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Aug 31, 2010

Crime wave hits Cancun; eight killed in bombing

The violence by the drug cartels continues to move dangerously close to home. Earlier this week seventy-two immigrants were slaughtered in Tamaulipas, an area in Mexico trafficked by thousands of Belizeans who travel back and forth for business and pleasure. The latest attack was in Cancun, a prime vacation spot for Belizeans.  Press reports are that at least ten armed men were at the Castillo Del Mar Bar at around one a.m. terrorizing patrons even before the attack. A local drug cartel, the infamous Zetas gang, is suspected of being involved in the violence that left mostly women dead.  The Zetas are believed to have ventured onto Belizean soil before and one member was charged after the Murder of construction worker, Wilhelm Braun, at the Commercial Freezone in 2008. We found a brief report on the Euronews website on the latest drug related violence.

Euronews Report

“At least eight people have died in a petrol bomb attack on a bar in the Mexican holiday resort of Cancun. A group of unidentified people attacked the bar with Molotov cocktails early on Tuesday morning. Six women and two men have been confirmed dead. Police believe it was a revenge attack against the bar’s owner, who had reported a local drug cartel for extortion.”

Six of the eight deceased persons died in the fire while the others passed away during treatment.

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10 Responses for “Crime wave hits Cancun; eight killed in bombing”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    THIS is getting CLOSER AND CLOSER TO BELIZE… started at the U.S. border. We know that the Zetas are connected to Belize street gangs. It sends a shiver up the spine……


    belizeans authorities would not be alboe to stop the Zetas if they wanted violence over the border.
    This area of the bombing is far away from the most touristic area’s in Cancun, not an area I would venture into.

    Mexico and belize which ismost dangerous?

  3. Franscisco Patt says:

    It is not a joke the Zetas are already here and are being protected by very influential people.

  4. Proud says:

    This is really alarming. Well obviously they are in Belize and they are very dangerous. Its a shame, however, that influential people are protecting them. Sounds like we have a time bomb on our hands.

  5. lrnzG says:

    Belize’s strategic position as a bridge to North America has always been a prime location for drug smugglers as they move to their central locations in Northern Mexico. But as the US Govt. and Mexican Federales continue to crack down on the cartels, they are going to continue being pushed down more and more.. unfortunately resulting in Belize becoming one of their retreats. This is something that should already be on the discussion board for the GoB because when it hits, it will hit hard and ‘silly’ unprepared BDF or the Police won’t be able to do anything! Just imagine, the US & MX Govt. can hardly put up a good fight with the Narcos, how will our untrained, unequipped officers?
    For the future, I predict two things!(As always, I hope I’m wrong.)
    1. The Narcos will infiltrate the GoB!(Probably already happening) Some of our politicians are not expensive to buy out and there is also the high probability that politicians themselves are already involved. WE ALL WATCH THE NEWS, we know the most influential people are the ministers, they break and make the laws. LITERALLY! Here’s a good example that seemed very, very, very ‘fishy’ And it went uninvestigated.
    2. We will have more SEVERE violence. Imagine we heard over the news that the 72 dead immigrants found in Tamaulipas last week, were instead found on Belizean soil.. Except they would be Belizeans.. How would that sound? That and worst is what’s coming up for the Jewel.. Let’s be prepared.

  6. So Disappointed says:

    This is scary especially since the Phillip Goldson Airport make it almost impossible for Belizeans to afford to fly directly into Belize, so we have to travel through Cancun and ride the roads of Mexico. Now we have to hope we will reach Belize alive.
    I agree with everyone that states BDF, Police Dept and Government would be clueless as to how to handle an attack from this cartel, if they cannot out smart the ignorant uneducated Belizean gang members that are terrorizing the country now can you imagine them trying to stay a step ahead of these experienced murderers who have been doing this all their life for generations?
    Only God can help us now, Belize is lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    So Disappointed: They can’t even handle the bootleg Police Wilson who not only penetrated but also manipulated the ranks of the Police Department.As a result how would they be capable of handling this Cartel?

  8. Islander says:

    Those of your chairborne commandoes talking bad about the BDF and Police need to STF.

    The reason that the ZETA cartel cannot be stopped by the Mexican Police, Marines and Army is simply because the ZETA’s are better trained and well equipped. WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? This guys are not a rag tag team of street fools, this guys were at one point members of the special forces community.

    Eight of these x spec forces guys are enough to give any “ANY” Police Department a run for its money.


  9. rootsman says:

    Now that makes a lot of sense allow Belizeans to own guns especially since the government cannot control the thugs in the city, at least legitimate people with good judgment will be able to protect themselves when the thugs arrive or maybe this will be working against the interest of the dirty cops who runs the show sorry had to put that in I know there are good cops also but the only way for this to start working is for the good ones to take a stand and start separating themselves from the dirty ones, I just read an article on Amandala about under age girls in Belize being used for sex well again some dirty cops in the force are using some of these little girls also most people in Belize knows this it happens quite often especially in the villages.

  10. mike says:

    DO something mein before its too late government to tackle situation

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