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Aug 30, 2017

Manslaughter Charge for Customs Officer Who Shot Dwayne Almendarez

Rudolph Williams

The fatal shooting of thirty-year-old Dwayne Almendarez on August fifteenth, in Yo Creek Village, has resulted in a single charge of manslaughter being brought against a customs officer earlier today.  Almendarez was among several passengers on a commuter bus who were involved in an altercation with B.D.F. and customs officers at a checkpoint along the Yo Creek Road.  It is alleged that during the incident a single warning shot was fired to break up the fracas, but Almendarez was reportedly undeterred and continued throwing rocks at the officers.  That’s when thirty-nine-year-old Rudolph Williams took aim at Almendarez and fired two shots in his direction, wounding him in the upper body and legs.  Almendarez succumbed to the injuries several days later at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  During that time Orange Walk police were conducting an investigation into the matter.  That inquiry has since concluded and Williams was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court on a single charge for which he was offered bail in the sum of five thousand dollars.  Following Almendarez’s passing, News Five spoke with his brother-in-law who told us that the family was distraught because they felt that the code of conduct by the officers was severely breached on the day in question.


Kirk Augustus

Kirk Augustus, Brother-in-law of Deceased

“Things like that really disturb the family because now, if dis da police checkpoint, you know you have protocols, you have procedures weh need to be followed, you know.  Regardless of whatever di unfold, dehn have protocol by which you uniformed officers, especially Customs Department need to follow.  When we find out that the customs officer didn’t even report this matter to the station, so what’s the protocol as it relates to these types of checkpoints?  So now we just di wait because we spoke with the officer in charge of the investigation and he told us that he had collected some statements, very nice officer, collected some statements and he’s in the process of completing the file, because we got the post mortem, and sending the file to the D.P.P. for her direction.”


The case against Rudolph Williams has been adjourned to September twenty-first.

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2 Responses for “Manslaughter Charge for Customs Officer Who Shot Dwayne Almendarez”

  1. Timber says:

    First of all, let me express my condolences to the family of the deceased, Dwayne Almendarez. A life was lost senselessly and it didn’t have to happen. However, this incident could have been avoided; why, from what I’ve seen of the video clip as well as comments that I’ve heard and read, there was absolutely no respect shown for the authority nor the law. Some may respond to my post emotionally, but let’s be realistic, if our authorities were respected or held in high esteem, this incident wouldn’t have happened. The contraband goods were already found and taken away, what makes anyone think that they have the right to curse and stone the police and customs’s officers. The video clearly shows Mr. Almendarez being restrained more than once and he still returned. Let’s turn the tables, how would any of you have felt if one of those police officers or customs officials had gotten hurt; would that have been okay? You know what precipitated this incident; the total lack of respect that our society has now become accustomed to, the impression that all of our public officers, especially the customs and police are corrupted, and everyone thinks they’re “harder” than the next. Bottom line is, and I’ve said it for years, illiteracy has taken over the Belizean society and we’re now looking at the product of it. Has anyone stop to think that the customs officer willfully and joyously shot the deceased? Do you think he’s sleeping comfortably at nighttime, especially his family? I don’t think so. I don’t know him, I’ve run across him a few times in my travels but he doesn’t seem the type . Until we get a grip of our society; including the the lack of education, the corruption by a lot of government officials, the distasteful facebook posts, and resort back to a family structure and prayers, Belize will get a wake up call soon. We dodged two storms, including Harvey, and I think Belizeans have this thought that they’re immune to these type of disasters over the years due to nothing major really hitting the country. If Harvey had hit, we’d be known as the Caribbean Sea right about today. Keep it up, God is watching. Let me plug this in BTW, Joe Bradley, how you neva talk about that assin you get pan Vernon street by those two women? Lookoo yah, even Joe got woman di fight fu ah. Joe, you like call people thief and call people names. I think you forgot where you came from, including when you had no job nor anything to do and who as family friend encouraged you and your wife and helped, from your days of selling insurance, to working painting signs and schools and your hustle at Fishries, Then, you always wah call people Makala, you ever took wah look inna the mirror lately Joe? Jesus Christ!

  2. Anonymous says:

    illiteracy/illiterate: having little or no education; especially (unable to read or write) … So, in other Word you are calling us Belizeans dumb? and you think we’ll respond to your post emotionally? So, tell me Timber¨. Is it ok for Williams to assassinate an innocent soul? Yes, maybe that’s not what he actually meant to do but at the end of the day that’s exactly what happened. What about the deceased Almendarez family? You think that just because he is not a custom officer and is not wealthy he doesn’t have a life or love ones? You mean to say that his family will sleep like a baby in the night not missing him? Now let’s be realistic, If you happen to have a child, and him or her are not respectful to you, will you shoot them just because you have the authority over them?
    I do not agree to Almendarez wrong doings/behaviour however i don’t see the necessity of him being shot. You had police and customs and none of the above had the guts to arrest him and put his aside, but yet have the balls to shoot him. Police and customs should have a training of how to shoot and where to shoot before even obtaining a gun. They are not hired to kill; if at any chance they have to shoot at someone they have to aim and shoot where they know the person will not be killed or just to slightly scratch them on the arm or leg… You don’t just shoot like animal to show authority. And yes! a lot of police and customs are corrupted, that’s the way they hustle.
    At the end of the day every darn person is corrupted one way or another, but only the rich seem to get away with things. Stop kissing #$$ and mind your own business. Your post is way to personal and has nothing to do with the headlines of this report. A crime was done and it has to be paid for, END OF STORY!

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