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Jul 20, 2010

Fake cop fooled everyone, even his wife

aaron wilson

The police commissioner Crispin Jefferies has said that the department has rogue cops, but the lingering questions are how many and how to get rid of them.   But there are not only rogue cops.  A nineteen year old woman has accused an alleged officer of trying to kiss her and touch her inappropriately as well as taking her cell phone. But all that was after he threatened to kill her ex-boyfriend.  The woman, Shannon Martinez, made a complaint to the Internal Affairs Department on Friday morning about the officer who was plainly out of control.  But after checks were made, the man was rogue, but he was definitely not a cop.  That’s right, he’s not a rogue cop but a fake cop.  And even while he was being questioned at the Queen Street Police Formation, twenty year old Aaron Wilson claimed he was attached to another formation.  Wilson was charged Forgery, Possession of a False Document, Unlawful Possession of Belize Police Department uniforms and accessories, Theft and Threatening Words.  Police Press Officer Fitzroy Yearwood related the tale of the fake cop who even managed to fool his common law wife.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

sgt. fitzroy yearwood

“On Friday morning around four am, a young lady of the name Miss Shannon Martinez was walking on the park at Princess Margaret Drive where Mister Humes approached her and offered her a ride. Of course he was dressed like a police officer in khaki blue pants. She trusted that he was a police officer so she asked him to drop her on princess Margaret Drive at ex-boyfriend’s house. When she got there, she got into an argument with Mister Malcolm Vasquez where the police officer exited the vehicle and threatened Mister Vasquez that he would shoot him. After escalation of argument this young lady decided to leave the area and asked the officer to drop her home on Baymen Avenue.  Instead of taking her to Baymen Avenue, he went somewhere in the vicinity of the hangar area. When he was there, he attempted to touch her between her legs and even tried to kiss her, which is considered to be an aggravated assault. He has been charged for this.  The young lady wasn’t cooperating with him and she even asked him to stop. This is when he was almost too aggressive and after a while just drove her home on Baymen Avenue. When she exited the vehicle, she realized she forgot her cell phone in the vehicle. So she asked him for the phone and he refused to give it to her, he refused to have her search for the phone in the vehicle. Instead she just drove off in a rage, she called 911 and the C.I.B. responded to her call where she was escorted to C.I.B. office to make an official report. We spoke to Aaron Wilson’s common-law-wife who said her common-law-husband is in fact a police officer. For some reason Internal Affairs managed to get a hold of him. When he went to the station, the young lady identified him as the same person she was making the report about.”

Jose Sanchez

“Let me pause for a second Fitzroy. You said the wife also believes that he is a police officer?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Mien, I’ll go a little in depth to why she believed. This man drops her off at work and goes to work every day dressed as a police officer so even she was fooled ok. That is how good he was doing his plans.”

Yearwood said that investigating officers have recovered two sets of police uniforms, a police hat with a police badge, and an identification card amongst other police related paraphernalia. Yearwood says that the investigation is also seeking to find out if Wilson had any weapon to complete his police gear. In magistrate court, Wilson pleaded not guilty and asked to be granted bail because he is getting married soon.  Senior Superintendent David Henderson was present in court and informed that Wilson is being investigated as a possible suspect in a series of robberies in Belize City. He was remanded to prison where we hope he will not impersonate any prison officer.

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27 Responses for “Fake cop fooled everyone, even his wife”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Was He bringing home a paycheck?If the uniforms are only issued by the department, where did he get it & are retired, fired or incapacitated officers required to return their uniforms? The police are having a tough enough time with some of their real officers, the last thing we/they need are fake ones.

  2. Maddyvandijk says:

    This animal should be punished severly, not only for aggravted assault but for impersonating a police officer,.
    can a person walk into one of those indian shops and buy a police uniform and other police gear? if not where or from whome did he get his police gear from, don’t be surprise either if more evidence revealed that he was working along with another real bad cop still on the force.

    where did he get the money that he was bringing home to his wife if he did not really have a job, guess.

    what is wrong with these people.

