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Jun 17, 2010

Mother pleas for missing daughter to return home

neisa pipersburgh

The prevalence of crime in the country, particularly in Belize City has caused many to panic whenever a booming sound is heard in neighborhoods. But it is not the noise, but the lack of sound in her home that made Alice Williams panic.  Williams has a daughter that just graduated from Pallotti High School on Sunday.  But after ten a.m. on Wednesday morning, the teen disappeared. Williams brought a picture of her daughter to our studios today and is pleading with the public to give her any news that her daughter is safe.

Jose Sanchez

“When was the last time you saw your daughter?”

Alice Williams, Mother Neisa Pipersburgh

alice williams

“The last time saw Neisa, it was about ten in the morning, when I left out to go to work and she was at home taking care of her two poodles. And I asked her if she was going anywhere and she said no. I returned home at one-thirty, to find the back door jus shub in. it wasn’t shut and the entire house, the windows was opened and I thought that was kinda strange; but upon seeing that I thought that she just went up the street to one of her friends and around four o’clock I got up because I went to sleep when I got home and when I got up I called her phone and she didn’t answer; because I was going to pick up my grandson and when I pick up my grandson and I went to the school where I volunteer in the evening ; I called her phone again and she didn’t answer. So, I had to keep my grandson there with me ; and then when I was going home my daughter called and my daughter said ‘ Ma everybody di try get in touch with Neisa and Neisa nuh di ansa and I found that kinda strange. So, all her friends came over yesterday and last night and they were trying to get in touch with her and no response from her phone. The phone just ring off the hook.”

Jose Sanchez

“When it comes to personal items or anything missing from inside the home?”

Alice Williams

“Only thing she took with her was a little purse, a small little purse, and in that she have some little pocket book, some I.D, I think that her passport is in there and  her cell phone and a few pennies.”

Williams told News Five late this afternoon that police did briefly detain and question a suspect but did not arrest or charge him with any wrong doing. If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of the teen please call Williams at 605-3189.

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35 Responses for “Mother pleas for missing daughter to return home”

  1. maddyvandijk says:

    Check your neighbours house and back yards closely, people just don’t go missing just like that.

    since her friends don’t know where she is either this is a scary situation, perhaps she is with a boyfriend some place.

    good luck.

  2. cg says:

    I hope they find her…nothing more agonyzing for a mother than loosing a child and no sign of their return.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Let’s use some common sense here.Get the young lady’s phone records from the phone company and find out who she had contact with.How hard is that?Come on Belize PD.

  4. Therese says:

    This is so heart broken as a mother myself to even try to understand what this mother is going through, I pray she finds her daughter safe.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mothers also need to start communicating with their daughters.Never assume that everything is fine.

  6. macal rivera says:

    I hope they find this young lady in good health, but I am in wonder if a young well educated woman would run away? This sound fishy, wonder if she was having problems at home hmmm!!!!
    Nevertheless I pray for a safe return!!!

  7. ayeahyai says:

    does anyone have the heart to tell the lady that her daughter has the fever, she found a boyfriend.

  8. LTC says:

    Obviously Ayeahyai is not a parent, probably not even human. A mother is going out of her mind wondering if her daughter’s okay. Even if she ran off with a boyfriend, her mother just wants to know that she’s safe, and not in any kind of danger.
    Our country has becaome so dangerous, its only natural and wise to want to know where our loved ones are at all time, adults and children alike! Its always a good idea to let someone know where your are going. This a a crazy world, anything can happen.

  9. EarlGray says:

    Elgin is right…………… Check her phone records.

  10. Nikki says:

    I hope this little girl returns home safely to her family. Nonetheless parents pretend to be oblivious to what their children are doing these days. We have to become a part of our childrens lives and know what is going on in it. In addition to this it is natural for humans to be attracted to the opposite sex, so when ur child is in a relationship do not try to deny it and get to know all you can about who they are attracted to. This child seems like a well rounded person, but the parents have to make sure their pursue all possibilities as where she might be.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    This youn Lady graduated from one of the best female high school in Belize.With that said you know she is not a doh-doh Bird.Young lady call Mami if you the out deh somewhere.

  12. Valerie Mckoy says:

    My little sister graduated with this young lady on Sunday and I get goose bumps reading this story. It is so close to home for me. I pray for her safe return. It was day, somebody had to have seen something. This could have been anyone’s sister or daughter, niece, cousin, or grand-daughter. My prayers are with the family.

  13. ... says:

    She’s one of my best friends, I graduated from Pallotti a year before her, and she wouldn’t just run off with a guy. We already checked her phone records, but I cannot say what we’ve found. We’re all really worried out of our minds and we just want her to be ok. Please pray for her. Believe me were racking our brains–we’re all working together

  14. egbert says:

    Check the immigration points of entry/departure at all the ports in Belize . Why was she carrying a passport around in her ordinary little pocket book that girls routinely carry around ?

  15. Charlotte Yearwood Martin says:

    A very beautiful young woman, I hope she is safe.

  16. OMG says:

    God be with this mommy and please bring her daughter back…..

  17. BELIZEAN PRIDE says:

    young lady if your out there with a boyfriend please consider your broken hearted mom and give her call. but if she’s where or in case is gone for good then i’m sorry. Please don’t hurt your mom if you’re with someone, you some day will be a mom and will never wish you go through this also. and if you’re being kept captive by some evil person we pray you can make it safely home someway with the help of the Almighty.

