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Aug 4, 2010

Body of man found in Scotland Halfmoon Village

Another unidentified body was located today around four o’clock this afternoon. Residents of Scotland Half Moon Village, a remote community in the Belize River Valley, have not reported any missing persons within the past few days but late this afternoon the usually quiet community was buzzing with word of a possible abduction and murder.  The badly decomposed body of an unidentified person believed to be a male of Hispanic or Caucasian descent was discovered in a shallow grave several hundred feet off a feeder road.  According to village chairperson Olivia Rhaburn she was walking with her two sons along the road to visit a residence situated about a mile into the bushes when they made the gruesome discovery. We warn viewers that the images are graphic.

Voice of: Olivia Rhaburn, Chairperson, Scotland Half Moon Village

“We were going through the road because it’s a routine that I go to visit another place. And on reaching on that spot, well I saw the crows but an animal was dead on the road so it didn’t bother me much. But I had one of my younger boys with me and he was looking around; you know children are curios and he said mommy, somebody died. And I said oh bwai please. And he said yes, a foot. So I decided to turn back and look and yes I saw it was a foot of a person.”

Isani Cayetano

“What was your immediate response in terms of either notifying someone of what you discovered?”

Voice of: Olivia Rhaburn

“Well, I just right away—I had someone with me with a phone and I called 911 and the Ladyville police answered and that was it.”

Isani Cayetano

“As the chairperson of Scotland Halfmoon Village, has there been any report of anyone missing or that type of thing in this particular area?”

Voice of: Olivia Rhaburn

“Not to my knowledge, but there could be because people live so far apart and you have strange people coming in to visit relatives. So you wouldn’t know. I would have to inform people around the village and maybe somebody knows something. But from what I am seeing, it seems that it was dumped there.”

Isani Cayetano

“It seems as though it’s been buried in a shallow grave with the leg sticking out. Would you suspect, as you mentioned, it may have been dumped there. Any signs of foul play?”

Voice of: Olivia Rhaburn

“I cannot say because the state of the body, it seemed to have been decomposing already and it was covered with mud. So I cannot say.”

The discovery of the body, says Rhaburn, came less than a month after her two sons discovered the lifeless body of a Chinese national at his home at the end of the feeder road.  Rhaburn said they were visiting the residence of one Mr. Lee when upon reaching the house her twelve year old son came across the body.  The corpse that was discovered today is awaiting a post mortem examination which is scheduled to be conducted on site tomorrow morning.  There weren’t any visible signs of physical injury; however, Ladyville police are suspecting foul play due to the manner in which the body was found. The other unidentified body was found in the west on Tuesday, more on that later.

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12 Responses for “Body of man found in Scotland Halfmoon Village”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    So much for moving to the country for some peace of mind. Houses in rural communities have always been more isolated but everyone knew their neighbors even when they could not or did not see them everyday. More important, we knew who their guests were. It’s time to turn off the TV, know who your neighbors are, get rid of the pack animal mentality & we can stop living like we are under siege. It is not normal for most of us to come across a murdered body in one lifetime, this 12 year old has encountered two in a year. What is this violence doing to our children?

  2. Bold says:

    Police hands full….two bodies to identify..

  3. Worried says:

    Police should look into that Blue car with possible “Killing” Crew.

  4. Lynn says:

    Police hands full..!!! HAHA!!! all what most of them do is driving about doing their own thing!! And stopping people for silly little things…. instead of that give them something to do, put some of them in d rural areas let them work for their money….!

  5. Bold says:

    Very good thought, Worried! Maybe you should join Police.

    Lynn, dont generalize about the police. We do have genuine officers that put their lives at risk everyday and get no recognition.

  6. PissedBelizean says:

    LOL… Police in Belize doing work??? Are u serious… all they do is like Lynn said, sit on their …. and do nothing… Belize is a huge web of murders, deaths and unidentified bodies, which is sad, Belize is becoming more and more dangerous everyday, why, because no one puts their foot down and says this is enough, and get ppl working like they should, both in high government all the way down to the lil pee ons.
    Yeah, maybe the police force in Belize is not equiped todeal with these types of situations or any type of hostage situation, & yes maybe it’s not their fault, they lack the training, and who is to blame for that, goverment…. come on PPL…

  7. Concern says:

    these things are not laughing matter an pointing fingers the police and the government cant to every thing by them selves even thou we would like them to get rid of the crime that is happening. this is a sad thing. trust me it is knocking at every body door doesnt matter if your rich poor white or black. just terrible mein real terrible no where is safe only in christ we need to have spirtuality in our lives we will benefit from it we all do.

  8. MARVIN says:


  9. seco says:

    if police would do their job crime would be lower in Belize but what they do, just drive in car and stop the poor people on the road that are coming from work, police are a bunch of lazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! police best day starts weekends
    they favorite thing is to stop by a police check point and find some one who its license is expired to get a $50.00 of them and if you go to any bar you will find them ther

  10. EDGARLICAYCE says:


  11. kelly says:

    hey thats not normal to find dead bodies in those villages ,that surely a move they did .in our villages we no when people comes in an go out bot of curse we do need police to do there job an stop playing sweet mens .would love to n who did that try the guyes in the taxi

  12. searchforjustice says:

    how funny guys in the taxi look like the obvious. but was is obvious is not what is true. its just a smoking mirror to keep your attention away from what really happened. two bodies- same village- local police department…hhhmmmm. decomposed to the point a body cant be recognized- all a person has to do is look it up to get the facts…..stop lying. Justice….Please!!! if a face has been shot and there is a bullet hole in the skull and the poilice dpt and medical examiner say it was a knife wound to the neck and strangulation……something is Very shady!!!

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