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Jun 17, 2010

Arturo Eck convicted of murder

A man who allegedly confessed to killing a man because of a sexual act was yesterday convicted of murder. Twenty-two year old Arturo Eck faces a maximum sentence of life behind bars as a result of the 2007 murder of forty-nine year old Eugenio Tzul. Tzul, a resident of San Joaquin village, was found badly beaten, strangled to death with a wire, and sodomized with a metal antenna. Eck who was nineteen at the time of the incident on November seventeenth, 2007, told police in a caution statement that he killed Tzul because he (Tzul) had taken advantage of him in a sexual manner.  Police initially arrested and charge two men, Eck and Isair Martinez, but the charge of murder was later withdrawn from Martinez. A jury of twelve, who started deliberations shortly before noon yesterday, returned a guilty verdict just after three p.m. In his defense, Eck, from the dock, denied the allegations that he had killed Tzul and said that he was forced to sign the caution statement by the police.   But in the end, the caution statement was admitted into evidence. The trial took place in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court in front of Justice Michelle Arana. A mitigation plea has been set for June thirtieth, 2010. Eck was represented by Attorney, Hubert Elrington.  The prosecutor, representing the D.P.P.’s office, was Senior Crown Council, Cecil Ramirez.

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9 Responses for “Arturo Eck convicted of murder”

  1. maddyvandijk says:

    If he did commited a sexual act on the person that killed him then I think he got what he deserved, no remorse here.

    Too many kids, women and now even boys are being taken advantage of in Belize by these horrible, horrible beasts and still it seemed that rape in Belize do go unnoticed.

  2. macal rivera says:

    Good for Eck, he is a drug user and very violent, he is always causing trouble in the village, and there was a time he was trying to form a gang gruop.His parents are no example to him they are drug users as well and gambliers!! I no feel sorry for him
    Hope they hang him it about time !!!!
    One less criminal mine in the community.

  3. OMG says:

    My God , how can u ( Macal leave such stupid comment). You, like me dont really know what happened because we were not there when this incident happened. Unless, I am wrong and you were there… not give the wrong info out, his mother is the only parent he has living in San Joaquin, his dad is in New york…they are NO drug users,unless you deal with her. They have 4 other older kids and they are no drug users, you prob. use more drugs than them. Sometimes our children choose the wrong friends and do wrong choices, if he is guilty ,…then may he recieve the right punishment and YOU get on your knees and pray that your children ( if you have them or will have them) dont choose the wrong path of life…Please think before u leave your comments because truly educated citizens read them and its not fair for you to be misinforming the Belizeans living abroad. God bless you..

  4. Omg says:

    Hey Mr Macal, Please learn to write English before you post another comment. I cannot believe you can leave such a senseless comment. From your wiriting I can only think that you are a gay still in the closet…plz come out… u will be accepted. You and I were not at the place of the incident so we dont know what exactly happened that night…unless I am wrong and you were there. He only has one parent in the village (his mom), his dad is in the USA… they are no drug users, if they go gambling so what???? Thats why casinos are built and if you have the money why not ???? If the kid is guilty , then he should recieve the right punishment, we are nobody to judge a murderer and much less the family. You are either a gay still in the closet or is poor and can’t afford to gamble. Children do choose the wrong path sometimes, let’s pray that none of yours do wrong choices in life. This family has four older kids that are not in jail….next time plz think before you comment, we Belizeans living abroad don’t like to read such poor written comments from poor educated people…

  5. macal rivera says:

    mek I tell you somethingOMG you shet up, I believe you don’t even know these animals OK, with all the social problems in our country people like you are to blame, and the damm PARENTS OK.
    so stop take up for this animal OK, he commited a hineous crime and should be HANG by neck until dead, you hea me. I am 70 years old and not gay alright, I am sraight.
    Like it or not, parents are to be blame. DAD away in USA you say, what the …. he is ddoing far away from his …. son,,do you think its so funny what he did to the other man??
    Hope justice takes place and they hang his !!!!!

  6. maddyvandijk says:

    OMG, like you said in your above comment , “none of us knows for sure what happend”.

    Try to understand the frustration of the Belizean people living in Belize or abroad, criminals seem to rule the streets, and the people want it to stop.

    the man claimed that he killed his abuser, could be the reason why he seem to have had such a bad day.

  7. omg says:

    May God bless you Mr. Macal , l totally sympathize with all my fellow Belizeans for all the hideous ocrimes going on in our country. Too bad we can only comment and can’t act. It is the government that need to do something ASAP. Just to clarify I said that if he did wrong he needs to be righteously punished . Parents a lot of times are to blame but have you not heard of priests, pastors, people one thinks is good and they commit crimes too? He is an adult an chose to do wrong. Homicides happen all over the world everyday and impulsated for various reasons, plz its time we stop blaming the parents and blame the individual and government for not having opportunities to offer our youth. I know that both families are affected, but if the victim did force him into a sexual act , I am sure a lot of ppl will agree that he got what he deserved. If he is a drug user or not , he did not have the right to abuse of him.


    just like maddy says, we as belizeans are fed up with crime so sometimes we write comments like macal but really it’s because we’re angry at the justice system that has been failing use day by day. and thia ngers boils inside us so many times we tend to write with anger and it’s a relief to that person. so please keep in mind people the anger is rising and lets not hope things get worse. sometime alongthe way someone has has to turn around things and if it’s us parents lets start with our own kids.

  9. Roska says:

    I Grew up in a village like San Joaquin (where I have some family members), where once sports was king amoung the youth and most young men dreamed of being in the village team and worked hard in the fields to earn a living – In a village where we were taught to be respectful, honest and decent. Then came cable to the villages and american materialism and agressiveness took hold of the youths and along with the loss of christian values were seen as “cool”. Many parents like this young man’s father felt pressured to migrate to the US to provide their children with material things execpt the most important thing – parental guidance!! Gangs now flourish in many villages. The youths are aggressive, drug abusers from early in life, covered in tatoos, promiscuous and show little respect for others and themselves. I know personally an aunt of this criminal. Many family members had unsuccessfully tried to counsel this person who has a reputation of “me vale v….. todo”. As for those of you who were touched by his allegation of sexual abuse… be careful, word on the streets of san Joaquin is that this criminal killed this rather peaceful homosexual because this time he refused to pay him for his “services”. So definitely this criminal was no “poor little victim” of sexual abuse. He’s just another killer that our dear villages are producing – thanks to poor parenting, terrible media influence and a breakdown in our communal values. If you recall, not long ago another youth of this same village was charged for murder… just like the 15 year old of Independence.

    And Macal, I sympathize with you for yes indeed this guy is a very violent drug abuser just like many other youths of your village you need to cope with…. and yes perhaps should be hanged….. but at 19 years of age, HE is responsible of his actions and NEEDS to face the consequences (not his parents)… even if his parents contributed to this!!

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