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Sep 30, 2010

Ashes, all that remains of alleged arson case that killed a family

An entire family perished inside their home in Buena Vista Village when it was burnt down on October second, 2006. But it was not the usual house fire, caused by faulty electricity or something left on the stove; it was a malicious crime that claimed the life of Elias Mayen Ayala, his common-law-wife Maria Suchite, and their four young children, seven year old Yanira, six year old Alexander, four year old Marco and two year old Victor.

albert ara

Three days after the family was killed, thirty year old Albert Ara was charged with six counts of murder and police claimed he confessed to the crime in a caution statement. But late Wednesday evening it was revealed in court that the confession was given after police promised Ara that he would be released if he told them what happened to the family. With no other evidence against Ara, the prosecution had no case and he was acquitted of all charges. Fire officials confirmed that the blaze was started from outside of the house but the testimony of Ernest Dominguez, who was in charge of the San Ignacio Fire Station at the time, was not allowed into evidence. After the incident, police questioned why no one made it out of the house alive when there were two exits and the windows were easily breakable. There were reports that Ara and Ayala were intoxicated and got into a fight. Ara was said to have chopped Ayala on the head and firing a spear gun at Maria Suchite, before lighting the inferno, trapping them inside with their children. Those reports were never backed up with evidence.

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14 Responses for “Ashes, all that remains of alleged arson case that killed a family”

  1. Robert says:

    Another in the endless chain of hopeless incompetence by our police. Can’t DPP or someone knowledgeable in the law train them? If promises of leniency invalidate confessions, THEN THEY SHOULD NEVER, EVER BE MADE. What is so hard about that?

    Now another murderer walks among us, free to kill again.


    The police never seem to disappoint, what a severe cure.
    This entire family is gone; murder was no doubt the case before the house was set on fire. The killer is almost free.

  3. Edith says:

    He killed a whole family n got away with it. He’s still gonna b charged with a different murder. Am I the only one that sees something wrong here? Somebody needs to do something. You don’t realize he’ll just continue killing. He has gotten a taste for it, seen he can get away with it n knows nothing or no one will stop him. Poor Belize!

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    I pity the next person who chooses to drink with this prize & piss him off!

    He did not get off because was innocent, the people’s side should have presented a tighter case. We need to speed up trials, six people including four children are still dead & a murderer is back on the streets,Again.

  5. Fransisco Patt says:

    When police officers get caution statements from suspect there is a procedure that is followed. A justice of the peace has to be present when the statement is recorded. If anything was promised to the suspect or if the suspect was coerced or beaten to give the statement then the justice of the peace would refuse to witness the statement. 95% of all caution statements given are lawfully obtained. The attorneys who defend criminals always use nasty tactics to dissaude the judges that suspects are tricked or beaten to give statements and the majority of times when Judges face well known attorney they tend to side with the attorneys. A caution statement is a written confession where the Judges Rule have to be followed and police do follow Judges Rule. What is the sense of the Judges Rule if even when used in the correct manner statemants are inadmissable.

  6. concern citizen says:

    we need to stop f@@@ing listen to the judges mr police man. we cant let them criminals reach infront of the clown in black and white. cause at the end of the day the police will/always is the big clown in the court room. dont even say but its the police persecutor fault cause their eyes brighten with blue bways……. fact not fiction. justice is better served outside of the court room not inside. cant anyone see that?

  7. Janice says:

    And we wonder why violence is so prevalent in the country of Belize? This is why. You kill and get off for lack of evidence? Who is responsible to obtain the evidence and make it stick? Is more training needed for those whose RESPONSIBILITY IS TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC ?
    Mr. Police Chief and Public Defenders GET BUSY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Righteous says:

    Here we go again with the stupidity of the law or should I say the business of justice where lawyers and judges are the investors and stock holders making the money or changin the rules to make money. Justice? for who? I think it is extremely absurd to go through an investigation and gather evidence yet you will not be allowed to present it because the case is thrown out even before then. What the f….ng difference those it make if the person was beaten, tortured or tricked into telling what happened. What should be done is to hear all the evidence against the accused and let a jury of his peers (NOT A Judge) evaulate how much weight to give to the torture or trick part. So in this case 6 dead and you think you can give mercy to this guy because he was tricked. His lawyer and the sitting judge are just as guilty but pray that your wrongs are forgiven before it is too late and you too have to sit in the court room of the most high where the evidence of your lack of justice and moral will be tentered and adminitted into evidence. Or don’t think that because you are in this unique circle of INJUSTICE you are immune to the same perpetrators that you protect and serve. Never forget Lawyer and Your Honor that what goes around comes around and the Golder Rule: Do Unto Others What You Want Others Do Unto You.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    We keep putting the blame on the Police Department. The GOB is to blame for all this BS.We don’t even have a thousand policemen in the entire Country of Belize.With the present crime situation in Belize how effective do we expect these underpayed and overworked policemen to be?GoB need to invest more in the Police Department.Recruite more Policemen and then maybe we can shift the blame to the Police Department.

  10. Crime stopper says:

    I patiently await the day when Simeon Sampson and all other criminal protectors are brought to justice. These lawyers should be ashamed of representing these criminals in court.

  11. Scared says:

    Tootheless cops, again. Brainless DPP. Ball-less judiciary. I, too, would like to see Simeon Sampson brought to justice.

  12. Missionary to Belize says:

    I knew this family. At that time about 9 years ago, I was a missionary to Belize residing in Ontario Village. Elias worked as a grounds keeper for us. I believe Elias and Maria had only one child at that time and they lived right on our property. Elias was a hard worker and Maria was a sweet young lady. I was shocked when I first read the report of their deaths. And I am shocked again as I read that their executioner will go free as if he has done nothing wrong. I pray for justice to be served. I am saddened at their deaths and I am saddened that their assailant will roam free to kill again. I assure you, one day this killer will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and he will give an account of his actions that day and he will be judged fairly and sentenced accordingly.

  13. Earl Grey says:

    According to the LAW OF KARMA……………. JUSTICE WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!!

    not to worry……………….. Mr. ARA HAS GOT HIS COMING…………

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    Concerned Citizen & Crime stopper you are right. Our court system is incestuous & these idiots who are lauding over us choose to be oblivious to the retarded offsprings they have created & continue to create with these corrupt decisions. They seem to live in an imaginary world dictated by social class & the belief that somehow because they were able to move from Yarborough, etc. to Bellavista or some other exclusive community that the rest of the country can just go to hell.

    When you get a chance, show up at Radisson or wherever these fools go drinking with our money & talk to or listen to these arrogant, contemptuous, greedy pricks. When you get beyond the anger, the sense of sadness & disappointment sets in. These are our brothers who mostly through their parents luck, connections & ability to kiss a$$ were not just allowed in the front door, were entrusted with keys & chose to burn the f$$$ing house down & left our backside out door.

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