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May 21, 2010

Guatemalan group doesn’t want Belize to explore for oil

fred martinez

The heat from the licenses for offshore oil exploration has spilled across the border into Guatemala. On May tenth, an article printed in the Guatemalan newspaper, Prensa Libre, reported that Belize has granted drilling concessions in the territory which they are still claiming.  Fred Martinez, Belize’s ambassador to Guatemala, says that the noise driven by the newspaper did not have an impact on the Guatemalan government except for one member of its congress.

Fred Martinez, Belize Ambassador to Guatemala

“That prompted one congressman to begin asking questions from the Foreign Ministry of Guatemala to tell the Congress how the Foreign Ministry was safeguarding Guatemala’s rights over a disputed territory. We understand here at the embassy that the foreign ministry of Guatemala did go to their representation of the Comision de Belice to a specific group of congressmen to explain that yes the foreign ministry obviously knows about what is happening, that the scope for action is very limited since it is a legal question and you’re dealing with Belize and that the only thing that can be done in a legal action is to have the whole settlement of the dispute done through the International Court of Justice for which a special agreement has already been signed but which the Congress of Guatemala had not yet been approved.  That is where the matter stands.”

Jose Sanchez
“Does it have any bearing on the current claim? Does it affect anything that’s already in process?”

Fred Martinez

“No, none at all. It is something we consider it to be a group of people instigating trying to talk about the safeguard of their rights over Belize.”

Jose Sanchez

“Mr. Martinez is it much ado about nothing because we’ve found gold in the mountains, oil on land. Is it every time we have some kind of development, they act jealous, are they upset because they don’t have a piece of our pie?”

Fred Martinez

“Well yes, I think it is so. And I repeat and reiterate it is not an official position of the government of Guatemala or the congress of Guatemala.  It is just a small group of people that are instigating this. As we know there is a claim over us and there is a small group of people that will forever be pushing.  For that matter anytime maybe we drill a water well they will protest.  So it is nothing new, it is something that always happen, whenever things happen in Belize a group of people will jump up and say ‘oh, they are setting up hotels on the beaches and they are making money out of a territory that does not belong to them’ and that sort of nonsense. It is something we live with and we know how to answer. We are a sovereign state, we are a sovereign nation. We know where our borders are and we do everything within our borders as we know how to do them and we will continue to do so.”

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19 Responses for “Guatemalan group doesn’t want Belize to explore for oil”

  1. Pepe Landero says:

    Man that upsets met, what the hell are those people thinking, they have to get into their stupid minds that Belize is for the Belizeans, not for Guatemala. Come on Chapines, fix up.

  2. Pepe Landero says:

    Man that upsets me
    , what the hell are those people thinking, they have to get into their stupid minds that Belize is for the Belizeans, not for Guatemala. Come on Chapines, fix up.

  3. Tim says:

    Go Belize Drill The Oil. The Guats might just reap our richness.

  4. Charles Payne says:

    We…Belize may be a sovereign nation but we are a divided people due to politics, propaganda and corruption…….Guatemala see this weakness and will exploit it! Unity and Order keeps a country strong within and outside forces dare not test a “united resolve”.

  5. paj says:

    yes do all the drilling n any other things that will make bze n bzean better

  6. Jerry says:

    if we no drill di well and extrak di oil now, if we no haaves di gold now, if di politrikans (ah ckall deh so bekaas deh da all tricksters), no try raze up the dallas eena di kitty now and stap tiefing, if di publik saavants deh no stap mordidas pan di pipple fi fill dem packets, we wah get just weh ketch we wid wi natral resources eena di paast. Den now todeh day, di Guates waan stap we fram haaves wi oil. Figga deh no glad fi di tek weh wi chates fram di mountain. Unu no figga deh wa try kannive di gold fram di mountains now? Weh kinda ting dat? Now deh eyes red hat pan di oil. Unu boyz betta drill di oil now an sell it befoe di amerikans fine sumting else fi use eena di vehicles dem or di guats get wah chunk a di juwel an we lef outta share. Betta unu wake up an sleep wid unu eye. we cudda do good wid extra cash now eena dis recession timing. A di praktis mi lee kriol ya. Lataz yu all.

