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Mar 30, 2010

Unions say no but church says yes to increased taxes

The two groups which represent most Belizeans outside of party colors are the National Trade Union Congress of Henry and the Churches.  Representatives on the behalf of both groups spoke about the burden that will face taxpayers.  Paul Perriott spoke on behalf of National Trade Union Congress of Henry and Henry Gordon gave the viewpoint of the church and when it came to the poll, Perriott could not support the budget but Gordon found favor with it.

Paul Perriott

Paul Perriott

Paul Perriott, NTUCB

“The citizen and more so the laborers with families, must not be called upon to bear forty-two million of the tax burden while corporate oil is asked to contribute a measly one point eight million dollars. It is uncontainable and in our view untenable to mandate that a citizen stricken with forty-three percent poverty be strapped with the additional burden of a twenty-five percent increase in consumer taxes. Madam President, I must state that we cannot support the fiscal year 2010/2011 budget. We would hope that the Prime Minister and his cabinet reconsider this bill and give it the time it deserves in consultation as they have done 2008/2009 with the social partners.

Henry Gordon

Henry Gordon

Henry Gordon, Senator

“When we take into consideration what are some of the things we want to do the Prime Minister outlined some of those things in the budget and we hear about programs in education, we are about programs in agriculture, we are about investments in the private sector  where the private sector is a part of this mesh that brings both government and private sector together to develop the economy.

So as we look at the programs that we have the issue is why do we need to increase taxes? I know a lot has been said Madam President and some say that we should only look at what the present administration is doing. That comes from the opposition. From the government side we hear that we should look at the previous two terms or ten years to see exactly how we’ve arrived at where we are. But I want to suggest to us Madam President, that let us go back to the day when we became an independent nation  and since then we have had different administrations presenting annual budgets. Madam President, every year when the budget is not balanced, they has to be a mechanism to balance the budget. One of those mechanisms has always been the issue of taxation. To do some things that will make sure that those poor people who have  limited revenues, limited salaries will benefit by reduction in some import duties that would cause things to be cheaper to the consumer. Madam President, this is all good and as we look at the budget today Madam President, on behalf of the church community I commend the government for its attempt to reduce the cost of living to the poorer sector of this community. Madam President in doing so we must understand that in taxing the business community, the reduction that we may get to the poor will come back to haunt us in the increases in the cost of electricity.”

Senator Gordon worried about increased costs of electricity to the poor, but he nonetheless voted to ratify the budget.

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16 Responses for “Unions say no but church says yes to increased taxes”


    and who the hell is henry gordon think he is to favor our bordens. he’s thinking like king david taking the only lamd the por have to make the rich enjoy the wealth while we the poor suffer more. Hope God licks him with a lightning to better make hima reall churches rep. I think his political not a christian yet. christian are people that don’t accept or encourage disadvantages from the defenseless people but fights for equallity.

  2. star says:

    Wonder who makes up the council of churches? this should not be give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, this seems like the churches are more interested in politics!

  3. Jorge G says:

    Churches don’t pay taxes…only if they start to tax their “business” would they be against it …they’re just scum!! Hope his damn god can help him!

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    It’s a shame how the church is in support of this bs.. Tax.When most of these churches are supported by the poor.May the lower class of people need to stop giving you then collection money Mr Gordon because you’re acting like your going to get support from the tax increase.

  5. Maddy vandijk says:

    The church is considered a non profit organization and non profits do not pay taxes.

    if you feel churches fall into the (non profit organization) category that is another story!

  6. Better Belize says:

    Who elected Henry Gordon to represent the church???

    What mechanisms are used to select a senator to represent all the different churches in Belize???

    Did Mr. Gordon consult other representatives of the other churches???

    Belizeans need to know this type of information so that we better understand the political system in Belize. Where can be get this kind of information??? There are many things that are hidden from grassroots Belizeans.

    I am non political affiliate but this tax increase will affect all Belizeans…how will the poor survive??? steal???

    I strongly believe there is a strong correlation between poverty and crime…

  7. mbrad says:


  8. Belizean Girl says:

    Common! How will the increase in taxes benefit the poorest of the poor? will their salarie be increased as well to compensate for the tax increase? I’m tired of governments being dictators, both parties are the same. No one listens to the people, cause it’s because of the people that they have such positions. We have to bear the costs of this tax increase while GOB continues to enjoy many benefits and highly paid salaries which would be used to alleviate poverty! Some things will be tax free, but most things won’t. We have OIL! And they are just paying a measly $1.8m while we bear the rest?! What is happening with our country. It is the Belizean government who should own the oil company, that is what would be most beneficial to the country.

    If we are in a recession and there is economic instability, why increase public spending? Because spending is being increased, that’s why there is such deficit! Reduce the damn spending and you’ll see there’s no need to increase taxes, espec ially by 25%,. It should be for the good of all!

  9. gbwoi says:

    What shocked the most when I listened to Mr. Gordon was when he kept on mentioning himself as we with one as the government. When I thought the government had their own rep. and he was rep. the churches. The churches and their goers are the same as the lying, theifing dumb politicians we have in Belize. They stand their and utter words from their mouth they know that not even them themselves believe but say it still because they’re in someone pocket. That was a very dumb thing of Mr. Gordon to say when he still stood there and say at the end of the day we the poor will still pay even if its thru the power cost.

  10. NattyDread says:

    Henry Gordon as some will recall is a dyed-in-the-wool U.D.P. apologist and operative masquerading as an independent pastor. Henry Gordon, known as the weatherman who lost the hurricane, served as Cabinet Secretary in the first U.D.P. administration.

    Old Henry can put this in his pipe and smoke it as it aptly describes him as sordid a Belizean as we have seen:

    Titus 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and to every good work reprobate.

  11. EarlGray says:

    We need to separate Church and State as much as possible.
    We also need to elect senators, not select them. That way they are accountable to the people.

  12. Belize It says:

    I would like to hear from the churches. What they have to say about this whole tax increase. I want to know if they really agree with Henry Gordon an if so did they take a vote from the people attending there church? How can they say that they agree with the tax increase when we can hardly pay the taxes we have now. I want someone from the CHURCH to answer me.

  13. blvnjah says:

    i respect ur opinion ‘JORGE G’ but please refrain from disrespecting God in ur comments

  14. Esteban says:

    I do not know why anyone is surprised. The churches have been taking people’s money for centuries. I’m only surprised that the church hasn’t said anything about the lack of increase on alcohol/gambling etc. Hypocrisy…

  15. Redbwai says:

    Where in HISTORY! did you ever hear of the church getting political and choosing sides? Mr. Gordon is plainly trying to push is own agenda or maybe the UDP has aready bought him out so he votes in favour? what Mr. Gordon doesn’t seem to get is the bigger picture here, if more taxes are being charged to poeple….the less offerings will show up come sunday morning in the offerings pan. Mr. Gordon doesn’t seem to know what the hell he is talking about…his ministry is in the church and not the ministry of finance. More over, he should be in support of the people against higher taxes, why isn’t he? I know for sure if you ask the people in the church congregation if they are in favor of higher taxes i’m sure the majority of them will say no. He is not speaking on behalf of the church…he is speaking of behalf of himself…he is just using the church as a crotch.

  16. OWtoBoston says:

    What happened to the separation of church and state?

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