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Jun 17, 2010

Dogs best friend; owners defend pit bulls after mauling

The savage attack of an elderly resident of Tropical Park a few weeks ago, but only reported this week, has stirred controversy between dog owners and advocates who insist on the passage of legislation to ban ownership of Pit Bull terriers.  In the wake of the pit bull attack on May thirty-first which later claimed the life of sixty-five year old Edmund Spain, dog owners like Julian Bradley have come forward in defense of the breed.

Julian Bradley, Dog Owner

julian bradley

“I’ve had my dogs for four years, five years, two years and it’s, it’s the way you treat your dogs and the way you train your dogs.  If you train a potlicker to bite, potlicker will bite so it’s just the way you train your dog; the way you, the way you carry yourself around your dogs that’s the way your dogs will behave.”

Isani Cayetano, reporting

While the social behavior of the breed has long been studied and debated some owners say what occurred in Tropical Park that morning was the result of negligence.  The couple who owns the dogs that attacked Spain failed to make sure their yard was properly fenced before untying them.

luke usher

Luke Usher, Dog Owner

“Dehn mek fih protect and serve, your area weh pah you live and weh dehn live so dih first thing weh you have to do you have to make sure that your area weh you live secure.  If your area noh secure then yoh wah have problem because maybe the person weh dehn attack dah noh the person weh pass everyday but dehn done use to people pass and tantalize dehn and tantalize dehn.  If yoh notice my gate, I reinforce my gate because when we move ya yo have lotta children weh pass ya everyday, yo undastand, and you know how children, yo cyan stop children from do weh dehn want but I could stop my dog from do weh dehn want, yo undastand.  I grill my gate, this gate inna my backyard I put it mek nobody cyan even si een deh because people woulda still try shub thing een and pickney you know how children go so yo cyan do nothing bout that but you just secure yo area properly and you noh got nothing fi worry bout.”

Securing the perimeter is one thing, placing warning signs notifying visitors that biting dogs are in the yard is another.  Often times, owners neglect to place proper signs on their gates.  One resident who chose to remain anonymous reiterated the need for dogs to be properly chained despite having signs posted.

Voice of Dog Owner

“You have a animal and you know that it is dangerous or gain you should have him properly secured.  Have him on a good leash and good chain, not any chain anyway; good chain and if you have a fence you should always check your fence that it is secure especially chain link.  The dog dehn can stretch that.  Pit bulls have a tendency fu when dehn get hype up they try to grab things and they will grab the chain link and stretch it and after a while they will get out.  But the chain link da noh like overnight that will occur that takes sometime weeks, sometime months before they really bore a hole in it.”

In spite of the argument that pit bulls are vicious pets Usher says he’d have no other breed of dogs to guard his residence.

Luke Usher

“Wah betta animal than this I noh want.  I noh want no shepherd, I noh want no Rottweiler, I noh want no potlicka.  I noh know nothing bout dehn deh, I grow up with lone pit bull from I da lee bwai so we noh into no next dog strictly pit bull”.

Owners Shelda Patnett and Leon Lopez are still waiting for a directive from the office of the DPP as to the fate of their dogs.  It is still uncertain at this time whether charges, if any, will be brought against the couple. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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28 Responses for “Dogs best friend; owners defend pit bulls after mauling”

  1. Belize Heat says:

    All “Pit Bull” dogs by nature are vicious animals, get a German Shepherd dog for Damn Sake! Dah Nuh Wah Yuh WANT MI BREDDA, PIT BULLS DOGS to me is the equivalent Of having a Tiger for a PET as apposed to a domestic CAT. The Country Of Belize Should BAN PIT BULL DOGS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! And AnyOne who’s pit bull dog is responsible for a human death, should be prosecuted to the maximum, and then be thrown into jail with the harden Criminals for Life… The point is not how careful you’re raising these BEAST but who will be their next victim. I was fortunate to meet Mr Spain on a number of occasions in the Tropical Park area where i own a piece of land. Mr Spain was house caring for his brother who was in the states at the time, he has shown me and my family the deepest respect on all our visits! This man did NOT deserve to die the way that he did! I saw the clips with the owner trying to explain why he was right and Mr Spain was wrong showing NO remorse for this man’s death, a human being for goodness sake! The owner to me cared more about his dogs than the death of a human being… Is This The New Way A Man Needs to Express How Macho they are by the pets they keep ??? Grow Up Fools! Bunch Of Idiots!!

