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Sep 1, 2010

Cruise tourist gets extended stay after being busted with weed

Steven Capepanakis

He came to Belize from San Francisco aboard a cruise liner to spend a few happy hours, but an American tourist will have more of Belize than he bargained for if he cannot come up with twelve hundred dollars fast enough to avoid life at the Hattieville Ramada.  Today twenty five year old Steven Capepanakis pleaded guilty to drug possession after he was nabbed on Tuesday afternoon with eight point nine grams of marijuana.  The tourist reportedly dropped the drugs while boarding a tender boat that would have transported him to the cruise ship, scheduled to leave minutes later.  A police officer who was on duty at the dock saw when the substance dropped out of his pants pocket, retrieved it, and detained Capepanakis.  Up to this evening, Capepanakis could not meet the fine and will be kept in custody until he does, or, he will spend seven months vacationing at the Hattieville Prison.

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32 Responses for “Cruise tourist gets extended stay after being busted with weed”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Michelle Clare says:

    Belize need to clean up the corruption that’s going on from within and leave the …….. tourists alone!!!
    After all what’s a join of weed? Not to mention the country need tourism.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Nobody told him it was weed. He heard Belize had the best tea, he just wanted to some for the road.

    Kid; call your parents, apologize to your mother for choosing pants with shallow pockets, for every stupid thing you ever did & said to them, commit to going to rehab as soon as you get back, tell them what those mean black men do to white boys in those horrible third world prisons & hope they feel sorry for you & did not read the anthropologist’s report on Hattieville Ramada.


    Please there is no way this man is going to prison in Belize, history shows that belize prison is only for belizean criminals, probably paying off some criminal in power to set him free.

    The court is still wasting their time with petty crimes like marijuana, legalized the stuff, save the system some time and money.

  5. rod says:

    good fu e … hope he get 1year in jail these americans who are coming to belize and feel like they can do whatever they want , and what is he buying drugs i hope they find out who he bought it from and where so they can join him but of course this wont happen again crime way wayyyyyyyyyy out of control this gov again useless uselessuseless worse gov ever.

  6. Dread says:

    LEGALIZE IT! This dah lone madara$$!

  7. Proud says:

    How come dem have so many belizeans raoming the streets with their ganja as they please and no one bothers them?

    Just as guilty is the one that sells it. Police knows who sells drugs…they should go after them not after the consumer…u get the problem at the roots….Earl, he is pendejo fu true….he probably thought it was legal since he got it on the street

  8. Dread says:

    Maddyvandijk, you neva know? cruise tourists nuh gat latta money. how he wah pay anybody off?

  9. Dread says:

    Dah policeman neva hav one ra$$ fuh duh dah day. Lee bway neva mih dih bada nobody. dah sin.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Michelle Clare:Leave the tourist alone what a joke Your …. wouldn’t get left alone had you got caught with thesame quantity of weed in the US.

  11. coral Black says:

    God, all this fuse about a plant. I find it real amusing when I hear people say I’ve never
    taken drugs in my life, excuse me! have you been to the (Pharmacy aka drug store)
    why you thing they call it that. You know what Epidural is , advil , aspirin and all your little
    medication contains in them. Most of you so called educated, self righteous
    people just don’t know. They wanna lecture people about a plant , what about all these
    synthetic food that your buying and consuming from your local supa market, lets talk about
    that. Political Criminals lets take about them too, and how to stop them from living lavish off
    the miseries of the sufferer. Oh pass the peace pipe pon the left hand side, some of you politicians need some 2, maybe you all will learn to humble and live i peace instead of waging
    wars. YHWH ElShaddai

  12. Oscar965 says:

    Apply to him the same justice that any Belizean caught in the us with weed would get….Why should he get any special treatment, yes he is a tourist….but a stupid one…so let him pay for his stupidity…and done…he knew what he was getting into…

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Apparently this Tourist was trying to test our system fortunately he tested it at the right place and right time.

  14. crazy says:

    all a unu dah lone … shet d … up n lef it lone

  15. Earl Grey says:


  16. ixchel90 says:

    This is a classic Case of “Locked UP Abroad: ” he can make millions if he sell his story… but true, da policeman neva had $..t fi do.

    maybe the weed mi medicinal

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am happy that this Policeman sent a message to this tourist that he’s not going to do violate the laws of the Jewel.You wan’t to be a tourist in the jewel then act like a tourist and not like a pot head.

  18. Robert says:

    I’m not for legalization, but things have changed here in the U.S. Cop’s have the discretion to just warn people as long as the amount of marijuana their carrying would not make them a dealer. They let people go all the time, unless the person is belligerent. When I was a kid even finding a few leftover seeds would land a person in jail. I’m not for smoking but it’s crazy to ruin young peoples lives over something so minor. Why put these young guys around hardened criminals where they really learn to be a danger to society?

