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Nov 2, 2010

Attorney says alleged Guatemalan Drug Lord was kidnapped

elson kaseke

Alleged Guatemalan drug lord, Otoniel Turcios Marroquin, was busted in Belize last week by the police. As we reported on Friday, Otto, as he is commonly known, was wanted in the United States for allegedly importing about one thousand two hundred pounds of cocaine. And from the look of things, there more than meets the eye in his expulsion. The suspect was picked up in San Ignacio on Monday where he had been living legally with his family since August. But how could he have gone under the radar in Belize? Many believe that he may be linked to major transshipment of drugs through Belize. Turcios’ expulsion order was signed on Tuesday and by Thursday he was put on a plane and flown to the US.  Normally, there are extradition proceedings that must take place before a person is expelled but hearings for Turcios took place after he had been taken out of the country on a special DEA flight. While it is widely believed that he was handed over to the US, the police say they don’t have a clue as to who got the drug suspect. Attorneys Elson Kaseke and Oswald Twist were contracted by Turcios’ wife to represent the Guatemalan National. According to Kaseke, his client was kidnapped and he applied to the Supreme Court last Friday for a writ of Habeas Corpus to receive proof that his client was no longer in the country. Justice Adolph Lucas today dismissed the writ but Kaseke still charged that his client was kidnapped by the Belize Police Department.

Elson Kaseke, Attorney for Otoniel Turcios Marroquin aka “Otto”

“As you saw in court it was very difficult for the police department to say they handed Mr. Marroquin over to the U.S.”

Jose Sanchez

“They mentioned a small white plane, should they have known what flight, what destination?”

Elson Kaseke

“Of course, he’ll knew if the officer who was responsible for carrying out the expulsion order. It was within his powers to know, or it was his duty rather to know where he was handing over Mr. Marroquin and to which country he was expelling him from Belize and so on.”

Jose Sanchez

“He just mentioned that the two pilots were American, but he could not say the people who he handed him over to, who they were.”

Elson Kaseke

“But the departure record said Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And that is proof positive that he was handed over to Americans, or that his destination was the U.S.A. You must remember that Mr. Marroquin did not leave voluntary, he was expelled. Everything was under the control of the police department. And it was facetious in my view for the same police to come and say we only know that the plane was headed for Fort Lauderdale in the U.S.A.

Jose Sanchez

“The issue with the dates, do you think it was just a mixed up?”

Elson Kaseke

“No, we don’t think so. They came on Friday and said he was expelled on the twenty-sixth. Today it was the twenty-eight. Our evidence is that he was here on the twenty-seventh Mister Marroquin was in the country; we took an affidavit from him relating to the Habeas Corpus proceedings, but they still went ahead. This is official abduction which they are trying to clothe with some vestments of legality. The fact is it is abduction, it is illegal and we are going to challenge the legality of the expulsion order and the circumstances of how Mr. Marroquin left the country.”

Jose Sanchez

“The judge said that his duty today was to establish if Mr. Marroquin was in the country or not?  He has done so and dismissed the application. Where do you go from here?”

oswald twist

Oswald Twist, Attorney for Otoniel Turcios Marroquin aka “Otto”

“What we do is file a constitutional motion. Not only in terms of Mr. Marroquin case but in any case in which they intend to do the same thing. They would think twice before they do such kind of thing. That is our position in filing the constitutional motion. I believe it is wrong from a legal standpoint to expel a Guatemalan national to the states. The proper place for them to expel is back to Guatemala City. So that shows some kind of bad faith or some kind of impropriety on the part of the Belize Police force.”

According to reports, Turcios was wanted by the US for a telephone call he placed back in 2003 in which he discussed the sale of two hundred pounds of cocaine to be shipped to New York. Later on Turcios’ brother, who lived in Chicago, allegedly received more than forty-nine million US dollars for the transshipment of one thousand two hundred pounds of the drug via a drug cartel. Turcios, it is reported, has already appeared before a New York Court since his expulsion from Belize.

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36 Responses for “Attorney says alleged Guatemalan Drug Lord was kidnapped”

  1. rootsman says:

    Well as I understand Guatemala did the same thing to Angel John Zabaneh a Belizean I am sure that they would not expect anything less than for Belize to return the favor, fair is fair now, is it not? here is a link to US court of appeal case to prove it.


    The deal of kidnapping criminals in Belize and handing them over to the CIA had been signed and documented for many years by Said Musa, this is no new deal. The Belize Authorities are slowly but surely building a bad reputation with the world’s most hated country, yet on the other hand working up a bad nerve in Guatemala, our neighbouring country. I’d prefer they keep the peace. I won’t even waste my time today lamenting on the terrible job more than often executed by the Belize police force.

