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Sep 3, 2010

Four year old knocked down and killed on North Front Street

In Belize City, a little girl was killed in a traffic accident around three-fifteen this afternoon.  The four year old, Elisha Gilharry, was knocked down reportedly while crossing North Front Street to meet her father at a barber shop. The driver of the vehicle, Lyle Harris, reported to police that he had just turned off the Bel-China Bridge onto North Front Street and as he drove by an alley near the former Craig’s Lumber Yard, he hit the young girl. Harris rushed the child to the Emergency Room at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but it was too late.  When our camera arrived at the K.H.M.H. we stayed our distance but the child’s family was notably upset.  She is said to be a student of Central Assembly of God Primary School on Freetown Road in Belize City.

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15 Responses for “Four year old knocked down and killed on North Front Street”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Where were her parents? North Front Street is too busy for a four year old to cross safely alone.

    Mr. Harris, it is great to see that we still have decent folks with a spine, thanks for setting a good example.


    Driving without due care and attention, That is usually the case in these situations in belize.

    R.I.P Elisha.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    As usual carelessness of the father. 4yrs old why is she crossing the street alone at that busy time. Honestly was he drinking or smoking that he couldn’t realize what his daughter was doing? Come on that was an innocent little girl and look how easy these happen. I don;t blame the driver he had the decency atleast to take the child to hospital. Surely he will feel it deep down but the father is to blame in this scenario. RIP Elisha go with the angels….

  4. concerned belizean says:

    how the hell with he have his baby crossing such a BUSY street by herself? 4 year old is still a a baby. i dont blame the driver, i am a driver and many time these young kids are running and not looking when they are crossing the streets. parents need to be more alert and take care of their kids. in the end the driver still take the charge with sometimes is NOT their fault. Yes it’s sad that the little babygirl was killed but what was her father doing???? why did he have her cross the street alone….of all the streets …BUSY NORTH FRONT STREET…

  5. Proud says:

    The father should be charged to his lack of responsibility. I hope his conscience bothers him forever (if he has one). RIP little angel

  6. belizeanpride says:

    R.I.P little belizean sister, but the problem seems to be with the parents where were they? we need to be vigile with our kids, and i wouldn’t blame fully the driver for hitting a kid that just runs across a street suddenly, but we as drivers need to be alert on this busy areas, parents keep the kids always close to you or at least keep an eye on them, kids are kids they run with no fear and we as parents need to talk to our kids, at that age they understand very good, very polite harris for doing what you did carry the little child to the hospital, but parents think again when you go on the streets or shopping.

  7. Earl Grey says:



  8. macal rivera says:

    earl grey I agree with you, this child was still a baby that needed care and attention, much less crossing a busy busy street as north front st,
    madas, i agree that drivers need to be careful, but there are times that children just carelessy cross the street without looking right or left, again babies like elisha neede ad adults with her, not just to cross the street but at all times. heck poor child.
    My comfort is that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    NORTH FRONT STREET WAS ALWAYS A BUSY THOROUGHFARE …… since the SAW-MILL was there…. and from one end to the next.

  10. Allexclusive says:

    I sympathize with you Joe. RIP baby Elisha. I pray that the father gets over this tragedy because he is a single father and i know him personally. He takes care of his kids and does his best to support them. In a competitive world of being a barber i say he does a damn good job of taking care of her. despite the fact that he didn’t hold her hands to cross the street he had her with him how many parents leave their children at home unattended. He is a hard working father and he takes care of his children. when a driver is issued a license its because they are expected to drive with due care and attention. many of them are all caught up in the world of technology whereby they are on their phones most of the time, in a rush to reach a late business meeting, or simple just being careless. let us take into consideration the fact that they are drivers like these and there are parents who are also reckless and don’t care but this parent i can safely say don’t deserve these comments these are insult to injury. how many fathers even take the time out to get their kids from school and spend time with them? how many of them even care if they go to school or not?

  11. AndreBze says:

    Very sad to loose a child so young.. or even anyone’s life.. but I think that blame should not be put solely on the Diver but as well the Parent she was with.. What could have had him so busy that he could not hold on to her? Its unfair that we drivers have to be driving for ourselves and have to also be taking care of pedestrians and cyclist as well.

  12. lisa says:

    i feel really bad for the father, i myself was in belize city and was sacred to cross the street. unfortunately those people drive like a bats out of hell. i do believe the driver was speeding and not paying attention, especially for a tiny child. its sad but people need to pay pay more attention to the streets and more signs for drivers to slow down. i bet there is no trace of him hitting the brakes until it was too late. i live on wood st, and when i’m walking, its near the drain so i don’t get my …. knocked down. duh!

  13. Coolie says:

    Am a single parent myself and i believe the father did a damn good job of taking care of his kids, i also drive and i know how difficult it is to avoid not hittign a child. Its a real unfortunate situation which resulted int he kid being hit and killed. Am sure both driver and Dad is going through hell right now, we do not need to contribute to their heartache by pointing our fingers at either. I wll pray for both of them that God gives them the strength for an amicable solution to be reached.

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    Come on Red Cross.Start conducting some first Aid classes.Every Citizen suppose to know basic First Aid.You’ve fail the Citizens again GOB.

  15. Carlos trujillo says:

    So many people blaming the parents but if u drive within the city speed limit this incident could 1/2 been avoided. Either she was on the cell or driving over speed limit. Since it is a congested area y not erect a sleeping policeman.

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