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May 28, 2010

Cruise ship tourist gets hooked on Belize and stays illegally

James Arthur Kszynski

He holds an expired passport and no visitors permit, but fifty-five year old American National, James Arthur Kszynski, arrived in Belize on a cruise ship and decided that he would stay for two years. Kszynski, a retiree, sailed into the country on the Carnival Valor on May twentieth, but when the ship left that day all that was in his room was a note saying that he would remain in the country to do volunteer work. He was arrested in Punta Gorda, brought back to the city and taken to court today, where he was today charged with failure to produce a visitor’s permit. He pleaded not guilty and since he is not a local, Kszynski’s trial was expedited this afternoon. Magistrate Albert Hoare found him guilty of the immigration offence for which he was fined one thousand dollars and in default will have to spend seven months behind bars. The Immigration requested an Order to Leave for Kszynski if he paid the fine today. Kszynski’s passport which was issued in 1973 expired in 1983.  He is originally from Arizona, USA.

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23 Responses for “Cruise ship tourist gets hooked on Belize and stays illegally”

  1. LeoG says:

    What is the newsworthy of this incident? Is this American a criminal to be treated as such?
    What if the American Government decided to do the same to all Belizean nationals living in their country under the same circumstances. Release this man waive his fine , and give him amnesty let us show our compassion.

  2. Dave says:

    First of all how does he board a cruise ship with an expired passport? Sounds to me the U.S. Immigration and the cruise company are not doing their jobs and are more focused on checking people traveling by air.

  3. BEV! says:

    really? really?? what about all those KNOWN illegal central americans we have here??!! arrest and charge them all the same! this is a joke, i’m still laughing….

  4. Bulba Martinez says:

    This for Student, this is total disregard for the laws of our country and will go through “Due Proces” like any other Illegal Aliens. If he was respectful to himself and the law of the land, he could have probably been a free nationalized law abiding Citizen of Belize by now. Our Country offer Retirement programs to any retired foreighners to legally reside in our country once they meet certain criterias. I am confident that most foreigners travelling to Belize or any other country, get on their Computer or ask pertinent questions about the “DO’S & DONT’S” and Laws for their protection and safety in another country before they leave. Just another mistake ha?. Well, pay di price fi be ignorant.

  5. Maddyvandijk says:

    I was doing some internet checking on this fool, wanted to make sure he is not wanted for murder, rape, terrorism or incest in his country, and is trying to use Belize as a safe haven, seen it too many times before.

    So far I did not come up with anything bad about this fool, keep checking though.

  6. yc316 says:

    really BEV? really BEV? Do you have something against Latinos or what? Good for this american, make the law deal with him proper.

    Belizeans would be treated the same way in the states for they were caught without proper immigration papers.

    Good move by our laws.

  7. my2bits says:

    Let c d irony of it: Arizona is current pushing through a Immigration Bill to control illegal immigrants. This guy is from Arizona….I wonder if he supported that Bill? Now he is in Belize and that exact measure has been exercised upon him here in Belize. I am wondering should one of my Belizeans who is living illegal there in Arizona gets cornered by some cop, charged for being illegal and is sentence to serve time in jail until his deportation, if we would every hear someone from that State say to release that Belizean, waive his fine, and lets show compassion. hmmm

  8. calitali says:

    I am surprised at this. I did not know that Belize had such harsh punishments for illegals. Since when? It’s ironic that undocumented belizeans are struggling in the United States when Belize is struggling with undocumented americans. I swear its a never ending cycling happening in every country! Belize needs start thinking about retaining its people. The government must realize that it is driving us to the point of desperation….

  9. macal rivera says:

    how do we know what was his intentions? HMM remember the chess instructor, who would have had any idea he was a child molester HMM, so why should we take any chance with one!!
    Only God knows what lurks in man heart!!
    Good he got caught and I hope he’s deported ASAP!!

  10. BJ in los angeles says:

    I find it very difficulty to belive this man was able to get pass immigration with a passport that has expired since 1983, hello, we are 2010. How do we know if this Is this really his true name?, he needs to be looked into. There is a website in Arizona that you can find pictures of sex offenders, I suggest our authorities take a second look as this man. For what it’s worth,
    go to I see a likeness.