  3. rod says:

    this corrupt gov. is letting people get kidnapped by the us for a few pieces of silver this is no ones fault but the pm he is the one who has to give the ok for this type of kidnapping to occur so watch out belizeans your rights are no longer being observed now this practicing kidnapping tactics just to please the us gov. ofr a few pieces of silver you might be next and then no one will know where you are or where you have been taken hitler and barrow same mold different color.

  4. EMS says:

    While due process is the way to go, we must take into consideration that this individual is a powerful alleged drug baron, with this in mind it would be absurd to try to detain this individual in Belize. With this in mind extradition is the best route to go. Drug barons are no better than terrorists, cases of this magnitude must be handed over to the US legal system where he will get a fair trial. The rule of law must prevail, Most attorneys in Belize are not working to upkeep the rule of law, they work for $$$$$ and who can afford to hire them.

  5. Al says:

    Mr Twist,
    Thank God America has the balls to deal with drug criminals. Look at what drugs is doing to Belize. The men are becoming useless drug addicts, while the women are left to support the children. How many more distruction are we going to allow to happen to our country and the people. These fat drug lords get rich on the backs of the poor people who cannot see that they are getting poorer and the bad people are getting richer. Good for America and shame on you for even saying yes to defend this idiot, if yu have children I hope they do not become clients to the very fools you defend.

  6. Al says:

    Please do not be a jack ass, this is one more drug dealer Belize cetainly do not need. Why do you thik they all run to Belize, because they can count on idots like you to support their criminal activity. Whereever these drug lords go killing takes place, you never know when opposing drug lords would infiltrate Belize looking for him and kill innocent people in the process. Wake up rod and use your brain. You actually think drug dealers have rights to be overlooked .

  7. Bzeman says:

    Before you get all righteous, ask yourself if we really need added to our country litany of failures, the title “heavenof refuge for cartels”. Good riddance, and their “bagmen” lawyers can go along with them too. We surely won’t miss or shed a tear for them ……………….

  8. Learsiman says:

    The lawyers are just being @##holes. They are paid to defend their clients whether they do wrong or not.

  9. roska says:

    Iam totally against Belize serving as policemen for the US…. like the big hullabaloo about the planes filled with chinese…. they are uncle sam’s problem and dont do much harm to Belize…

    But when it comes to drug lords….. yes Iam totally in favour to get them out of Belize AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…. AND HAND THEM OVER TO THE DEA…. let them deal with the monsters THEY created due top their insatiable appetite for illegal drugs….

    people what do you want???? you want a bunch of well trained killers of the cartels attack the prison and kill our prison wardens to set free their boss??? Do we want to risk that?? Do we still want innocent children killed or maimed by the cross fire between drug financed gangs or between good police and drug runners???

    It almost happened back in November 2001…. remember??? vehicle intercepted by BDF and police …. killers armed with grenade launchers and machine guns heading to hattieville to set free Torres Teller (notorious mexican drug baron caught with over a ton of cocaine at benny’s apartments)???
    I would also support the immediate extradition of our local drug barons…. they have corrupted our police so they need to go…. before the cocaine turns to flour in the hands of the police….. These people are poisoning the minds of our youths….. thanks to american media influence….. so SEND THEM THE MONSTERS THEY CREATED!!!

    I agree with you AL…. some of us cannot see beyond our noses thanks to political fanatism…. even when the PM does soemthing good (which he rarely does) all we do is criticize and try to find fault….

  10. westernmermaid says:


  11. Aaron says:

    These Lawyers whom are defending this Drug baron should be investigated for taking illicit money, from the Wife.. She needs to prove that the funds were obtain legitimately and not of process of drug and crime… money laundering?

  12. Proud says:

    Westernmermaid, you made very valuable comments. I disagree with the comment you made about Guatamalans. That is a hasty generalization you made there. I know many guatemalans who are nice people and are law abiding citizens and now call Belize their home.

    They are not prepared to go back to Guatemala. You should be careful with such comments cause we are in the middle of settling the current issue. That comment was uncalled for.

  13. Roygel Sabal says:

    My people it is so sad to see that there r people who r supporting this alledged cartel to be or remain in BZE,we as a people shouldn’t be looking any further than to our neighboring country which is mexico,and whats going on in their country with the drugs cartels taking over,for me i’m in the US but would never want to see my jewel coming anywhere as close to where some of these countries r in this present day,if we all have to use the Us to get them out then so be it.I have a family back home in BZE that i worry about on a daily basis with just the little crimes they’re experiencing at home,i say little because it could be worse compared to other countries.As for attorney Elson Kaseke,u and others like u r the reason y our country is the way it is today,condoning these criminal elements both home and abroad,and i say abroad meaning they the(criminals) could be from anyone of our neighboring countires,But if u haven’t noticed Mr. Kaseke attorneys r becoming victims now and u know what i am not sorry for any one of u,as u’ll contributed to creating this mess,i would hope that since u were negligent on ur part as his (the cartels) attorney u would get dealt with by his peers.Mr Kaseke forgive me if i’m wrong but r u a BZEN?if not i could see y u support whatever ur doing whether it be right or wrong and i also understand that thats ur profession but at the same time please try to practice the right things atleast for the sake of BZE with all the little things that is already going on there,i respect the job that u do but if the US need to deal with these people then so be it,because as far as i’m concerned the BZE judicial system is in a mess,too many criminals r walking off all these case even petty cases so that says a lot about our judicial system,to u all my people( UNITY IS THE STRENGHT OF THE FAMILY) lets start by dealing with our own mischievous families first then we take a look at our neighbors.