  3. emily says:

    Through away the key who knows he might a killer too not only a thief

  4. RedBwai says:

    This means anyone can throw on a police uniform with a badge an become a police officer right??….Only in Belize…Only in Belize you see and hear things like this happen on a daily basis. How in hell could the police department let this go undetected for so long? If it wasn’t for that poor young lady making a report about him things would have continued without a hitch. Let me guess, he is one of the many deportees sent back from the states casuing havoc on our society right?….He needs a mental evaluation if you ask me…..sounds like a real psycho con artist wanna be. What was he getting out of the whole being a fake police thing? well for one he wasn’t being paid so it’s not for the money. I guess its just the power and authority he has over others as a police officer that he craves so so so much ….hmmmmm….

  5. Commando says:

    Damn! you good papa! But hey,… any wage?? How he managed to completely fool his common-law wife then?? Mhhhh,,…. I’m smelling what he was cooking….

  6. dawn sandoval says:

    I read in the Amandala newspaper that they had evidence this man was actually a special constable, this needs to be investigated and brought to light. this case could question the legality of all special constable’s, since no law actually shows they exist? regardless of special constable if he really did wrong he should be held accountable for his actions with the young lady, and if his status is fake, his really in big problems.

  7. Bulba Martinez says:

    What a mockery, can you imagine that?. No damn respect but what can we expect?. I plea to all honorable serving Police Officers and Soldiers, please be alert and stay focus at all times, because you might know who your partner is. You might be walking beat with another —whole like this one. Please don’t give up, we need you all to be there to help eradicate these son of b– to get back the country we continue to LOVE. Righteousness will always prevail no matter how long it takes. Sarge, you have an embarrasing facial expression on you, please knock it off, so far so good. Square your shoulders, dig your heels in, and be the Officer you was promoted to be. I hope to God you guys throw the Book at this garbage and the Judicial System throw away the key on this nincompoop when tried. Personally, I wish they could house all prisoners that commit crimes like this in the same Cell Block along with others that have committed henious crimes and separate them from the ones that are still hopefully salvageable. Gert the Big Picture?. Smaller the divider, greater the quotient. (Process of elimination) you dig. Enough is enough Belizeans. Belize was once the unknown Country and is now internationally known for bulls- like this.

  8. peacemaker says:

    Mein what is happening with our police force. To blame are the same police officers cause they work along with rogue cops. I had a similar incident where a rogue cop came to my house on two different occasions threatening and acting really bossy. But guess what on the first incident he was accompanied by a police officer and the police offifer stayed downstairs. On the next occasion he came to my house in a police vehicle, again it was only him who came to us the true police officer remained in the vehicle. All this has to stop. Many of times we see all sorts of people in these police vehicles. This should not be so, the only people who should be in the company of these other police are police officers with badge numbers. Officers performing police duties and nothing else. Mr Henderson and all the high police men do something about this or else you guys will take the blame……..

  9. DeadyondaBeatz!! says:

    wat i dont get is how can u fool ur wife with this! and seeing that the girl left her phone in the car means that she was getting quite comfortable with the ‘fake cop’. There is way more to this than what we kno…

  10. Lany says:

    Funny and stupid at the same time… Now i understand why cases are being thrown out left, right and center… Someone can just walk in and say i am a police officer.. Someone is paying this fool to intimidate witness, losing file, leak information, etc. etc.. Just saying

  11. junnie says:

    Personally..i don’t believe all of this crap about this man being a fake they mean to tell us that this person have been faking this cop …. for so long and no one have noticed, Not even his wife?? this is ridiculous n bs..i think he’s real rogue cop..

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is such a shame.Don’t you guys do roll call on a daily basis.It seems to me that most of the high ranking officials in the Police dept lock common sense.Who knows if this fake cops had access to some of these case files that were going missing.This just shows that anyone can penetrate the security system in Belize.This guy could have been a Guatemalan SPY.Wake the F up Belize.This is not a joke anymore you are putting all the Belizean people at risk.

