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Jul 22, 2016

Godwin Hulse Gives His Account of DPM’s Reception at Mason Manor

William Mason

There has been a full week of solid coverage of the bizarre murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. Five persons including the man alleged to be the murder mastermind, William Mason, have been arraigned and are behind bars. The companion of Mason, Melissa Ferguson, is allegedly the subject of an intense countrywide search. The investigation continues, allegedly, but there are still many holes in what the public has been told and many questions still unanswered. Why was the head of Pastor Lue cut off and placed neatly in a bag and bucket? Why did the men stop off to have a drink with the head in the back of the pickup? Were they meeting someone there? Was there a hit on Pastor Lue, with the men just the contract killers? If so, who ordered that hit? And then there are other questions about Mason’s relationship with highly placed Police officers and Cabinet Ministers, including the Minister of National Security John Saldivar and Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber. Where Faber is concerned, he told the media he only met Mason twice – once when introduced by Saldivar, and the other at his swearing in where he received an invitation to have some drinks at Mason’s house.  News Five has confirmed that Mason actually threw a party for Faber at his house the day he was sworn in as DPM. This morning we spoke to Minister of Immigration and Lands Godwin Hulse who actually attended that reception.


Godwin Hulse

Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration

“I don’t know him at all. I went on the swearing in off Patrick Faber. I was invited to a reception, had no idea where it was going to be. My driver followed the crew to where it was. We got to this building that looked like a restaurant. In fact I was told it was going to be a steak restaurant. They had a small bar. They had several tables around. I stood there and I spoke to Alexis Fairweather, Ruben Campos, Dean Williams – a little group just basically at the entrance. It was raining like hell. I needed to get back to the office. I trotted through the rain, went back to my office at four, never had anything to eat, had one Lighthouse Beer which was a little odd because I normally don’t drink beer but just for the company that was it. I had no idea this was a house, a mansion – it looked like a restaurant to me and I was told it was going to be a steak restaurant. That was the beginning and the end of my association with the building. I had the building before, never entered it but I had seen it because there’s a beautiful tree called Cortez Tree that blossoms every now and then, a beautiful orange and whenever I see them I spot them. So I was driving along going up to a place called Omega and I saw the tree, so I turned down the road and I took a picture of the beautiful trees. That’s the beginning and end of my association with the building, never met the man, didn’t know he had a wife, never knew who he was and never cared.”



“Minister Faber has said, contrary to what you just said that the reception was actually at Chon Saan Palace and he was invited personally to go to this man’s house for a few congratulatory drinks. We have heard the same thing you just said – that the actual reception was at Mr. Mason’s house.”


Godwin Hulse

“Well the story I told you is what it was. My driver drove us there. I did hear originally it was at Chon Saan. I went there and I stood there and I waited there to see when the crowd would come. I saw a lot of campaign people coming in and then they said to me it’s up at this place, so that’s where we went.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Godwin Hulse Gives His Account of DPM’s Reception at Mason Manor”

  1. ems says:

    Godwyn is very fast talker, just let him keep talking and we will find out exactly what we want to know. In short Godwyn is full of it. A lot of hot air.

  2. geanjah says:

    haha.circus show.suspects playing sad,where is the Belize that it once used to be.Our ppl need to stand up and stop let these ppl dictating to us.End of the day they are in that office,some of them unqualified taking advantage of the poor people and the system to entertain another country REJECTION.Practice what you preach.

  3. Linda Bustamante says:

    It seems that the investigation of the Mason’s case is being intentionally redirected to an endless alley and allowed to be commandeered by public opinion /official opinions that lack intellectual analysis. The CRITICAL ANGLE BEING OVERLOOKED IS :

    Irrespective of allegations of Pastors Lucas’ existing relationship with Mason – business associate, messenger, etc, Mason and his accomplices decapitated the Pastor, destroyed the body but kept the head to SHOW TO THE PERSON WHO ORDERED THE ELIMINATION, as evidence of mission accomplished.


    Mason did not just have his team together to kill an erring business accomplice. It was important to show the head to the person or team that ordered the hit.

    There was no reason to keep the head . The head could have been buried anywhere in the vast farmland he owns.

    If this angle is not researched, the case conclusion will never get to the bottom of the societal illness. Mason and his team will serve time and that will be the end. THE EARTHQUAKE WILL BE PREVENTED.

  4. Kaan Cern - San Ignacio says:

    Well, It is the height of folly, to listen to these and our ministers whom we have selected to direct and lead us and our country; the brutal stupidity that they believe; we as Belizeans and as faithful supporters have about them. I mean! it really does not make any sense at all, to entertain the foolish comments and so called explanations of these incompetent, ill bred, arrogant minsters about this case. Their explanations, in the sight the most illiterate Belizean; seems beyond their illiterate level bestowed on them by the same Belizean educational system that these same ministers have orchestrated and deliver through time. This is really the usual way of how ministers in our country are accustomed to deal and defend their greed and low down lifestyle that hence project our incompetency and mistrust at the regional, international and global level.

    “In the world of the Blind, the one eye man is the King” but fortunately this is no longer the case in Belize, People are aware, tired and demanding rational, logical and common sense explanations.

  5. Belizean born says:

    Or…….the head could have been for an upscale on the intimidation tactics.

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