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Jan 8, 2018

The Bell Tolls for Andrew Bennett; His Fate in Hands of Foreign Minister and Courts

Andrew Bennett

Extradition proceedings against Andrew Bennett are set to commence as soon as Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington signs a sheaf of documents presented by Solicitor General Nigel Hawke, on behalf of the United States government.  The well-known attorney was a no-show at the opening of the Supreme Court earlier today, amid the scandal that has ensued in the wake of a request made by the U.S. State Department.  In speaking with Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, whose office is acting on behalf of its U.S. counterparts, he informed that it is an awkward situation since he is acquainted with Bennett personally and professionally.  The AG says that the documents have been delivered to the foreign minister’s office and they are simply awaiting a response in order to proceed in the magistrate’s court.


Michael Peyrefitte

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

“I know for sure that the SolGen has prepared the necessary documents and those have been sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and it’s the Minister of Foreign Affairs who sets the matters in motion.  Once he signs the necessary papers, we then apply to the magistrate for various steps to be taken.  We have not received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs any documentation for us to bring to the magistracy as yet, as of what I knew eight o’clock this morning.”


Isani Cayetano

“I know the details of the request have been divulged openly in the media.  Can you speak to us on any specific aspects of those paperwork that we may not be privy to?”


Michael Peyrefitte

“Oh, no.  I think you, some of you in the media have better access than me I think, sometimes.  You all saw the document before me.  I have seen the documents but I will not comment on what is there, what is not there, what is supposed to come, if anything is to come at all.  As you know, for better or for worse, the attorney general’s ministry becomes the attorneys for the U.S government in all extradition matters.  That’s the law, we have no choice with that, but I am not going to discuss the details of a case that has not been resolved as yet.”



“Sir, is it concerning to you as an attorney with long standing in Belize’s bar that one of your own colleagues is being called into question?”


Michael Peyrefitte

“Well it’s disturbing to me whenever a Belizean is looking to get extradited.  Indeed, when one of your colleagues gets, there’s a request for one of your colleagues it makes it extra tough because that’s a person you know.  Andrew Bennett, I consider to be a very good acquaintance of mine but it makes it very, very difficult now because as attorney general, how I operate personally, how I operate professionally with his firm or other friends, I mean it does affect you.  So indeed, it is a very uncomfortable situation, but we are professionals and we must carry out our duty professionally.”


Andrew Bennett is wanted by U.S. authorities for his alleged role in the laundering of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in U.S. currency on behalf of a so-called drug trafficking organization.  He was busted during a sting operation involving an undercover agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

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3 Responses for “The Bell Tolls for Andrew Bennett; His Fate in Hands of Foreign Minister and Courts”

  1. Eye in the Sky says:

    PUP lawyer. Dis guy going to get fed to the USA sharks

  2. Timber says:

    Andrew, my young friend and long time family friend through our parents and elderly siblings, I feel for you. Both of our parents must be turning in their graves because we were both raised in households where we were taught better and moral values were instilled in us. Whether you were knowingly complicit or not, I wish the best for you. This was a long time coming, but I couldn’t say anything. There is more of this to come, if you speak the right words to the right people because you and I both know you’re the smaller fish in the pond. Some of your same circle of friends are trying to protect themselves now and that’s why you’re being offered up as the “SACRIFICIAL LAMB’ to make it seem as if they’re being cooperative with the US. Be careful who is whispering in your ears every day. Judas was close to Jesus and he was the one who betrayed Jesus. You see how quickly they drafted up extradition papers for you? No one in the public, including your own so-call friend Peyrefitte has made mention of, or even attempted to draft a single sentence for Elrington’s brother who knowingly defrauded the US government out of millions. His day is coming though, they will get him, believe me. There are others in this, you’re not the only one, and some of them know that what they’re doing is illegal but greed has gotten the better of them. One continues to do it even though he was in a scandal a couple years ago. I won’t say much more, because if I make a statement to the specifics, he’ll be warned and his ass needs to be hauled off also. Then, we have the asinine and I’m damn sure that they’re mentally deranged, Elrington brothers, Crazy Glue and Missile. One was found guilty recently of blatantly defrauding people of out their property and he lied and tried to sugarcoat it in the media even after the money trail was found. . Has anyone in Belize noticed that he has a Real Estate company where his son and nephew advertise? Where did he get those properties from? Just like Ernest Staine, he’s the master of “Probate.” You know what happens to your property after that right? He’s handling some legal work right now, as I type, for a relative of mine. He can try to be crooked and he will see what will happen. I PROMISE HIM, IT WON’T BE ANY LEGAL MATTER. Then, we saw the “rush legalization ” of small quantities of marijuana. Again, the public hasn’t taken the time out to ask why the sudden rush. Notice who rushed it through. There’s a hidden agenda and who knows about it in the streets need to start talking. Belize is about to enter a new phase, one that you all won’t like. The people of Belize need to wake up and stomp out this systematic corruption from top to bottom. I wish you the best in all this my friend and hope it turns out well. I digress.

  3. Mike Green says:

    It will never happen and you know it.

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