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Sep 3, 2010

Consumer Price Index says prices are up

We’ve felt it in our pockets throughout the year;  the May 2010 Consumer Price Index released by The Statistical Institute confirms that the price of goods and services are on the increase, in particular in transportation.  The CPI shows an increase of one point eight percent over the same period last year. It is attributed to the rising cost of fuel, particularly gas which went up by twenty-five point three percent and diesel which rose thirty-seven point five percent over the past year. The ripple effect was that transportation and communication costs shot up by ten point one percent, as opposed to a nine point six percent decrease in the previous year. Rent, water, fuel and power which went down a three point nine percent in 2009, but this year it has gone up by four point six percent. According to the SIB release, that’s because the price of butane went up by twenty-eight point one percent. Clothing and footwear, medical care and personal care categories also recorded increases. But not everything is heading through the roof, in fact food, beverage and tobacco registered a notable decrease of two point five percent. Prices for rice, beans, flour, cooking oil, eggs and powdered milk all went down by at least ten percent. The cost of household goods and maintenance also saw a small decrease of point seven percent last year and went down another point four percent this May. The full Consumer Price Index can be viewed on our website.

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10 Responses for “Consumer Price Index says prices are up”

  1. rod says:

    see this gov. again economy in the toilet get rid of this gov people get rid of them they are useless on every front.

  2. Earl Grey says:


  3. JR says:

    Dont know why my people are so weak. a new leader is on the rise and he will set things straight. You have not heard of him but he has heard and seen the suffering of the people of this country. He is a PUP and he is coming to free his people.

  4. josie says:

    Hey Rod,

    This is not politics, this is called supply and demand


    The GOB is going to take a beating on this one again, 10.1 is absolutely nonsense.

    If most people start taking the buses to go to work this could balance things out a bit.

    The positive side of this is at least the price of the most important thing is not that expensive like food and personal care, etc.

  6. ivan cal says:

    we are the ones to pay the high prices of all the mess of this present UDP government,they promised to lower fuel,the cost of living no ‘MATTER WHAT”…….WHERE IS IT? its really nonesense,food stuff are very high I don’t understand why SIB, will say it went down,all a we know its a joke….NOTHING HAS GONE DOWN, but what can we expect from this vindictive,arrogant-UDP\gov’t they are just busy buying new fancy rides for them,and they have forgotten the poor people, we see its nearly 3 years that tropical storm Arthur swept the KENDAL bridge in the south and nothing has been done, how longer do we have to wait? put like the Hon.Dean Barrow said,”JUST IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES’.

  7. belizeanpride says:

    thatá why i don’t believe the politicians any more, to me no more p.u.p nor u.d.p i rather stay with voting since they all play the same trick on the voters. so i won’t be surprise to see barrow lose the next election but won’t like the p.u.p take over again if musa is in the party again.

  8. Global Perpective says:

    Josie, Well said. Its probably hard to stomach this news but sadly everyone needs to tighten their belts.

    With regards to transport/communication it may be that we will have to go back to the days when everyone walked or cycled everywhere, and used public transport to travel to the out districts. Perhaps the crime in Belize City may prevent some from walking more often, but we all know driving around in vehicles doesn’t necessarily prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. I have this discussion continually with relatives, why must they be driving 4×4 trucks, which burns up gas. Everyone can save money by making few changes in their lives e.g., buy eco-friendly cars with smaller engines. Some people have started planting their vegetables and fruits in their yards, I know its possible (i.e. watermelon, cocoa, yam, potatoes).

    This article mentioned positives like a 10% reduction in the cost of basics food items (rice, beans, flour, cooking oil, eggs and powdered milk), and beverages. What is concerning is that the cost of tobacco went down by 2.5%. The cynic in me wonders why? Is this to get the nation hook on the nicotine and then when we have more people smoking, they will raise the price again? I would like to see such industry banned in Belize, as we’re ill equipped to handle the health outcomes of such indulgence (e.g., all types cancers, cardiovascular diseases including blood pressure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Furthermore, what the government should do is put high taxes on such luxury to prevent people from picking up such nasty habit in the first place. This will raise revenue for our health care system for the very people who are likely to need state of the art health care service due to such habit.

    The word “Tribalistic” really describes some of these comments. Its as though we firmly believe that under a particular party the prices would have remained the same regardless of what is happening worldwide. Surely that’s not the case. If you asked your relatives in the US they would confirm the same situation we have in Belize with job losses, increased prices in the shops, increase in crimes and all the social ills, are all occurring elsewhere. Let’s stop talking down Belize people.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    Global…….. YOU’RE ON POINT!!!!

  10. Charlotte a.k.a 'Your Ladyship" says:

    Global Perpective! I agree with some of your statement particularly the point about the tobacco industry and your public health concerns. The only point I would say is that because the Health Care system in Belize is not entirely free, then it’s a bit difficult to justify raising revenue in this way. However I like this idea of stop talking down Belize and government.

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