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Aug 15, 2016

Churches’ Senator Disagrees: “What About The Children?”

Ashley Rocke

But one social partner that does not support the ruling is the Council of Churches. Senator Ashley Rocke says that the concern is how the amendment to the law will affect children.  


Ashley Rocke, Senator for Churches

“The concern is that now that the ruling has been made and it is the government that took the concern to the court, we as the Church are poised to know where we will go from here seeing that now this ruling has said that this particular behavior will not be allowed or should not be challenged as the criminal code once said it should have been. Our concern is that although there are law that are related to administrative issue, this law is related to human behavior; and human behavior in relation to our children. How will a law like this affect our children in the future—well not just in the future, but now and later on. It is very important that when we make laws or when we agree on laws of freedom that these laws are pertinently designed to not only grant the will of those seeking the law, but also to remember the children that these laws will affect are key. And so we wait for the decision that the Prime Minister will make now that the ruling’s been made. We hope that there will be certain responsibilities as it relates to national behavior as it relates to the LGBT community.”

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13 Responses for “Churches’ Senator Disagrees: “What About The Children?””

  1. aij says:

    i would think children would grow up with a better understanding and respect for other human beings.

  2. fedup says:

    How does Ashley Rocke think this will affect children? What’s truly affecting children is the violence they’re witnessing either directly or indirectly as reported via the media and the fear they feel as a result.

  3. Joe Brown says:

    Better understanding. the only thing they need to understand that it i an abomination to God and that it is a wrong thing to do . That all they need to understand . Sodom And Gomorrah. People Really believe they can be gay forever believing and preaching that it is ok and make it to heaven . the key Word is believing . Most gays know that being gay is a sin and wrong but the world is making it a thing people need to understand.

  4. Joe Brown says:

    Every one commenting does not sound like Belizean Probably they are but really dumb comment sound kinda like Hollywood .

  5. Joe Brown says:

    why cant we call them batty man without them catching feelings. Its because everything bad we do we need to find a way to make it sound good. So it doesn’t bother us

  6. Dave says:

    How does it affect children? Evidently, it has been clear, that when our teenagers (Belize’s future) go about shooting the police department in mid day light, murdering, robbing and not mention other crimes that have been done is a worrisome issue. Quite frankly, I don’t see the churches marching and actively involving themselves to make any difference to make a change towards this. It’s amazing how these buildings of worship are well kept, cleaned and continue to expand when that money could be used for other purposes. I guess they are not only the “moral back bone” of society, but one of the many causes that stupefy it. Instead of teaching love, acceptance and the idea of working hand in hand to make a better society, they want to dictate the laws of fairy tale book. I guess we do choose stupid people to represent a stupid society.


  7. Marb says:

    OK! It it not enough what our children are living? with violence getting more and more critical. and now having to tolerate seeing men kissing or two ladies caressing each other. Belize is a blessed Nation we refuse to live as Sodom and Gomorrah. I pity our Nation cause these people are bring a curse to our Land. You, people don’t see how sick orosco looks? for living an ungodly life.

  8. Rose says:

    You gay lovers just cant get it!!! Our opposition to this disgusting ruling by the non Belizean CJ is not only based on religious grounds. What is meant by the effect on children is that such an environment is nothing nice for a child to grow up in or to see as something acceptable. This ruling only gives these perverts more ground to shove their nasty life style in our faces – starting with being affectionate with each other in public. This ruling now gives them more ammo to push forward for marriage and then child adoption

    What about our rights?!!!! We have a right to say, “HELL NO!!!”

  9. Belizean Pride says:

    Aij & fedup you guys might not understand it now but later would be too late

  10. Dave says:

    What about teaching our children to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their genetic or neurological / psychological predisposition? It’s ironic that the religion of love is responsible for hardening the hearts of so many of its believers. It seems to me… “God’s Word” according to humans might have a few contradictions. But we can’t teach that to our children, can we?

  11. Carmen says:

    I think both of you talking like what we would say in Belize “sunumuno” or for a better choice of words fools. @aij how would you even suggest that children would grow up with a better understanding and respect for other human beings, didn’t you hear channel 7 news about a brother sodomizing his little brother? I guess he thinks it is ok now to do so. fedup not only violence affects our children, any and all decisions made and brought into light by adults affects our children directly and indirectly.

  12. MNHG says:

    Well I heard someone say that the Bible profecy is fulfilling. I really don`t have an idea as to what they mean.What I know and I am sure of, is where I keep my gun loaded, the moment I see a gay talking to my son and my son is still a minor I will shoot that despicable gay shit in his ass !!!
    I will NOT allow these repugnant perverted loosers to lead my son astray, my son will MARRY a female, a real female, not a lesbian !!!
    My message to the gay repugnants: you have no idea what sweetness you missing with the sweet girls !!!

  13. carlos says:

    I don’t know what the churches are thinking. These people (gay) are born like that . God made them like that. I wonder what they will do when they hear that one or two or more of these people are within their churches . Will they extradite them from the church? Will they kill them? What will they do. Do Jesus (bible) profess tolerance, compassion, understanding? This is not a sickness gay people have. God made them like that and they have rights like any other people. They have right like a person born abnormal ( no eye, no legs, crazy ). What I think will be wrong is if they start to mess around with kids, below 18 years, but do we have laws that prevent this?
    Are there laws that prevent them from having sex in the streets? I think so. Even if a heterosexual have sex in the open public places will be committing a crime.

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