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Jun 17, 2010

Breaking news: woman shot, body found

We’ve just received news of a late shooting on Lakeview Street in Belize City. Details are still sketchy but unconfirmed reports indicate that a young woman suffered head injuries and was rushed to the hospital. However, her status remains uncertain. Police are supposedly on the lookout for two or three young men, who reportedly did the shooting. And this also just in, a corpse was found on Flamboyant Street. We have not received any information indicating the gender or name at this time. We will have more on these stories tomorrow in our newscast.

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23 Responses for “Breaking news: woman shot, body found”

  1. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Barrow please start hanging it doesn’t seems that these youths have any intention of slowing down.First it was the young men that were getting shot now it’s our young ladies.Who’s next?My Belizean people we need to come together.Lets get these criminals out of our community.I can’t read the news without reading about violence in our Jewel.

  2. Eugene Warren says:

    My sister-in-law Joyce mitchell was shot in the head and killed yesterday at her home. She was
    only 19 years old. she was a beautiful auntie, daughter, sister, and loved by many! Please call Julie @ 0115016270535 if you knew Joyce Mitchell and would like to help out in any way thank you!
    If you are in the U.S. and would like to help, please call Susie @ 310 864-9024.

  3. Islander says:

    Damn that’s horrible. My condolences to the family.

  4. rod says:

    here we go again another life taken this time a female who was doing nothing people of belize now is the time to act get up get all your friends and neighbors get every one you can and march on this gov who is impotent on this crime issue , call for the hanging penalty do it now mr prime minister you are worthless and your staff is worthless bring back the hanging penalty hang them at bridge foot make sure they have vendors there selling panades and hops fu enjoy the sean make them swing you as the newspaper you need to do something about it also you are not doing enough to convince this gov to give up being a puppet to the us and bring back the hanging penalty and 20yrs in jail and hard labor for anyone caught with an illigal handgun do it now belizeans or you might be next.

  5. EarlGray says:

    We here in Belize do not seem to put much value on human life. The CHURCHES have failed us by not reaching out to these people and preaching the 10 Commandments. Thou Shall Not Kill.

  6. EarlGray says:

    There should be a new law…. If you shoot it you eat it.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    EarlGray: I agree with you my brother.Where are all these so call Church Leaders.Why are you all so mute about the escalating crime situation in Belize.Why havn’t you all come together and call for a Service at the Memorial Park or Civic to heal our Nation.Let me tell you all that it is not going to be possible without God.Put back God into the Schools.

  8. Learsiman says:

    A message to EarlGray…the CHURCHES has not failed us my friend…people have failed the CHURCH. We need to find time and seek GOD…this is the answer. We can not blame the CHURCHES because it is our responsibility to seek GOD and go to his holy house which is the CHURCH. GOD BLESS BELIZE AND I HOPE ALL CRIMINAL UNDERSTAND THAT GOD IS A LOVING GOD AND WE NEED TO STOP VIOLENCE AND SEEK GOD AS HE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL OUR PROBLEMS.

  9. macal rivera says:

    earlgrey and elgin, I disagree with you two that the churches have failed!!
    as much as we have so many bars open around town we have churches everywhere, and what the churches offer is free, when you into a bar your wallet must be fat.
    you know how many times you hear adds about christian concerts or revival, you check out how many persons attend, very few!! you make people hear Lord Laro aor any other artist, civic center is pack to capacity, even if the next day everyone is broke, no problem for them, so you see it is not about the government, it is about the chices people make, and those persons that shot she from the car have a family, and please no tell me they don’t know it is their relatives who are involve in crime!!!
    Elgin, I agree with you, without God it will be impossible!!

  10. I LOVE BELIZE says:


  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    The thing about our Government is that they wan’t to keep using those stone age Laws and apply it to the present situation in Belize and not is not going to work.My point is that the Laws in Belize needs to be change to fit the present situation.You can’t continue using slig shot Laws when people out there throwing grenade.

