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Aug 31, 2010

Levaughan Morgan steals twice from her friend

levaughan morgan

Loretta Gillett

The cops and the courts are looking for Levaughan Morgan, who was convicted of Theft in abscencia since she has been missing in action from the start of her trial. The victim, twenty-six year old Loretta Gillett, who was once close friends with Morgan, told the court today that between June thirtieth and July first, 2009, her friend stole her Holy Redeemer Credit Union passbook along with her ID and made two unauthorized withdrawals totalling seven hundred and forty-five dollars. Gillett says she found out about the withdrawals when she visited the credit union to report that her book was lost. Prosecutor, Sergeant Hector Rodriguez, called three police witnesses today: the investigating officer, the police officer who took a caution statement from Morgan in which she confessed to committing the theft, and WPC Saundia Henry who found Gillett’s credit union book, identification card and the withdrawal slips during a search at Morgan’s home. That evidence sealed the conviction and sentencing has been deferred until September twenty-third 2010. This is Morgan’s second Theft conviction for stealing from Gillett. In February she was found guilty of stealing four hundred and sixty-five dollars cash from Gillett’s home in September 2009. She also pleaded guilty to Obtaining Property by Deception for another incident in 2009 and was ordered to pay Gillett compensation of one thousand fourteen dollars. A bench warrant is in effect for Morgan’s arrest and she has been spotted on several occasions in Dangriga. Ms. Barbara Nunez, who secured bail for her, has also been ordered to appear in court to answer as to why Morgan cannot be located.

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15 Responses for “Levaughan Morgan steals twice from her friend”


    Another case of how money is by far more important than lives and friendship in Belize. She stole that money and still could not afford to buy a decent haircut, what a waste of skin.

    Nunez gave her chance to turn her life around, but you should have known that “” A thief will always be thief”.
    how should we punish this one too?

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Sounds like this girl is feeding a drug habit or some other form of addiction which hopefully time in jail will help. Loretta, if your friend is an addict, they are the best liars & will sell your soul & theirs to feed their habit, let this be a lesson learned & don’t let her anywhere near you after matter how much she apologizes.

  3. rod says:

    lock her up lock her up lock her up if these judges would start doing their jobs maybe all these crimes would go down but they keep letting go everybody commiting crimes i say every judge that does not do their job should get fired immediately.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    What’s wrong with you Loretta?After this so called fried Morgan had stoled your four hundered and six-five dollars ,why did you still trust her?

  5. deedee says:

    Hmmm….levaughan theif from loretta between June & July of last yr, she stole from her again in September…why loretta wah have this woman around her after she stole from her the first time?? And to think they were supposedly “best friends”, mein the closest ppl around you are always the ones stabbing you in your back. When you think you know someone, you really have no idea about who they are until they stab you.

  6. Cooliebwoi says:

    I am in shock and dismay to hear this. I grew up with this young lady all my teenage years in Punta Gorda. She is from one of the most strict families and her parents are educators and models in that community. She has always been dedicated to helping and focused in school. this is shocking. I believe that she needs help quickly, for i believe that she can be turned around. This young lady has an impecable track record in PG. I hope that she gets help soon, i’m sure her family is in great pains over this. My prayers go out to you all.

  7. So Disappointed says:

    PLEASE this is nothing new in Belize first of all their is no such thing as a friend in Belize, Belize people don’t have a clue what that word means. Friend to them is what you can do for me or what I can get from you then they call you friend when you can’t do for them or give to them they move on to the next prey. As far as stealing that is what Belizeans do finding an honest Belizean is harder than getting a camel through the eye of a needle so I am not surprised one bit. In Belize you better spend all your time and energy watching your back……..even the best of them. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    So Disappointed: I do agree that this trend is not new in Belize.However it doesn’t make it right.Furthermore it doesn’t mean that we’ve got to condone this type of behavior in the Jewel.

  9. mammy's Diva says:

    dah woman dah wah real thief but why Loretta still trust her at her house its not right too have too many trust in somene nor to forgive and not to forget.

  10. Proud says:

    weh kinda friend dat….She gave her a second chance, Elgin.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    It seems that Morgan was friend with Loretta’s money and not wit Loretta?This girl is all about herself.Weh y name thiefvaughan Morgan?

  12. Earl Grey says:



  13. Janet says:

    So Disappointed: It is so sad that you have never found a true friend in Belize, hence the reason you made such a broad statement. To be honest there are true honest, hard working Belizeans that has never stolen from anyone for any reason but the news will not bring such a boring story to you, all you will hear about is the ones that does wrong. I have lived in Belize all my life and I have found some decent people as my friends; I do not ask them for anything and they do not ask me for anything, but we both know that we are there for each others when in need. I am a true born Belizean and I sure have not stolen anything from anyone, nor have I preyed on anyone. What the young lady should have done when she was stolen from the first time was to ensure that the person who did her wrong stayed out of her life. In life we will always frind people who come off as a friend all they are there for is to see what they can get but from you but you have to be smart enough to weed them out.

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    So Disappointed, I was with you until you got to the camel & the needle. It is hard to find honest Belizeans who are not out to bleed others dry but I have met one & heard of one. This woman can have whatever she needs from me if I have it because she has proven herself to be worthy. She has never asked for a penny & has never accidentally taken or used any money or article left with her. The other one that I know of, is about to be rewarded handsomely for her integrity.

    Deedee; the crackhead probably helped her look for the missing credit union book & I would not be surprised if she did not come up with a good suspect for her best friend.

    I am still waiting for the day when someone steals money or something of value that they actually put to good use like fixing up their house that’s about to fall down.

  15. ZeLors says:

    I know you all are wondering why I let Levaun “Theifing Switch”, who knows if she is a crack head, in my house. When I accepted her around me, she never should me that side of personality. I never found out about any of the other incedent until the last time when she stole from me. Let me make this clear to everyone, I met her at SJCJC sometime between 2004-5. She was never my “BEST FRIEND” and I can’t understand why those news reporter insist that she was my “BEST FRIEND”. She thought me a good lesson and she’s not welcome around me anymore. Someone like that, I no need eena my life. When the case just started up, her mom called me crying & beging me not to go through with this case. She even bargain with me to start giving me back the money. I told her the only way I will drop the charges if she gives me all of the money she stole from me. Its all or nothing. They coulding even came up with half of the money she stole from me. Hence, the reason why the case is where it is right now. People like that, I no sorry for and will never feel sorry for them. They only think for themselves and no kay how other people feel.

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