just a few bucks. The politicians that swore to protect and guide us commit crimes and abuse us and more than often get away with it. Seem like we are safer on the streets, who can we trust?

  7. Corruption Watch 2010 says:

    Good fu ih ra$$!

  8. Proud Belizean says:

    Time to pay Castro…not only did he violate the code of conduct but he also forgot one of the commandments “tho shall not steal.”

  9. cg says:

    so what happen to the rest of representatives that do things for personal gain? the first to go is the prime minister…hmmm…bias i tell you!


    There’s another piece of gossip going around about him also——–hmmm.

  11. Martin says:

    lol why would you deal with the crooked Belize government anyway ????

  12. rasman says:

    He is like his boss

  13. Sarita says:

    Castro need to be remove and be jailed. The rural north need a reelection to elect someone who will do the right things .am sure Ms Grant is not the only one who he collect money from,everyone needs to come forth an sue the niga for their money.

  14. belizeanpride says:

    what a disgraceful minister is castro, stealing from another belizean who has earned his money hard to buy a piece of the jewel and this scum takes it for his on greed. damn!! jail is candy in hattieville, we no need these kind of ministers.

  15. somiah says:

    So sad about a promising young man, he have truly showed his character which is no better than the previous administration…

    I went to school with Said Musa and most of the elite in Bze. These were people of low or average economy level, now they are the elite the wealthy… How did that happen? certainly not from the salary they were paid. Politics is a way for the poor to get wealthy, the only one who had a heart to do anything in Belize is the so call Father of the country, Mr George Price, that is because of his spirituality. He still lives in his neighbourhood with the same house all his life. Now we have a new breed of politicians, it is all about money and power. We get what we vote for, so no use crying. We have to look for people with character and vote on issues. I guess that is too far to fetch with Belizeans who are always sticking out their hands for someone to take care of them….. It is a way of life, A problem whenever you visit,they are always begging even for the shoe on your feet… very sad. poverty mentality!

  16. Curious says:

    Talk about exchanging monkey fu black dogs! This man fooled many of us into believing that he truly cares about Belize. Why do we keep falling for election campaign tricks over and over again?

    These are some very selfish, greedy, dishonest and arrogant set, and are no different from previous ‘one – hit wonders’ who after only one term in office,are super wealthy today.

    It’s a pity that the few people, who truly love Belize, aren’t interested in running for Government. God bless my Belize and Lord, please keep these arrogant, self – serving lot away from the country purse.

  17. BZNinCALI says:

    Since he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar while on the job& Ms Grant wants & should get her money back. Will the Belizean people have to foot this bill & the others that are expected to surface now that his corruption has been exposed? Shouldn’t his relatives be charged with racketeering, collusion something, he had the money sent to their accounts.

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