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Aug 10, 2016

Ruling Elicits Mixed Reaction

The groundbreaking decision handed down by the Supreme Court earlier today has been met with mixed reception.  Immediately following the ruling, Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, said “it’s a great day for Belize; it’s a great day for human rights; one step closer to dignity and the respect we all deserve.” Similarly, the Maya Leaders Alliance welcomes the decision.  Spokesperson Cristina Coc commented, “we are equally responsible to ensure state accountability to protect the human rights of all and not some.  Therefore, all laws, policies and actions must be consistent with the constitution.” Senior counsels Lisa Shoman and Westmin James, both representing Caleb Orozco, summed up the decision.


Lisa Shoman

Lisa Shoman, Attorney for Caleb Orozco

“I think we won on all the points that we had asked the Chief Justice to rule on.  The offending section for Fifty-three has been read down, which means that it will be amended to exclude any acts between consenting adults in privacy.  That is the essence of the ruling, so the look of Section Fifty-three will change.  The court has the power o do that. Suffice it to say we, Westmin James and I, who are representing Caleb and UNIBAM, are really pleased that the court has ruled in our favor on every single point that we asked it to.”


Westmin James

Westmin James, Attorney for Caleb Orozco

“Today, the court held in its groundbreaking decision that first of all Caleb had legal standing to bring this case before the court.  Furthermore, that the court has the right to review legislation and strike down where it’s appropriate to do so or modify it where it’s appropriate to do so.  And then he found that Caleb’s rights to human dignity, privacy, equality before the law, equal protection of the law and freedom of expression were breached.  The court then read down the legislation to exclude consensual same-sex intimacy in private.  I think the court went to pains to say that it did not include sexual contact with minors and it does not include sexual contact with animals, that they are not the same.”

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7 Responses for “Ruling Elicits Mixed Reaction”

  1. Marb says:

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME,SHAME…………………. on belize. Such a small country and yet tolerate corruption!
    Don’t worry you just signed your sentence. Just watch what is heading your way. God’s wrath will be upon belize for violating God’s Law. We have been created MAN and WOMAN. May God Almighty spear the lives of his Children and punish the rebellious.
    Don’t worry, that is next in line! lisa and westmin, have you seen dogs caressing each other or two hens? a big NO. It seems that animals have more understanding than some of these “so called humans”

  2. Belizean Pride says:

    Sad to see someone like Mrs. Lisa to join in the fight against what is abomination to take it with joy this outcome.
    I have a feeling that this also will affect the general election next time due to her affiliation with this UNIBAM. Many who are christian but have PUP political views might change heart after this. Just see the political war in the U.S certain things like this affects the political party due to religious views. I guess Mr. Bricenio must start to distance himself form now with Mrs. Lisa to avoid this problem for election time. Because many voters within the PUP crowd are christian and this to happen take a big blow in there believes.
    Especially my extended family who has already stated this will be their decision now.

  3. Steve says:

    Belizean Pride, I hear you.

    I have looked at the PUP favorably in the distant past. They have been a disappointment lately. Now, with one of their senior members promoting homosexuality, the disappointment has turned to disgust. They have even suggested to me to run for office under their color. Forget it, PUP.

  4. Kedzie says:

    This is the septic tank that our country has turned to??? My My!! This is a major disgrace,humiliation and a catastrophic abomination. In my mind I thought the judges and the Belizean people would use their brain and remember simple morals thought,but i guess not. I am no longer claiming my self as a Belizean I don’t even know who I am because of this madness. But you know whats worse? The good and the bad shall suffer not only these “moral rejects and their supporters” but the good when God the Almighty is ready to pour his wrath but also us the people who didn’t want this mess to happen. Belize was fine until these people came up. What would little Belize be 5years from now? I am afraid to have children now because of these people. They will be the same people teaching our students and interacting with them and the poor innocent children will feel like its okay to be like that when its not! Pray and Act now Belize. Churches what will we do? how will we act? I pray God please be merciful to the ones who aren’t with these “moral rejects”

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is bigger than Caleb.The GOB has been payed to give the green light for this Gay Agenda. The same way they allowed Mason to go to Belize and extort hard working Belizean Citizens.Belize is done that’s all i can say.

  6. ems says:

    This is a terrible mistake. The joy of sex is between a man and a woman. God made everything in pairs. Up/down, front/back right/wrong, etc. etc. clearly there is an opposite for everything we encounter. Of course the perverted mind can manipulate and change everything. However, that doesn’t mean that the society must go along with this mentality. It is indeed a vey sad day for the Jewel.

  7. jorge says:

    Being a MAN and a WOMAN does not give you the right to have sex. Don’t you people read your bibles?? God’s wrath does not come only because of homosexuals but because of sin in general. common law unions are FORNICATION!!, this country is full of that. Are you married and you do not live with your spouse and live with another partner you are ADULTERER!!!. This country if full of those. So many men have more than 1 woman, this country is full of those! Ignorant christians speak against homosexuality but also speak against adultry and fornication, stealing and murdering, all those things ALSO bring the wrath of God to nations but your pastors gladfully accept the offerings and tithing from fornicators and adulterers and so they sell the love of God,

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