  2. maddyvandijk says:

    I have seen a pit bull jumped over a 8th.fence to attack a woman, lucky for her she got into her car in time.

    The fact that the owners trained their dogs to be house guards they have become a high risk. Pit bull need responsible owners.

    Those pit bulls that killed the other day should be put out of their misery, they will attack again, hope it won’t be the owner himself this time.

  3. cg says:

    we can agree to disagree…there is a history of how these dogs can kill. I don’t care, like how the man say, you could raise your dog good, but can’t stop pickney or people from doing what they do. But that doesn’t mean they have to die because of those actions. Get rid of those dogs.!!

  4. Elias says:

    People with negative attitudes towards pitbulls are speaking out of ignorance. I have owned the breed for many years. My pitbulls have the fiercest look but are really gentle giants.
    Punish the deed not the breed. These owners should get slapped in court. Not the breed. If someone approach my fence, my dogs will get alert and on the other hand, they are also obedient.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Elias:It still doesn’t change the fact that someone was killed by a Pitbull.

  6. Islander says:

    It is sad that when an incident like this happens weather it be pitbulls, real guns, pellet guns you will hear people who know absolutely nothing about the topic express that they should be banned.

    Kinda like the “expert” that came on Channel 7, I can guarantee you with certainty that he has minimal experience or zero experience with pitbulls. He might be a dandy guru with German Shepherds but that doesn’t mean that whatever he has to say about pitbulls carry any weight.

  7. Islander says:

    I think someway down the road a Karate black belt will kill someone and you will have a bunch of morons who have no idea about what karate is all about come out of the woodworks and ask governemnt to ban Karate.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    Islander: Stop trying to justify the actions of this dog.You would have probably seen it from a different angle if it was someone related to you.Jump high jump low you know what you can’t change,that somone was killed by this dog and a family is grieving.

  9. DeeDee says:

    I totally agree with you Elgin…sometimes it makes one wonder if by the way people write if they do have a heart or they are just simply illiterate. Always put yourself in some else’s shoe cause you could never know what people feel until you experience the same thing. I hope that justice is served in this situation. I pray that the owner of these pit bulls are charged to the fullest extent and jailed for a long time. Someone has to be held responsible for such a tragic death that could have been avoided. If the owner had proper fence there is no way that those bulls could have come out to attack someone. I get the sense that pit bulls owners are saying that their dogs are worth far more than a human life???? Is that true???

  10. EarlGray says:

    PutBulls should be illegal. They are know to attack without provocation, and is they only breed that would attack its owner. They can be sweet dogs in minute and killers the next, in what seems to be the flick of a switch.

  11. yc2000 says:

    I suggest that legislation be passed so that if you want a pitbull as a pet, you should have a fence, keep the dog tied. If you dont have a fence dont own pitbulls, these dogs are strong enough to break chains when tied. Also if the dog kills a person, then the owner of the dog should be held accountable no matter what. Also individuals should not be strolling on the streets with pitbulls, this is very dangerous, this should be completely banned. This is currently happening a lot in Belmopan. Lots of young people like to walk around with pitbulls. Hope the mayor of belmpan can do someting about this. We have to protect ourselves especially children.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Yc2000: Well said, hope those leaders out there are reading these blogs.

  13. Mel says:

    I had an experience where the owner swore the dog would not hurt a fly and he was such an angel and darling. A few minutes later the dog growled at my son and I who 3 at the time. The dogs are banned in US because they can turn on you at any time. Studies have shown that it is in their nature. It is very sad the way the guy died and the dog and owners should be punished. For dogs once they taste blood like that they are a danger to everyone including the owners .

  14. 2dipoint says:

    Whats all the hassle bout its juss dat all the dogs dem get hungry too and want piece ah the killing action too,dey jus imitating wat dey see and hear happening

  15. Dina says:

    As someone who has been viciously attacked by two dogs. Not only do they need to look at legislature for pitbulls but also for any dogs in belize. Dog owners need to be held more responsilble for their pets. It is my personal opinion, that pitbulls are not meant to be domesticated!!!

