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Sep 16, 2016

Woman Perishes as House Collapses with Carnival Revellers

Going into the carnival weekend, a tragic incident took place this afternoon at the site of the Soca Moca Mas Camp, last year’s Carnival Champs. The members were tying up ends in preparation for Saturday’s carnival road march on Dolphin Street in Belize City when an elevated wooden house caved in atop fifteen to twenty revelers. At least one person was crushed by the weight of the building and many more were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Just after five p.m., police say Deborah Humes succumbed to her injuries. It was a frightening experience for Shanice Rudon who was at the camp with her younger brother who was trapped under the house. Fortunately he only sustained minor injuries. Rudon and Shandy Tillett, who is the daughter of the homeowner, recounted to News Five the horrific experience.


Shandy Tillett, Daughter of Homeowner

“I hear wah cretch and I hear it went down. So my lee sister holler, aye help me and dah so she manage to crawl out cause I mi think she mi wah died so I mi di holler mi sister, mi sister. When I look, a lot of people got hurt. A young lady Debbie, the house set on her back—her back manage to break and her foot. But my ma, her nose is fractured; I don’t know if it is fractured broken or what, but they will tell us when my sister comes back. A lot of people were underneath there; at least about fifteen to twenty people. “


Shandy Tillett

Shanice Rudon, Victim

“A lot of people mi deh dah the camp di fix costumes actually make den yah headsets. My lee bredda today dah his birthday so I tell him to spend the day with me and we gwen out and then we gwen dah my carnival camp. So we gone and we reach there di wait—all ah we deh underneath there for almost an hour and we di start hear cracking and we di look around cause we want know dah what and then it just start to make wah louder noise. And when we look, we see the house start fall and everybody just start run. And because at the moment we actually mi di left, dah so we end up di make it out; and we run and I grab my lee bredda, but he drop because a lot of people mi di pull ahn back cause dehn mi try get out and the house drop on ahn and he get wah lick ina ih head. But a lot of people mi deh underneath the house and a lot of people still stuck underneath the house right now and a lot of people get hurt. So basically we mi di get ready fi carnival tomorrow—try finish up our headpieces and backpacks and the entire house collapsed. It wasn’t the house; dah mi di structure weh mi di hold it up just drop down. Because a lot of stuff deh underneath the house, it noh drop flat, so it on a slant and dah so the guys weh mi deh deh start lift stuff and try get people out of the house. When the house drop, Miss Marsha now, she dah the owner of the house and she make the mud for the J’ouvert. And the fire hearth mi still deh on and that start ketch pan the house so the house ketch fire so dehn call the fire spot. But dehn mi deh right around the lane so they come very quick and out the fire. Police move very fast; dehn mi deh right around the lane on Raccoon Street and they start to get people out, lift stuff, clear off the area and try do dehn best.”


Duane Moody

“About how many people mi deh deh? How much get trap underneath the house?”


Shanice Rudon

Shanice Rudon

“I noh know how much get trapped, but over fifty people were there. I give yow ah good hundred people because we all the work together fi try finish up for tomorrow. We mi di hear that somebody get mash really bad; dehn bring Miss Marsha in, dehn bring wah dread lady weh very mash…she really get hurt. So they di deal with she right, right now. You hear about people house drop down and you say my gosh that must be so traumatic, but fi experience it, fi literally watch the people around you just drop and get hurt and stuck and can’t get out. And the amount of babies weh always deh dah our practice, with the moms and soh; the amount of babies weh we couldn’t find. We di worry about them cause everybody just di run, you know. You never mi di look for anybody at the time; dah when yo get out and say weh this one mi deh beside me? Weh part ih deh? It mi very, very traumatic. I couldn’t believe that I make it out because  we mi deh way underneath.”

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2 Responses for “Woman Perishes as House Collapses with Carnival Revellers”

  1. ems says:

    The Creator of the heavens and earth and all that exists is sending a loud & clear message to us in the Jewel re his displeasure with our foolish behavior that we called culture. Nevertheless, our choice is to deny, deny, deny., and continue with our madness, lewd behavior, vulgarity/so-called cultural activities. Which of the favors of the Lord will we continue to deny?

  2. CEO says:

    Even though I agree with the previous comment about when did vulgarity become cultural etc but no building that is beyond its useful years will stand regardless how religious and pious we are as a nation. To solve these situations we need building codes that are enforced without fear or favor. Only this would sole these problems.

    There are too many houses in the city that should not be habitable. Some fall under their own weight with no one inside.

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