  7. rigrat says:

    Guatemala objects only from a position of greed. These waters are Belizean water, and as such it is the GOB that makes the decision, not the Guatemalans.
    You can bet they would have drilled already if it was Guat waters!


    we’re not afraid of the guats. we stand as a proud nation and have rights to do what we feel like when we feel like in belize. so Let this little info from across not make we fear them but instead feel proud and honored to be a full blooded belizean. so guats can scream but we’ll just ignore them.

  9. Bulba Martinez says:

    Over my dead body if Guatemala reap any richness from any part of Belize Tim, trust me, if I have to be the first Garifuna to hit the front line or the Beach and wait for these idiots, then let it be. As far as drilling for oil in our Coastal Waters, it’s a big “NO” on my part. We need to protect our Barrier Reef, which is the world second largest and Belizeans should be proud of it. Secondly, I don’t give two Coconut Husk what Mr. Cho and the rest of the Mr. Cho’s say. …. do happen some time or another, and if similar catastrophe that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico should hit our Beloved Country without proper financial liability Insurance being set in place, all hell will break lose not only in Belize but , from our neighbouring countrys as well. Last but not least Tim, if you think for one minute that Guats might reap our country’s riches, you better think again, because all the corruptions that has tainted our country will be a drop in the bucket to what we should look forward to if drilling should be done in Belize Waters. “Noh worry bout di Guats dem, worry bout di Bureaucrats dem who wa tell wi dat we noh know di definition of “Border Line” or who noh want intervene eena di Oil Busines fi mek sure dat di Camel tie, or bicause Musa mi done sign wa constitution fi put wa cap pa any oil contract. My Bwai, just look back pa BNE and explain to me and wi Belizean people dem how fi we country actually di benefit from BNE business. I personally di wait fi hear something solid from GOB, but maybe ah di waste mi time, me and di rest ah di POOR BELIZEANS, according to CPA report, have to focus pah di recession and see how we could afford di Tax Increase. Unu goh to HELL, ” Unu continue drill pah land, We need di employment dem yes, but grass wa di grow somewhere else, while most ah di horse dem wa di starve, as usual. We noh dead from poorness and unfair decisions yet and most a wi da very PROUD BELIZEANS”. Unu tek dat to di Book!!!!.

  10. lyyn says:

    it is this kind of sickening mentality that has kept our country from moving forward. let us first get rid of all the greed. gosh we dont even know if there is oil down there. look at d tons of oil being extracted on our land. but have we REAPED ANY RICHES? in fact things have worsen for us belizeans. let us protect what we know we have BELIZE . let us not endager our livelihood.

  11. Oscar965 says:

    No way Tim, how cannot drill for oil in our Belizean Seas. Forget about the Guatemalans, lets the experts deal with the territory issue. Why don’t you worry about the possibility of having an offdrill platform and we have an accident like the one in the gulf of Mexico. That would be the end of the fishing industry, the tourism industry on the islands and the death of our reef. And both governments PUP and UDP have granted permits for this to happen. Sad very sad…

  12. kinslito says:

    Forget about the messenger, Just remember the message. Drilling off shore is dangerous. We shouldn’t run the risk. In a few months when the oil from the gulf hits our reef and our corals and fishes start dying, we’ll understand why we shouldn’t do it. Let’s not become like defiant teenagers and drill just to oppose the Guatemalans.

  13. PROPAGANDA!!! says:

    This is propaganda to deceive the Belizeans! It’s obvious that fabricating something like this, it will upset Belizeans so that we would just say…to hell with Guatemala, go ahead and drill.

    Belizeans when the hell are you going to stop your ignorance!

  14. Real says:

    Whomever is PROPAGANDA….you are really propaganda….please check the article dated May 10, 2010 at LA PRENSA Website….it is there…i have read it…so please be inform before you comment…there was also a questionnaire that ask Guatemalas if the drilling can cause a conflict between Belize and Guatemala…..

    If i was GOB i would ignore their claim…WE ARE MASTERS IN OUR LAND…da hell with their bu!!$#!t…let them say whatever dem want….

  15. Real says:

    PROPAGANDA….read the article “Belice explora petróleo en área en pugna”…its here

  16. Elle says:

    Belize gotta get that black gold!

  17. ferrell says:

    When is a real Belizean going to stand up and tell those rascist Guatemalan sob to accept this is a country that they do not own our ever will. What we need to do is to close our borders eject all and i mean all illegals how are from a country who questions our sovereignty.

  18. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  19. ben wales says:

    I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

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