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Sep 3, 2010

Nine and eleven year old kids still missing

Benjamin Rash

Onelia Rash

The ongoing search for siblings nine year old Onelia and eleven year old Benjamin Rash who were reported missing on Monday has so far turned up fruitless.  The children left their home in San Marcos Village on the morning of August thirty-first along with their father Pedro Rash and proceeded to town with his brother Domingo.  It is uncertain what may have transpired that day but the primary school students haven’t been seen or heard from since.  A massive search party of seventy-six officers from across the country has been deployed by the Belize Police Department and according to Robert Mariano, the officer commanding the Punta Gorda formation, despite scouring a twelve-mile radius today’s efforts yielded nothing.  Mariano says that they will continue searching for the missing children over the weekend and as such are beginning to suspect foul play.  Onelia and her brother Benjamin were reportedly heading to Punta Gorda Town to sell lime and craboo on Monday and were last seen in Cattle Landing Village a few miles out of town.  Benjamin Rash, five feet in height, was last seen wearing a blue tee shirt with red sleeves, a pair of black short pants and green slippers.  Onelia Rash who is three feet six inches tall with shoulder length hair was wearing a red blouse, black skirt and was barefooted.  Anyone who can assist in the location of the children is asked to contact the nearest police station.

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18 Responses for “Nine and eleven year old kids still missing”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    This ….. is fowl play.

  2. girlie says:

    I pray to the good Lord for the family to find these poor little angels!! Why does our children need to be out selling stuff to make a living. GOB need to do something about this!! This is not the job of a child to be selling stuff. There havenly father please reunite these children with their families, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  3. Maria Marshall says:

    Is it likely that the father or uncle may hold a clue?
    Where is the mother in all this?

  4. peacemaker says:

    Lets pray that these kids return safe home. This father needs to com up with the truth. He needs to tell the authorities where these children were actually heading to what time and if they were really met by anyone.

  5. linda pennil says:

    This is sad. What does the uncle know. Did he escort them all the way to the city, or just left them on their own. We as parents need to be more vigilant with our children. We need to provide for them, not send them out selling anything. That is how advantage can be taken of our children, as you know there are a lot of sick people out there. I pray thay they are safe and can return home.

  6. living good in the usa says:

    Well there is child molester every you go these days. If I were the detective I would trace every step that these kids done. This is not the first time. They need to get that child molester. I am thinking that this person probably killed both kids. This remind of one case about a little girl that got missing about twenty years ago in the same fashion way. And this case never never got solve. I live in the u.s and hate to hear news about kids that gets missing it just boils up inside me because I do have kids and law enforcement needs to start doing there jobs as police officer not like pretty boys.


    A miracle is needed in this case to find these kids alive.
    people just don’t vanish in thin air.

  8. karol says:

    so sorry for the family and i hope they return home safely. Its soo sad to know how people make a living to sustain their family, send their kids to school and stuff like that.struggling so hard going house to house selling their fruits and vegetbles just to make a ten dollars for the day,mein its rough! I pray for u little ones!

  9. france says:

    why and for what do they need those poor mayan decent.i think the GOB need to do something about this human trafficing

  10. belizean ppl says:

    hello ~ i am so sorry to hear about these missing children. hope they return back to their homes and unite again with their family.
    toledo is not a rich place whereby children will be given everything in their hand sitting down watching t.v , having fancy toys to play with. those ideas ,those style are not for out toledo children .
    toledo is lack of job, and socilazation. children are being used to go sell around ,house to house to get some money to help the family . that’s how ppl in toledo live . assistance are rare in those area. GOB need to look upon those remote area. every time toledo is last. why ???????? where job are around ,where ppl know they can help themselves get more assistance than those who are trying their very best to have a honest living. GOB must do something about these missing children. he need to get up from his damn seat and talk to the ppl of belize. no hear nothing from him like he no give a damn what is happenning around us. once he know he is secure.
    hope ppl of belize is getting the fact about this GOB.
    hope that they return safely and that we must continue to pray for them . these are innocent child.

  11. macal rivera says:

    I pray that these angels are found in good health!!
    The father need to give a very good explanation about why he send the children so far to sell craboo, I can understand around the neigbourhood under the supervision of an older person, but common this no make sense at all, the uncle should be question as well, and yes I agree where is the MOTHER!!
    Poverty is a excuse, still does not give the father the right to send these children to sell so far away, as a father myself i will say this again, I rather work out my …, but my children I would never send so far away to sell CRABOO.

  12. Verleene says:

    Clear signs of abduction or exploitation. I pray for restoration

  13. zoomom says:

    It seems to me the logical thing to do would be to take the father and the uncle and have them re-trace their steps exactly (with the police). Then ask every man, woman & child along the way what they saw or remembered – is there even any corroboration of the dad & uncles stories what-so-ever???

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    What is the SocialService Department doing about this situation?


    I thought that by now this peice of news would have overwhelmed the community enough that they would all come out together and formed a searched party to help locate the missing kids, dead or alive.
    It has been a few days since the kids have gone missing, time is hardly on their side anymore.

    people have grown cold and selfish in Belize, really.

    fingers cross for the children.

  16. macal rivera says:

    maddyvandyck, you talk too quick, see weh you cause, the people never really selfish, see they came out full force and sooo hot they burn the white man house. You fi blame maddy, you put wan spell pan them by your words, you dah just like the fortune teller hmmmm.


    Macal, haha a fortune teller? More like a PUNISHER of the evil people in this world.

  18. steph says:

    I feel bad I’m from belize and I’m still looking for my real family and they are from Belize
    my adopted mother won’t tell me anything I have a feeling she took me I wish I can get something for but I don’t know my real family name. my mother probably looking for me in Belize

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