  14. Randy says:

    There are way too many drug lords here in Belize. It is clear that if the police and other authorities don’t get their weekly bribes, they hand them over. WHo is more corrupt, the one paying the bribe or the one receivign the bribe. We all know who is selling the drugs, we know that the police knows too but again there are folks who are untouchables.

    Let everyone be measured with the same measuring stick, even if it involves the police and custom officials best friends or their in-laws.

  15. Global Perspective says:

    I agree with most of the comments, I am glad to see Belize taking their responsiblities in the war on drugs seriously. Two things comes to mind (1) as Maddy already stated this is not something new the PUP administration was involved in such actions. (2) With our judiciary the way it is, I would hate to see we’ve lost documents etc and he is allowed to continue on the same path. Let the US try him in their courts.

    As for Rod it is clear your are a J***a**, and only see things in red and blue. You live a very sad life. You are lucky you live in a democracy contrary to what you believe.

  16. breezy says:

    westernmermaid, THANKS for being a true Belizean and standing up for your country and
    government. This man is not even a Belizean and worst, he’s a major drug dealer. Do these
    people who are bashing their government know what Mexico is going through? WAKE UP PEOPLE; STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF ILLITERATE A__HOLES. As for the attorney’s who
    took this case, remember this, they’re in it for the money, not for the benefit of the country.

  17. Global Perspective says:

    Perhaps we should deport those willing to defend this man, anywhere except Belize

  18. Peace says:

    For God sake this was a drug dealer it is great he was capture . If he was expell to his country the very next day he would have returned to Belize. What a thing even drug dealers have rights oh please this man is spreading the poison that is killing our youths and destroying families.

  19. CEO says:

    I undwerstand the legality expressed by all and I truely wish that the Belize police department would do a better job but I do not think we should blink an eye or cry a tear for these guys that have and are continuing to mess up our country.

    Too bad we do not have somewhere to send the whole bunch of dem home grown bastards who are messing up our country. The good that will come out of this is that the word is out that Belize is not a safe haven for these guys. They saved a lot of tax dollars this way!

  20. vicky says:

    Belizean must be stupid to believe that this MONSTER was kidnapped! They don’t want him in Belize anyway corrupting our youths. Kaseke is not a Belizean, he need to go back to his homeland and pass his B.S. Laws there not in Belize. He wanted to make more money, that’s why he said that his client was kidnapped. POOR SOUL!

  21. Airdan says:

    The issue here is simple: USA again is showing who is control. Nobody should be allowed to be kidnapped. It was illegal what Perdomo did and it is illegal what the USA did. There is a process. If our leaders do no follow this process, then their little followers will not as well.

  22. Sasha says:

    For all that are in favor of the DRUG LORD being turned over to US authority are right, it don’t matter if he paid for a Belize Passport or became a Belizean Citizen through bribery it is time we atleast try to clean up other people mess if we can’t start with ours. And for you proud, I don’t think youknow Belizean History, REMEMBER THE BATTLE OF ST, GEORGES CAYE. This
    is how Belize came to BELOG TO BRITAIN.

  23. Lucas says:

    IN regards to Mr. Turcios, the Guatemalan press has not given it that much importance and the
    people either, as a matter of fact, they are happy Belize did what it did. What calls my attention is that Mr. Turcios who was wanted by the Interpol, was legally in Belize. I am convinced that this gentleman was promised protection by Mr. Barrow govt. However, Uncle Sam got the breeze and Barrow trembled and obediently complied and had to break all promises made to Mr. Turcios if not, how else can it be explained that according to La Prensa Libre in it’s Justice section dated October 31, 2010 wrote ” Mr. Turcios was expelled from Belize after making threats to Mr. Barrow”. Remember ex-president Portillo who was running from the Guatemalan justice and was caught when he was about to cross our Southern Border?. I wonder if he too was promised something by Mr. Barrow govt.?. One wrong does nor right another wrong. The extradiction was illegal but, our leaders are so corrupted that they fail to realize that they are trapped and entangled in their own web of deceit. Mr. Barrow should thread careful because this drug dealer may very well carry out his threat..

