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Jun 17, 2010

Cop accused of extorting money at checkpoint

Elvis Mai

Not too long after Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced Operation Restore Belize—designed to re-establish confidence in the Police and a sense of order to Belize City streets—yet another police constable is facing charges of misconduct. An allegation of extortion has been filed against police constable, twenty nine year old Elvis Mai. The charge follows a report by twenty five year old Cassandra Lino, who claims that Mai extorted forty dollars from her.  Lino reported to the officer’s superiors that on Tuesday when she drove up to the mile four checkpoint on the Western Highway—shortly after three p.m. on her way to Belize City—the officer who greeted her was not interested in ensuring that her vehicle was legally on the road.  She said the officer, who wore number four twenty five on his shoulder, demanded that she give him money to avoid charges of driving without a driver’s license, driving under the influence and possession of weed seeds.  But Lino did not take the act lightly.  She drove straight to the police station and reported the matter and an investigation followed.  During that investigation on Wednesday, the officer in question, Elvis Mai, was taken to a location where Lino positively identified him as the officer who had extorted money from her the day before.  But a check of Mai’s records show that his regulation number is five-five-three, not the four twenty five that he was allegedly wearing the day he stopped Lino and wore the day, his peers escorted him so Lino could identify him.  Mai was charged with Extortion and taken to the Magistrate’s Court today.  No plea was taken from him and he was granted bail of two thousand dollars and ordered to re-appear in court on July twenty eighth. Reports are that Mai has been accused of a similar offense in the past but that he was not criminally charged and was instead dealt with internally by the Department.

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22 Responses for “Cop accused of extorting money at checkpoint”

  1. maddyvandijk says:

    This idiot stole money from hard working people to full his pocket before, was dealt with internally by the department, got a scoulding from the department then went back on the road to steal even more money from the people.

    This fat ….. should be fired from his job for lack of respect for that uniform as well, but then again, we might have to fire everyone wearing such a uniform, who can you trust, right?

  2. Sandra says:

    well i think thats not nice to do to the law man for what goes around comes for some women are real vindictive to others its wrong an i think the authorities should look into it for some people are just some bad minded person but don’t worry Mr.Mai they will pay for telling a lie on you it has to be Jah that would be your judger,

  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    Belizean confidence cannot be restored in the police. what police needs to do is work on themselves, and start placing some serious consequences for these stupid ****ing polce who keep abusing the belizean citizens mein. they say no1 is above the law, but these police just get a flick on the wrist and sent back out on duty. i wait for that day WHEN BELIZEAN PEOPLE WILL RESTORE THEIR TRUST BACK IN THE POLICE.

    i have been a victim of police brutality and use of excessive force, even tho i was complying n have nuttin to hide. it only one bad experience, NOW I HATE POLICE. think tha lone jackass who didnt make it thru skool, go into the police and are momified as they dont use descretion and dnt care to.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is it surprising to us that these Police are stealing money from the Belizean Citizens.They are just following the example of our leaders.What this officer did is petty to what Mayor Moya did.

  5. macal rivera says:

    Not all policemen are bad and corrupt!! But I believe the new minister of police should fire all policemen who are involve in all these criminal activities, also I need to hear what Mr jeffries have to say, he is the person directly in charge, so it time he clean the department, if he is impotent then let soemone else do his job.

    Tired of these …… police men takning advantage of the people.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    macal rivera: Just keep the fire burning like it.

  7. tania says:



    just to let things get worse he seems to have like that idea of extorsion since he is registered with a badge number and wears another thinking he would out smart the law he suppose to abide by. so we might check their badge number but maybe they might have a fake one on their shoulder so check the number and remember their face to have a better positive identity when reporting.

  9. maddyvandijk says:

    I am almost 100% sure that it was not only $40.00 that he stole that day or that week alone, what happend to all the others before that lady, and after her.

    This fat ….. is a shame to that nation.

    sick and tired, really.

  10. macal rivera says:

    by the way this policeman really need to go on a diet and some excercise, wacth da fat face, maybe all he eat fah fry chicken hmmm, or he so lazy he rather thief from women, wait a minuite, i just realize this fat sucker exorted money from a woman, ……., he no gat no shame,

    Hey Mr Singh please put this man behind bars, not choclate bars please, and make sure he clean the street side, the city could do with some extra help. OH and by the way please dress him in a bra size 40B and a big mama panty, cause a real man no theif from a woman!!!!

  11. DeeDee says:

    What a shame……..the Belize Police Department is a disgrace. Do we have a COMMISSIONER or a puppet running this department?

  12. EarlGray says:

    There is a thin line between cops and criminals.

  13. tim says:

    and what happened to Cassandra?? is she going to be charged too?? she should be charged as well! don’t you think so?

  14. Flyers says:

    while i do not condone this type of behavior IF the allegation is true but what IF the Cop is innocent, the Police Department would have tarnish that man’s reputation. investigation investigation thoroughly is the key. a public crucifiction not the way to go. the report file has a lot of inconsistencies that form of identification is unfair to the accused, we are all human and we make mistakes but we should also be held accountable for our actions. all i’m requesting, just like afforded to civilians let the same be afforded to the police. seremein

  15. NB says:

    Listen people we all have to be careful about how we judge people out here. I am not saying that the police officer is innocent i have no idea of knowing that for sure but what i can say is police officers have a tough job to do and sometimes people are vindictive as as far as allegations go anyone can make an allegation but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I think that before these allegations are brought to the news they should be thoroughly investigated first because they can really tarnish people name like this. If i was officer Mai and this happens to be a false allegation i would sue the police department and this woman for dragging my name through the mud. I believe that the police should be dealt with but fairly. Anyone at any time can go and make an allegation even against the commissioner would he like his name and picture all over the news, I think not. Another thing to look at, this officer is a different number from the one she apparently saw that day which other police would be so stupid to lend out his number not knowing what Mai was going to do with it. Food for thought people.

  16. jose says:

    this is not the first one”their are so many of does, here where I live I see police take money from people every day ‘and not just money they ask for a case ‘s of beers too
    so no surprise for me belize is full of this kind of wrong doing police.

  17. chuey says:

    hard labour.

  18. ECF says:

    Only a few examples need to be made and all the corruptions not only within the police department, but the many different government bodies that subject the people will be cleaned up and hopefully the crime rate will go down because those committing these crime will know that they will be penalize and Belize can then be restored and healed. Kudos to the lady who was bold enough to say something because many people have taken theirs quietly.

  19. chuey says:

    policemen on the take,? just another day in da hood I guesss.

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    macal rivera: You had me laughing reading the article you wrote about the Policeman.

  21. Oliver says:

    …… Old news…….
    I left Belize in ’86 and the police were just as corrupt as they are now.

    Belize is a beautiful country, but too corrupt and dangerous to even visit much less live in it.

  22. Street Justice. says:

    this is how they start being bad cops, first they steal, then they start shoot people. before u know it they r contracted killers, just how cowboy turned out. in my book u found him stealing, more dan likely he might do something worse next time. i say u find a dirty police straying around town deal with them harsh. done dem.

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