  19. rootsman says:

    It’s very interesting American man got caught with a little weed and he gets locked up Guatemalan man found with gun in car and he gets to go free said gun was his brothers which was left in car I guess this guy could have also say that weed was his brother’s left in the pocket of his pants which he borrowed, like I say Belize rather the bigger crimes they let you go for those and hold you on the petty ones.

  20. Dread says:

    This dah nuh bout tourist, dis dah bout HUMAN BEINGS dih get harrassed fuh the smoke wah joint when suh much ada craziness dih goawwn weh demand the attention ah dih authorities, craziness weh put people life eeena dangah.

    Wah lee weed nuh dih cause nobody pain and sorrow.

  21. Dread says:

    I FEEL BAD FUH DIH MAN and ANYBODY ELSE — WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC, ASIAN, MAYAN weh haftu guh through all dis humiliation for wah lee smoke.

  22. Dread says:

    SUGGESTION to CHANNEL 5: Pan yuh next poll, why yuh nuh gauge yuh viewers’ interest pan the marijuana laws eena wih country?????

    I tyad ah sih deya simple reports bout people dih geh arrested fuh weed.

  23. Eder says:

    This tha lone …. WTF… its only weed…. He is not harming anyone, other than himself…. Shouldn’t go to prison….

  24. Elgin Martinez says:

    If it was a Belizean Citizen that got arrested none of you idiots would have came to his or her support like you all are supporting this foreigner.What a bunch of brain wash fools.I don’t know which part of America Robert is living but what he is saying is bull because every state in the US has different laws.

  25. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dread: Come to NY and some a blunt infront of any cop and i can bet you that you’ll get your Belizean …. thrown into the piss house.

  26. Elgin Martinez says:

    Dread:By the way no one harrassed this pot head i am going to say it again.He went to Belize as a tourist and he chose to violate the laws of the land.As a result he must deal with the consequence.Why should he be entitled to special preveledge because he is from the US?He was found with 8.9 grams of mariguana.You might say it’s a small quantity however that doesn’t change the fact that a crime was committed.No one told him to walk around with weed in his pocket as if it was legal.Lets deal with facts here and not our personal feelings because law enforcement officers are not suppose to act base on our feelings.They are supose to act base on evedence and tha’s what this officer did.Big up Belize PD.

  27. charlotte a.k.a 'Your Ladyship" says:

    Not to condone drug use, but I agree with everyone. Maybe common sense will prevail and he will be sent home very soon. The small amount of marijuana found on him would have led to him being reprimanded by the authorities in other countries. Clearly he wasn’t planning to sell that in Belize. In the US and Europe that amount of drug would have been considered personal consumption and it would have been confiscated. It seems that we are taking a hard line on this ( like the Far East countries), if so we need to advise these cruise ships and other travel tours coming into Belize.

  28. Elgin Martinez says:

    Charlotte a.k.a’ Your Ladyship” : The quantity of drugs doesn’t change the fact that this pot head comitted a crime as a result don’t try to justify what this idiot did.A crime was comitted hence the reason he was arrested this Police had physical evidence and every right to arrest and it is in my opinion that he or she acted appropriately.

  29. Dread says:

    Elgin, you obviously nuh dih check all the weed reports pan channel 5, somebody always dih support the arestee, belizean or non-belizean! Stop talk lone fool my bway. You got suh serious issues with white ppl mein. Tek wah chill pill, nuh?

  30. Dread says:

    Well Elgin, New York got some stupid laws pan weed. Just because the Big Apple backward eena some laws, mean we haftu falla foot, you eeediot.

  31. Dread says:

    Yes dah dih law, I nuh dih seh dih man neva violate wah law, I dih out yah dih seh dih LAW STUPID! AND ih need FUH CHANGE!!!!

  32. Cutty Ligiyaba says:

    There is a lot of misunderstanding with people regarding Marijuana and this is worldwide. In

    some parts of Europe you can walk into a coffee shop and enjoy your choices of different plants.

    In California you can get a prescription for your Marijuana smokes. Marijuana has turned the

    economy around in different regions, some companies are making clothing and scientist have

    long known about the different benefits of Marijuana. Marijuana has long been seen as ghetto

    or a poor man’s chance to get high…In Massachussetts I read an article where the criminal

    justice system were more heavier on there sentences towards a man of color and the

    possesion of small quantities of Marijuana as oppose to a white man with powder

    cocaine….The truth for me is that—I wish Belize would enhance and support the product–

    Government intervention will make it less profitable for street pharmacist but that will be a start

    in turning the economy around as well as helping sick people and protecting the environment.

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