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Nov 28, 2017

Former A.G. turns on C.C.J. after court reversal

Perhaps the biggest proponent for Belize’s signing on to the Caribbean Court of Justice as its final appellate jurisdiction in March 2015, was former Attorney General Wilfred Elrington.  He was the country’s chief legal officer at the time of the transition from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  While he once advocated for the change in jurisdiction, he now feels slighted by a decision in respect of a lawsuit involving Progresso Heights Limited, a real estate company which he helped to establish. The C.C.J. ruled against him recently in that case, and despite the fact that he is obligated to honor that decision, he is now speaking openly against the court. His personal experience with the C.C.J. is, to a certain extent, a parallel as to why government may have made a poor decision in choosing the regional jurisdiction at the time it did.


Wilfred Elrington

Wilfred Elrington

“It’s ironic that it was under our administration that we signed on to the CCJ.”



“You voted for it, you were Attorney General.”


Wilfred Elrington

“I voted for it, I advocated for it.  But I had personal experience with them and I can tell you that the decision which they gave against me was wrong, both in law and in fact and I am not afraid to say that.  I mean, I am bound to honor it, but it’s completely and totally wrong.  They seem to have been very hostile even before I was able to say a word, and I formed the view that they really hadn’t paid any attention to the position I took.  They seem to have taken the position that look, one: you are an attorney and you know people tend to think that attorneys are less than honest; and then you are a politician.  That is compounded because attorneys, politicians are not looked at or looked upon as being honest and so they just decided against me without really and truly listening to what I was saying and in fact looking at the arguments that I was putting forward.  So that has turned me off tremendously from any support that I had for the CCJ.  I am really, really very disappointed.”



“So if you had to make the decision again today to advocate and vote in the parliament to go to the CCJ, what would be your vote today?”


Wilfred Elrington

“I would not encourage anybody to do so, unless…  You see, the CCJ like all final courts of appeal have nobody that can in fact bring them in line.  They can act with impunity.  What can you do if the final court fines against you?  You are virtually without resort.”

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1 Response for “Former A.G. turns on C.C.J. after court reversal”

  1. Timber says:

    Your’re one despicable “So and So.” There is much to say about you. All of a sudden the CCJ and the ICJ are no good and is not worth it and the judges on the bench don’t know what they’re talking about. I will do my research and subsequently write you a “brief” Senor Elrington, and cite instances where you called the Privy Council and other Courts obselete and declared the CCJ as the Ruler Of The Land. You’re crying Sour Grapes now that you weren’t encouraged in your hustle. A little over a month ago, I asked a couple of people on my visit to Belize since when you had relatives and friends of your relatives selling properties, and if people realized that you and your family were connected to these real estate sales. Where and how did you acquire said properties? I guess you were part of the scheme like Vega where he paid people to acquire properties and then resold at humongous profits after transferring them in his name. A lot of people at the Lands Department knew this was happening, including the Lands Commissioner, but no one said anything publicly because they all needed their “two bit” jobs. One of the last cases was this same lady who publicly demanded an apology when her signature was found on land documents which she vehemently denied she knew anything about. Inside sources knew that she was a part of it and her take was $200,000, but she got screwed and now crying wolf. (Channel 5, you can omit this part if you think it might incriminate you). That is exactly why that case has quietened down and her attorney has yet to meet with anyone as requested; it would have opened a new can of worms and landed her in trouble because you all would have made sure that you “washed your hands off her like Pontius Pilate.” You have yet to be honest with the country of Belize, as I’ve said on several occasions, the truth behind this Guatemalan treaty and land dispute. You sold out. That is exactly why you’ve been so accommodating to them publicly, tantamount to Trump and Russia. This UHS and BTL fiasco could have been settled years ago, from 2011, whether PUP made a mistake or not; they will also have to deal with that. However, Dean and his forty thieves decided to fight this, with his arrogance , and at the same time, he and his family benefited from legal fees going into and coming out of the deal and each day you don’t pay, interest is accruing. You all, your entire political party, are a bunch of criminals. You cater to and prey upon the ignorance and the illiteracy of the poor and they don’t know any better. Now, your present Attorney General is no better because I can tell you some of the things he’s doing behind the scenes. There’s a reason why he wanted to rush so badly to legalize marijuana. Yes, I’m familiar with both of your families. Your sister in Brooklyn cringes every time she sees or hears you on the news with some b.s. Your time is coming soon and the million dollar question is, what will Uncle Sam do with some of you. He knows a lot and is watching and waiting. Penner, Castro, Boots Godwin and some of the public officers have already been forewarned. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for them. Rest assured, they’re coming for your brother. You don’t milk the US Federal government out of millions and think you’re going to get away with it. They will go get him. Even the last born of your same sister, who is in the same field, along with her other siblings, have distanced themselves from you all. Now you really know I know your family inside out , in case you were wondering. Lastly, you want to “hate” on Eamon. He’s doing his job, just like anyone else; even though i question some of their intentions also. He’s just a better lawyer than you , Dean or any other in your political party, because while you all were busy pillaging and robbing Belize for years, he was practicing real law. You all have made a mockery of Belize and whatever PUP had done, you all perfected and criminalized it. I saw Panton recently, poor Tracy, I feel sorry for you my friend. That’s one unprofessional, sorry, uncouth, disrespectful, can’t hold his liquor…… I digress.

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