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    The thing about our Government is that they wan’t to keep using those stone age Laws and apply it to the present situation in Belize and that is not going to work.My point is that the Laws in Belize needs to be change to fit the present situation.You can’t continue using slig shot Laws when people out there throwing grenade.

  13. MONIQUE WHITE says:


  14. BELIZEAN PRIDE says:

    learsiman & macal. thank you for this well answered comment, in the church where i go little amount of men go, lots of ladies. where are this guys ( fathers, sons, brothers ) they are out there having fun. they are not interested in the Lord Christ. so please Earlgray don’t blame the churches. churches cannot change the people, people have to make a change either serve the Almighty or wander about in sin. God is a gentle sweet God he never take you by force to serve him it’s us who wander far from him until we’re in deep problems THEN we humans tend to seek God and ask for mercy apart from that many don’t care. With the Lord we can but with out him we’re doomed because of our on will

  15. marlyn bennett cain says:

    i totally agree with hanging these doggan criminals coz it won’t stop, belize use to be a great place,not saying that crime didn’t happen but it was so much as now, these people don’t have any remorce for what they do so by all means hang they behind may then an only then will others think about the consiquences of what they do. so mr. barrow please handle u place i think ur a great leader so make belizean proud of u by doing the right thing an hang these idiot.

  16. EarlGray says:

    Christ came for the sinners. If the Church is doing his work, they need to reach out persistenty to those who would need to hear The Word most and show them that there is another peaceful way.

  17. Eric says:

    Message to learsiman, you are wrong my friend the people can not know God if they are not told about him, a person whom have never heard about God will not go to church, so the churc must sometimes leave the confines of their building and get out and preach door to door, this is Christ’s commission to his followers anyway. Can not blame the government for the crime situation either, can not blame Barrow for someone who has no love in their heart. We must come together as a community and brainstorm this problem, marches are not the answer.

  18. Chrystal Williams-Moore says:

    My family and I drove cross country yesterday. I arrived in GA this morning tired and went to sleep. I woke up to many miss calls and a text message saying my cousin was murdered. I remember when she was born My uncle named her after our aunt Joyce mitchell. Those …… took my uncle baby away from him.
    I pray to God for vengence to come upon the killer and his family for many generations to come.
    Belize need to start hanging those cowards to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated.
    My cousin is now at peace with her grandparents Robert Alexander Mitchell and Leolyn Idolly Mitchell and our Cousin Mercilee Robinson. May you all RIP. I love you dearly and one day we will all be together again in Gods glory.

  19. maud from Chicago says:

    As I have stated many times, People have choices. As Missionary to Belize, I know the only hope for Belize is God…. The churches are there, pastors are picking people up who are afraid to go to the churches whether day or night, but if you look in the churches, there is not even a handful of people that attend….
    As I minister to people, their main motive is what you can give them, they do not want the Word of God that can change their life… The Word of God says ” I give you Life and death” and if you don’t know which to choose, He tell you to choose Life! God is there for those who want life….. He is the Way, Truth & Life….

  20. stacey flowers,phil pa says:

    i agree with u hang them, or the killing will not stop this is crazy for our youth killing each other ,i dont beliving in killing but do onto other as u want them do onto u .

  21. emily says:

    Im also joyce cousin.. it is a shame what’s goin on in belize the country is too small for all the killig and gun in our country .the people have know respect for life every body is tryin to play god but they seems every tryin to play god n they still have to answer god. Its a shame god give man life and they distroy it by killin each other. How greatful we are to god for givin us this beautyful ting call life n we don’t appreciate it man we distroy every includin our self I don’t wish bad on the person that took my cousin life but I will say this you are in the hands of god his punishment always fits the crime

  22. miller time says:

    its a shame they blamin d churches most peoples hear d word of god nd reject it they chooose the world rather than god he is d way d truth n d life people there is no other way .nd d youths of today ;they listen 2 too much rap music nd those so call jamaican bad boy music that currupt d mind its what u put in that comes out.

  23. miller time says:

    i know what these family of these victim goin through bcause i was one . they killed my brother nd my nephew who i love ‘dearly but only god could judge vengeance is mind said d lord

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