  24. macal rivera says:

    elson keseke and oswald twist you men should store up your treasures in heaven and not on this earth, where thieves broke in and take all away, remember that earlthly treasures rotten away after awhile.

    Why can’t you guys see that drugs destroys communities, people lives, self esteem,
    this man keseke should feels ashamed of himself, in fact he is not even belizean I really don’t know why this man is not deported back to his country, he is wah next dickie the dog bradley,all the see is money money in fact they are obssesed with money and drugs.

    Smokey Joe was right, money speaks BS WALKS!!!

  25. madaras says:

    Trust me somebody collect pan dis deal, maybe the man gawn with somebody else, yea I could seh I dah wah U.S cop give me so and so…and care he @#$ right back to his enemies and tek ova the trade…….

    c’mon dah fool di talk but dah nuh fool di listen…..Mr. Perdomo, what you got fi seh bout that man?

  26. egbert says:

    The DEA has much MORE work to do in da jewel–LOL

  27. Belive it says:


  28. citrus picker says:

    can you imagine this drug lord in Belizean jail. His cohorts will easily attack our prison system to free him. This was done for our protection, these lawyers are taking drug money, they should have been sent along with marroquin too!!

  29. EL CHE says:

    This two lawyers,twist and elson kaseke are not even belizean,how this 2 crooks with a lawdegree ended in belize?no one knows anthing about their back grounds.if they are natinonals they must have bought thier passports,when belizeans have a hard time getting one for them.

  30. EL CHE says:

    No one can never do something like this here in the USA,just land a plane and kidnapped a US citizen,money talks,and surely someone in belize in the government is getting$$$$$$$$$for this secuestrations.

  31. Earl Grey says:


  32. Moses says:

    The beauty of the internet is the speed and freedom we all have to express our opinions (just like an anus, everyone has one, best kept to themselves). The downside is the exposure of the stupidity and ignorance that still exists in lower species, obviously a genetical defect that is still working its way out of some Belizeans. 99% of the time there is a need for jurisprudence . The other 1% is Machiavellian and academic. I have no sympathy for one who sells death (drugs) in such a manner. Live by the sword, die by the sword. As for the lawyers, whores is a kind definition for them in this case. Jesus was betrayed for less than what this drug dealer did and for a lot more than 40 pieces of silver, so people chill. Legalize marijuana. Government control will eliminate a lot of BS. I wonder who got the money for this transaction, spread it around, we need Christmas money.

  33. KR says:

    Sasha, I would suggest that you get your Belizean history right. FYI, there was never a battle of st. george’s caye. No such thing ever occurred. I wonder who taught you history?

  34. Manford says:

    Reasonable individuals says that two wrongs dosen’t make one right; and some say that the end justify means. Only a few days ago Wikileaks brought to the attention of the world America’s mist doings. America take the position that might is right. When Union Carbide caused the lives of thousands of India citizens, America said that they could not find the person that India Indicted, but green peace found him, but he was above the Indian Law. I hate drug, but law is law, treaty must be respected. if not then get rid of treaties between civilized nation. America like Israel, feel that they are above the rest of the world. When an American young lady went missing on Aruba they left no turn unturn to find out what happen to her , including calling for tourist not to visit the Island. Collective punishment.

    I hate drug and think very little of those who make a living from it while it destroy others, but for all of you who jump on the band wagon against this man, do yourself the favour and go to Google and type in DRUG WAR, and inform yourself as to who is the biggest drug pusher. America’s attitude in the world is making the world a very unsafe place, because we now see how revengful individuals are trying to get back at America, and those of us who want to live in peace is finding it increasingly difficult. We no longer have our privacy as we are all suspect in their quest to make sure that they are not taken off guard.. Look at all the scare that is taking place in Europe. These folks are showing that they don’t have to have stealt bombers to make life miserable for the rest of us.

  35. V (V FOR VENDETTA) says:

    The problem with this proceeding is as follows… right now.. they are handing over drug dealers.. what other types will they hand-over in the future? MUSIC/MOVIE PIRATES? Here is a poem for you… FIRST they came for the Drug Lords, and I didn’t speak because I wasn’t a Drug Lord, THEN they came for the TERRORISTS.. and I didn’t speak because I am not a Terrorist..Next they came for the Communist….. Finally they came for ME.. and THERE WAS NO ONE LEFT TO SPEAK.

  36. BZEGIRL says:

    All you people bashing the attorneys are a bunch of stupid F**ks being an attorney is a profession and if you all are smart enough to be one cock sure if Mr. Marroquin’s family came to you to defend him your arses would have done so. So stop bashing the attorneys and bash the government who don’t follow thru right process of expelling some from the country…we have big time drug dealers in our government mabe the same needs to be done to them as well.

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