  18. anthonette says:

    i hope my cuz is ok because if she is dead i dont know what am going to do with myself …..i want my cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need her to come back home to my aunty i need her babck home

  19. Lizeth Sanchez says:

    My niece will not run off just like that it I will like the police to question her friend , If anybody out there know anything please talk ,it could be one of your family next. My pray is that she is still alive and that she will come home to her family alive. Please continue to pray for the family I love my neice and when I come to Belize I will like to see her alive. Lord shower us with your peace

  20. ..... unknown says:

    ayeahyai what kinda ting is that this mother is going through alot and that is what you put not nice… i dnt blv she did that niesa was such a good person and nice……

  21. UNKNOWN says:

    I have sad news. Neisha was found murdered. I don’t have much information to report. Prayers go out to her family….

  22. luclin says:

    It’s terrible, more than terrible…..they found her body on the highway :( what type of monster could have done such a thing…..I hope they police find the monster responsible for this but i have no faith in that department……my prayers goes out to her mother and rest of family…..look closely at her the people who were close to her….on another note i just heard the news say that our medical forensic Dr. Estradaban says his post-mortem is inconclusive, i think that’s bs….we need someone new with the skills and training for that position….The U.S. finds bodies after so much time passed and they can tell exactly how that person died but i guess this is Belize and we are still in the stone age when it comes to solving crime >:(

  23. luclin says:

    Did I hear they found another missing young lady’s body in the cemetery??? what the hell is going on in this country??? Makes me wonder….Is Jack Back?

  24. gbtvmod says:

    Channel 5 is looking into it.

  25. G.Girl says:

    Jack is back…

  26. macal rivera says:

    luclin, if it is true what you say, then I can tell you jack the ripper is back, and it’s sad cause in 1998 it was rumored that a minister of government was involve in the killing of all those little girls that were found mutilated, but it was hard to bring this person to justice cause he was a very powerful person in the commu nity, I am really sad to hear this cause i was praying for her save return.
    I will wait and see what channel five can find out.

  27. BELIZEAN PRIDE says:

    i sugest that channel 5 shows the body of the lady in the state found so that the people audience watching can see for themselves the horror we are living and the law can see the magnitude of crime. with the lost of trust from the police dep. to the cries for justice. many times they only show little bit of it not clear like mexico, and people on other districts don’t get the idea how terrible this has come through. i know it’s kind of ilegal to show RAW CONTENT but other people need to see the atrocities being committed in belize. BELIZEANS ARE GETTING TIRED OF THIS CRIMES BEING COMMITTED TO NO SOLUTION AT ALL.

  28. G.Girl says:

    Im sorry….no matter how hard we cry there are no answers given to us.Look when d pm partner was shot,then was when he came up with all d ideas an d comments with no sympathetic words for d other innocent ones!!!It sad crime is no longer crime,drugs or money.Its REVENGE…………….Look what we r living in!!Damn what more,,,,just WHAT more will it take?IT has reached daylight,n now children.Weh mo????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  29. SeXy BaRbIe says:

    OMG! My heart goes out to her family! who could be so heartless main??????? So SAD!

  30. CYMartin says:

    I think if this is true, we should show some compassion to the families of these young ladies. Give them time and space. Also, I don’t think showing the victims will serve any purpose but satisfy the curious ones amongst us. Even by us talking about it, means this depraved bastard gets his/her kicks. Lets not assume its a man, or even a man acting alone.

    The violence in Belize is inconceivable. However we have all the factors (poverty, gangs, drug trafficking, high level of unemployment, truancy, rogue policemen) which correlates with this high level of crime. Certainly, violence against women/children is not something new, but successive governments have not really tackled it.

    In 1998, we had a serial killer on our land and I wonder what the government’s reaction was at the time. Belize is a soft spot to carry out such crimes because we probably don’t even have a branch in the police force which specialising in forensics/ criminology etc. Did we have some support from the US or UK, to help in those investigations in 1998? I can’t remember.

    Can I suggest that the next round of scholarships issued by the government is dedicated to the following areas: psychology; forensics; criminology; education specialists, and social work where there is a real shortage. In the meantime, someone previously suggested that we request some help from Scotland Yard and I certainly don’t think it’s not a bad idea.

    In fact, a few years ago there was a number of Jamaicans involved in drug trafficking between Jamaica and the UK, and gang land shootings mainly in London. Scotland yards policemen went to Kingston and vice versa, so the forces helped each other to understand the root cause. So we may need some help from outside with tackling these crimes.

    I am saddened by this, as it would seem that not only the poor people of Belize are terrorised by the gangs, we also seems to have an unsolved issue of serial killer(s).

  31. Elorine Rivers-Jackson says:

    To my dear cousin, don’t worry sweet-heart, I know it’s hard you received all the bad news quick burial, but just remember, that we never forgot to pray for you, she is gone now, out of this cruel world, you were and still is a good mom, regardless of some ignorant opinions out there.

    Stay strong honey, we love you and we also moaned very hard over the lost our little cousin. But just don’t forget, she no longer in this cruel world, just keep on keeping on, never give up, hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark, for joy cometh in the morning. God will never give us more than we can bear.

    We love Verge and your family too.

    Stay strong

  32. bopsy love says:

    madas mein, i was hoping for the best to happen and then came the worst, my deepest sympathy goes out to the entire family for their lost, even though i did not know Neisa she was a friend of my co worker and i felt his pain when he explained to me what had happened. remember god doesnt give us what we cannot bare.

  33. Belizean says:

    Our country can only become clean when the heads of government become clean. Until that time we will see some sort of improvements. Clean Government = A clean Livable Country. Hanging should start with one of the Leaders, not only the citizens.

  34. aye man says:

    condolences. let there be justice and the guilty punished

  35. Meg says:

    Deepest Sympathy to her family.

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