  16. Grant says:

    A potlicker can be trained to bite, but it will not kill. Big dog, small ….., that is what any shrink will tell you, can’t be a man without those killa dogs…..

  17. Risu says:

    Ignorant fools. Pit bulls are not illegal in the US. Do your god damned research. Talk with facts. It is not in the pit bull’s nature to kill. They are TRAINED to do so. Just as any other dog can be trained to kill. The owners are the ultimate responsible for the death of Mr. Spain. I am a pitbull owner, and by looking at the owner and how he has his dogs, I can tell you that person is training his dogs for fighting. People take advantage of a pit bull’s unrelenting desire to please it’s owner. That is what distinguishes it from all other breeds. A pit bull tries harder than any other dog to please, and if the owner makes the dog understand that he is pleased when the dog fights, then that is what the dog will do. If the pit bull realises that it makes his owner happy if he is mean and growls and tries to attack everyone but his owner, then that is what he will do.

    Grow some sense, and do some research before posting foolishness.

  18. aye...papi says:

    first of all any type of dogs will rush to bite at someone on or near their street that is a fact.worst if some one is breaking into the yard. i own a pit bull and she is very kind towards people my little baby cousins play with her and we never had a problem, but when someone is near our fence that don’t know she barks and even bite just like any other dog. that is what dogs do so to protect their owner and his property because the dog love you. I am really sorry to hear about the old man and i will be very sad and depress if it was a friend or family member of mines, but we cant banned the dogs its not their fault its our(human) fault, but if you all want to control the breed give out permits to have the dogs.

  19. Scar4Life says:

    I’m really sorry for the lost of that family, but come on people they’re far more worst crimes happening in our country today than an accident with a pit killing a human. You’re asking the law to punish pitbull owners for a crime their dogs commit, when the dog is only doing it’s job by protecting it’s territory. It’s not only pits than can commit such act. For instance a child got killed in Santa Elena last year by his neighbors Rottweilers, when the child climbed over the fence. Like I said again, those are animals that cannot speak to tell you to back off or don’t come any closer, so they act the only way they know how, “which is to attack”. I honestly don’t think it’s fair that the owners should be thrown in jail, for the action their pets took. People we actually have murderers, rapist, & thieves walking away Scott Free every day because our JUSTICE system keeps falling us. So if you should make an example of someone why not start with the Justice System first.

  20. maud from Chicago says:

    Only in Belize can these people get away with these type of situations… In the states, the owners would have been charged criminally and would be sued by the family of the deceased….. Having a dog is a responsibility to the owners…In Belize,.It is disgusting to see dogs that have owners or not all over the place and at night, a product of noise polution…

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Lopez was quick to defended his Pitbull after he killed Mr Spain.Hope your Pitbull can defend you in Court.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Lopez was quick to defend his Pitbull after he killed Mr Spain.Hope your Pitbull can defend you in Court.

  23. Elias says:

    Elgin. My point is. Its not the breed. BSL Breed Specific Legislation should not even be a topic here since only one attack was by a pitbull. The others were by rottt weilers. this bad reputation of pit bulls is just by ignorance and fear. two cases of rott weiler attacks. One by pitbull. Which Breed should be banned if we talking BSL? Im not in justification of dogs attacking innocent people. Im just jusitfying that BSL is rediculous on pit bulls since only one case in so many years occured.

  24. Elgin Martinez says:

    I believe that most people in Belize do not have the proper logistics to take care of these type of dogs.Why own a Pitbull if you can’t even afford to put a fence around your property.

  25. Elias says: we are proud pitbull owners in Belize. We breed for excellence not agression. Visit belizean bulliez and become a member today.

  26. Mista Pitt says:

    Pitbulls are known for fighting in the US not Belize zevery body needs to give them a chance I have a 5 year old and we have 3 pitbulls that sleep with her Pitbulls can be aggresive but MOST are very loving.

  27. carol says:


  28. ANTIPITBULL says:


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