  13. deedee says:

    This a$$hole told the court he wanted bail because he was getting married soon…dumb .$$ u tried to get a little action from the young lady u had in your car and when she refuse your sorry .$$ u got angry. What woman in their rite mind would want to marry a low life like Aaron Wilson after his basically double life has been exposed. Must think every one is as stupid as he is…

  14. Earl Grey says:

    Maddyvandijk says:

    This animal should be punished severly,………..Really…………… ( 1 ) THIS LANGUAGE REFLECTS POORLY On YOU….. ( 2 ) HE DID NOT KILL ANYONE ( 3 ) DON’T INSULT THE ANIMALS!!! Lany said it best….. “funny and stupid at the same time.”…. and a Mystery I may add. “How did he pull it off so long???” Good Story!!!

  15. CEO says:

    I understand that this is serious and should have never happened but just before you beat up on the Belize PD let me tell you that the same thing just happened in Chicago about a year ago. The Chicago PD is suppose to be way more advanced than we are so easy now! You may need to call the Belize PD to rescue you soon. In the Chicago case the perpitrator was just a kid that was under age and even went out on patrol with another cop in the squad car.

  16. belizeanpride says:

    this things are really getting out of hand in belize mein. so if he can do it bet other fools are going to try do it also but maybe in a more professional way, soon we might be seeing some riding vehicle with a police sticker on it and the lights atop. damn we’re in deep disgrace with this things happening in our little jewel.

  17. Charlotte Yearwood Martin says:

    IF! this is true, I would really like to see him spend a very long time in prison. We need to send a very strong message to deter others out there who may wish to copy him. Impersonating a Police Officer in some countries is punishable for up to 5 years imprisonment. The reason for this is that just as that young woman thought she was safe, to later realise that she could have found herself in grave danger (i.e being rape or even killed).

    With the crime rate so high in Belize, we really cannot afford to have people doing this. Don’t forget he also assault the woman. Who knows if this is the first time he did this. We have bashed the police force for their mistakes in the past months, not to forget given them a hard time for documents going missing and people walking free. If still is the beginning of the end of these dreadful things happening then don’t miss this opportunity. Also if we have people with the skills to question this chap, perhaps he could provide us with a lot of information on a number of other things? He may want to provide us with information of other impersonators. Bail? Don’t be stupid.

  18. Student says:

    hahahaha! Sorry, but this funny.

  19. macal rivera says:

    no wonder the police can’t function, I can’t believe one man take the police dept for pappy show!!! madas,
    this man is crazy crazy, how can he fool his wife like that, mein, Mr Commissioner you better wake up
    drink coffe three time a day but wake up, check on all your police officer under you command, I am sure you have other crazy aaron wilson, even his name sound crazy, I doubt that is his correct name too,hmmm


    Can …………… find out if this guy was being paid by the Police Department?

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    I just hope the Bwai Wilson can fake his way out of all those charges.What did this idiot fooled his wife with a wash over ring from Melchor.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe they should make Wilson a real cop now since he’s got such potential.Put him as head of CIB and then maybe he can recruite more fake cops ,you guys are understaffed anyway.



  24. woody says:

    ok guy pretends to be a cop, dresses as one, goes to work as one at the station, even his wife and all the police command think he one….guy deserves and Oscar. this is one good movie plot if it wasn’t so serious ….. dont they have any checks at the dept?? anybody want to be Compol

  25. woody says:

    ok guy pretends to be a cop, dresses as one, goes to work as one at the station, even his wife and all the police command think he one….guy deserves an Oscar. this is one good movie plot if it wasn’t so serious ….. dont they have any checks at the dept?? anybody want to be Compol

  26. Bizzy Bone says:

    Raisin’ hustlas thieves and prostitutes
    Young homie think before you shoot
    It’s a crazy mixed up world
    It’s the end of the world
    It’s a crazy mixed up world
    ‘Cause it’s the end of the world
    Murder all around the whole world it’s nauseatin’
    Everybody’s hatin’ everybody over rated

  27. maddyvandijk says:

    Earl grey you are an animal, and i will treat you as such.

    nothing says small … better than an animal who shoots off his mouth just becuase he feels inferior to a woman, but you already knew this, right.

    go take a vacation earl it’s good for personality upgrade.

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