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Sep 30, 2010

Barrow insults attorneys who work for his former client

eamon courtenay

Attorney Godfrey Smith was not the only member of the Bar Association who Prime Minister Barrow threw under the bus. This morning on the airwaves, Barrow also insulted Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay. When we caught up with him earlier today Courtenay recalled that Barrow also once represented Lord Michael Ashcroft and continues until today to earn money from him.

Eamon Courtenay, Attorney At Law

“It’s regrettable that this is the way a prime minister behaves.  This is the way the leader of a country behaves.  When you attack people who are your colleagues at the bar in this way when he himself is an attorney; when he himself used to represent the same people who we are representing now, I find it a bit all too regrettable.  As I said it is interesting and I think the people of Belize should draw their own conclusions from it.  Mr. Barrow has said that he is at war with Lord Ashcroft and that he is going to win the war and that it is unpatriotic to work for Lord Ashcroft because we are then working against the national interest.  Well, I’m here to say that Mr. Barrow is today earning thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars from Lord Ashcroft as we speak today so whilst he is saying he is at war with Lord Ashcroft the is taking money from Lord Ashcroft’s company.  So as I said ‘Noh watch me, watch yoself.”

Isani Cayetano

“Would that in effect be a situation of biting the hand that feeds you, so to speak?”

Eamon Courtenay

“Well I wouldn’t say it’s biting the hand that feeds you.  I think that it is rank hypocrisy to be saying that you are fighting with somebody and yet taking the person’s money and walking around the country and all over the place calling other people unpatriotic because they are working in their professional capacity for companies owned or related to Lord Ashcroft.  Mr. Barrow is doing the same thing and he has done it for many, many years.  So I don’t know why he thinks that he is now the minister of [or] the police of patriotism and that what he is doing is not unpatriotic but when other people do the same thing it is unpatriotic.  It is ranked hypocrisy.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Barrow insults attorneys who work for his former client”

  1. Margaret says:

    that’s is because his … doesn’t stink. how come you all don’t know that yet?

  2. island dude says:

    Eamon has a valid point. Our Prime Minister’s behavior at times is outrageous. He makes his emotions take control of him and in the end, he looks very small especially when he is debating with Said. Need to be more tactful and think before you talk PM.

  3. rod says:

    no one no one is more unpatriotic than this pm no one any leader who goes around saying that i am not oliver twist i am oliver barrow and i dont beg for anybody or anything is the poorest and sickest comment a so called leader could ever make in other words he doesnt give a damm about the murders in this country the poor economy the poor education the poor people on and on and on in my eyes a good leader would do anything anythinggggg possible to help his people we dont need a person who thinks they are so high and mighty that begging is beneath them so i say you barrow you are the most unpatriotic person in belize period end of story you should be jailed for treason to the belize people who you say you represent.

  4. Edith says:

    It is hypocritical on Mr Pm’s part. His lawfirm still bworks for Belize bank, therefore is still employed by Ashcroft. So u can do it but when others do it its treason. Come on mr prime minister, there r intelligent belizean people out there that can c into this little charade. It irks me to c this man, our leader, our prime minister, throwing stones n acting so ignorant. He talks Abt Said Musa, but u r no better Mr PM. It’s funny, YOU, were suppose to come I b the saviour of our country. Our first black PM, the man that knew what we were going through n would work his … off to fix it. WHAT HAPPENED? we r at abt 100 murders for the yr already, yet u say the country has improved. Our rate of conviction is at 7% yet u r in Mexico celebrating their independence. Kids r being murdered n u r signing an exportation of beef agreement with our neighbors. Don’t b too proud to ask for help man. The people put u there because they thought u could do better. Its not too late. U can get involved Start now. Be the leader we need, the leader we want, the leader we know u can b, Please!

  5. ivan cal says:

    dean barrow is a hipocrite”……..ARROGANT PRIME MINISTER. SHAME ON HIM’

  6. Proud says:

    Tek dat PM. Instead of PM being at war with Lord Ashcroft, he should declare a war on criminals on the streets. Does he cares so much about money that he forgets the people that put him there?

  7. patriotic Belizean says:

    damm arrogant prime minister..It’s such a shame to have such a leader in our country..If it is not done his way it is not right…who does he think he is …I have never seen anyone more arrogant. It’s a shame for this country, who is he to tell others they are unpatriotic when he is the one leading all this victimization in this country and not doing anything in respect to the crime situation in this country.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is it surprising to you all that Mr Barrow is acting like a Jakass?You all forgot what he did in the House of Reprisentatives.?

  9. roska says:

    Eamon is right… both blue and red serve their foreign corporate masters….. we the belizean comoners are the fools being taken for a ride…. as always…!!!

    He who pays the piper…chooses the song…..

    when Barrow becomes the opposition he will become as despicable and “unpatriotic” as the Blue, and when the Blue is in power… they will become as hypocrite as Barrow..!!!!

  10. ella says:

    What a shame to call PM Barrrow the leader of the country. This is our so-called leader and who our youngsters are supposed to be looking up to..a role model. I guess after his shameful outburst in the House why should we wonder why our country is only getting worse, crime on the streets is relentless but look at the kind of leadership we have….

  11. Earl Grey says:

    Maybe the PM could use SOME LESSONS IN CLASS…………………….AND DECORUM…. not to mention LEADERSHIP STYLE.

    AND to see that he wanted the job so so bad….. LOOK AT HIS PERFORMANCE!!!

    WILL BELIZE BE ANY BETTER WHEN HIS TERM ENDS????????????????? 1 term only

  12. Tim says:



  13. Global Perspective says:

    Dear Politicians/ Lawyers

    This is so embarrassing from the supposedly highly educated and representative of the people (both PUP and UDP).

    We the people deserve better. For the 25 years you have all raped our land and striped the people of their birth right by selling any and everything. Despite this when I get in my vehicle and drive around the country I have seem very little progress. Development is a dream, human development you probably ask what’s that? It has been reserved for the privileged 10%. When you people sit in your comfortable boardrooms and secretly make agreements, we the people know nothing about it. It is only when things go pear-shaped you bring out the dirty laundry for us to see. Quite honestly, we have seen and heard enough. We have absolutely no appetite for these things anymore. You see while you are busy mud slinging, people are going through hell with 99 murders in 9 months, increase in burglary, increase in HIV transmissions, epidemic in dengue fever, domestic abuse on the increase and all other social ill.

    This story is no news, as we were not consulted about the sale. Mr Smith and Courtenay were right in what they did in representing their client even if it was Ashcroft, and the fight between them and the PM is private. The problem is that while this circus is going on who is addressing all the other ills in Belize?

    Another concern I have is that Mr Barrow is the PM and should be focusing on being the PM. Mr Barrow as Leader of the UDP was given a mandate by receiving 20,000 votes than the PUP to form a government. However what I notice is that he seems to be running a one-man show. Although the money Mr PM collects is minute (Lord Ashcroft funds collects that in interest alone by the end of each day), it is wrong and it is conflict of interest. Mr PM I have defended you many times even on the non-sense name calling as you give ammunition to the mischief makers but you need not have your finger in each and every pie.

    What we need in Belize is that anyone who decides to run for politics must put their legal career on hold whilst they pursue a political career, and really enforce this. Where are the others? Minister of economic etc? Contreras? Elrington? You are PM and Minister of finance? In my opinion that should not happen because it opens you up to all sorts of accusations. Please stop this public display of childish behaviour all of you. Please offer the people a say in what goes on in Belize even if it is just within the party members as they can represent the people as a whole. Get your act together all of you, and act in the interest of Belize.

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