  11. Charlotte Yearwood Martin says:

    I read this story with some level of scepticism. As a season traveller, I have been fortunate to take a cruise from the port of Miami to the Caribbean including Nassau Bahamas (2009) abroad the Royal Caribbean. I can confirm that the US immigration undertook stringent checks at each port we stopped. That is, embarking and disembarking at each port by showing our documents. Therefore I cannot understand how this man arrived in Belize with a Passport which expired in 1983.

    My first impression when I heard this story is, “Ah, how sweet he fell in love with my country”. However the more I think about it I believe there could be something more sinister which needs further investigation.

    I think the authorities in Belize needs to be working more closely with the US authorities with this case. It could be that he genuinely just wanted to leave the concrete jungle of America behind and find peace in paradise. We have a real gem called “Belize’ which we take for granted.

    We have the right to know the kind of people we’re letting into the country. Just remember we still have a number of unsolved crime cases involving children. This is not to single out any nationality but as a nation Belize needs to protect its borders.

    It may seem hypocritical to some the way this US citizen has been treated by our authorities, especially as his country has played host to thousands of Belizeans who have taken the same actions in the US. However I can assure you his country would deal with anyone caught foul of the immigration laws with much harsher punishment than that issued in Belize. I feel that a fine of $500 US dollars is fair, considering the crime he committed.

  12. crime free belize says:

    Dam! here we go again,let’s let another one of america’s superior being go,remember my belizean people,american’s is the ruler’s of the world,plus without them,we will all starve.time and time again,we will be reminded that every country and their laws,should take the back seat,over the mighty american dollar.i taught america was suppose to have more intellegent being,than the rest of the world,but we can clearly see from the comment’s,america is full of idiot’s.So my belizean people let’s show these idiot’s we more intellegent than they think,an not feed into their ignorance,by responding to their comment’s,just let their foolish american countrymen,enlighten dem of what’s realy going on in our little country,after their brush with our laws”hearing it from the lion’s mouth” as so to speak.And thanks to the belizean authorities for not getting so consumed in our internal issue’s,that would have allowed american’s to come and do as they are pleased in my country.And last but not least,nuff love to all mi 100% belizean people,that’s not naive to the story that all americans,coming to our country has good intention’s.Like wi seh,story ina book.

  13. crime free belize says:

    Oh! and i forgot,thanks to”america’s T.S.A” and government,for allowing pedophiles,bullets and wanted fugitives to just breeze past their scrupulous screening process,to enter belize.

  14. caribpaku says:

    Very good to stop this person but I think some blame and punishment should be beared by the cruise line. After all they brought this man to the country.

  15. Myriam Berg says:

    Just so you know you can board a cruise ship without a passport in the US, you just can’t reboard it if you decide to get off in an international port. I was told this when my BF booked our cruise tickets. Frankly I wouldn’t go anywhere without my passport.

  16. Thanks very good for report, I follow your blog:-)

  17. Terri Math says:

    No matter what you think of the law, boycotting Arizona businesses is ridiculous. The people don’t make the laws.

  18. If people are experiencing immigration law troubles in that case it is best to contact an immigration lawyer that is skilled to respond to a person’s concerns. We would probably advise against obtaining legal advice internet, as this may well mean that an individual finish up getting removed from the country if for example help acquired ended up being bad.

  19. john says:

    what if he had a good passport? could he have stayed without a heavy fine or jail time?
    If anyone knows please email me because I’m thinking of doing it. Beats getting “nuked” at the Miami airport.

  20. Rudy chavez says:

    My fellow belizeans I da cayo man and let’s be sincere with each other. I feel that the executive system of Belize is making a show to bring attention since this guy belongs to a powerful nation. Why can’t they do the same to delinquents who come from Guatemala specially to rob belizeans. They should do the same to all those central Americans prostitutes who come to Belize and endanger belizean families. The usa is a great nation blessed and there is no dought. I have been leaving in the usa for ten years and Americans have been nice to me.

  21. el alcalde says:

    Shame on what they do to him, what about the imported females working NOW at many many bars in CAYO DISTRICT?
    I wonder what happens that the law turns a blind eye on that.

  22. Josie says:

    my2bits I agree with you, Arizona has one of the most ruthless immigration law in the US, if you look like a spanish or something else the cop will pull you over and ask to produce your documents and if you don’t have it well you are detained and deported. I am 250% sure this bigot voted to support that bill

  23. Saundalmeneah says:

    I enjoyed it

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