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Jul 18, 2016

A Pastor is Butchered and Decapitated on a Sprawling Ranch

Llewellyn Lucas

At news time, police are transporting from Belmopan to Belize City, the prime suspect and four other men to be arraigned for the chilling murder of a pastor. The group was first taken to court in Belmopan, but released and then quickly rearrested to be brought to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where they have just arrived. Our News Five team is on the ground and we’ll have all that coming up, but we go to the story of the decapitation of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas that has paralyzed the country since the news broke on Saturday. The main suspect, a Guyanese/Canadian national who goes by many names but is known in Belize as William Mason, was carrying Lucas’ head in his truck; his torso was disposed of at Mason’s farm near mile thirty-two on the Western Highway. The bizarre murder has many legs: Mason is highly connected politically; he has admittedly invested in the Belmopan Bandits and has played host to a number of sitting politicians at his secluded house in Belmopan. He was able to get a Belizean birth certificate without trouble even though he was not born in Belize. It is also known that he is wanted in other countries for a long list of illegalities and in Belize; he was fingered in an ongoing scheme involving members of the Mennonite community. But he was able to escape scrutiny and live comfortably in Belize, even while it was known since last year that he was a wanted man.  News Five has been piecing this story together and we start with Isani Cayetano reporting from Belmopan.


Isani Cayetano, Reporting

A most sinister discovery, a freshly severed human head in the pan of this black Ford F150 pickup truck, has resulted in perhaps the most bizarre homicide to be investigated by the Belize Police Department.  The owner of the vehicle, believed to be the mastermind behind the abduction and murder of forty-seven-year-old Llewellyn Lucas, is a man who is very well connected politically.  Yet his true identity remains a mystery even to the officers tasked with probing their latest case.


Forty-six-year-old William Mason, who goes by several other aliases, has been on the police radar for quite some time, following a report of the kidnapping of a Canadian couple.  Since then, law enforcement had been keeping a close eye on him.  On Friday night, Mason was sighted at this non-descript establishment in Belmopan and was approached by officers who requested a search of his person.  Unbeknownst to them, they would find more than what they were looking for.  Acting Commissioner of Police Russell Blackett at a press conference in Belize City this morning:


William Mason

Russell Blackett, Acting ComPol

“I had briefed the HNCIB and the lead investigator looking at a specific case surrounding Mr. Mason when he was spotted [at] 8:30 in the City of Belmopan.  The lead investigator was called in with the QRT from Belmopan, and when a search was conducted that was when we uncovered in a sack within a black bucket the head of Mr. Lucas.”


Llewellyn Lucas, a man of the cloth, was reportedly an agent of the Mennonite couple that had been allegedly snatched by Mason.  News Five understands that he visited Mason’s sprawling estate near Intelco Hill on Friday afternoon to collect a debt on behalf of Lloyd Friesen and his wife when he too was taken hostage.


Russell Blackett

Russell Blackett

“So far, we understand that there was some transaction that had been going on between these people and it appears that there was a fallout.  We are still trying to uncover the final analysis of this before we put it forward to the public.  But I must assure you that whenever this is done you will know the conclusive results.”


Back at the scene of the discovery, scenes of crime technicians were called in to secure the perimeter.


Russell Blackett

“The forensic team was called in, the area was cordoned off and an intensive search continued within the area for other evidence on that scene where the head was found.  I must tell you that when the investigator arrived, Mr. Mason explained that he could not find his key and he was very nervous, hence the reason his driver side window glass was broken and the search conducted.  During the course of the investigation we uncovered that four other persons were also involved, and by four a.m. Saturday morning, all persons were taken into custody.”


The grisly murder, however, had been committed at a farmstead near mile thirty-two on the George Price Highway.  Up until a few months ago, the location had been known as Outback Ranch.  Mason, who also goes by the name Daniel or Ted Ouelette, tends to a variety of livestock and employs several farmhands, including brothers Patrick and Ryan Bustamante.


Patrick Bustamante, Employee of William Mason

“The job we do here is farm job and it is a good job because it helps people to get jobs that don’t have any job.”


Isani Cayetano

“How long have you been working here Patrick?”


Patrick Bustamante

“This is my second week, second week here at this farm.”


Patrick Bustamante

Isani Cayetano

“Since you began working here two weeks ago, did you notice anything suspicious on this farm?  What can you tell us about this farm?”


Patrick Bustamante

“Well nothing suspicious until we came in today.”


Isani Cayetano

“When you left work, when was this?”


Patrick Bustamante

“When I left Friday and then I came in today.”


Isani Cayetano

“When you left on Friday did you notice anything strange on the compound?  Did you see your boss?  Did you talk to anybody before you left?”


Patrick Bustamante

“I talked to all of them.  I tell them goodbye before I went home and then they told us that they would see us on Monday.”


This morning, the siblings showed up for work only to find that the farm was under lockdown by the police.  While we were there, MIT personnel, accompanied by an industrial water pump, arrived at the scene.  They were there to pump water out of a pond in an effort to locate a murder weapon.  Lucas was butchered, decapitated, and the knife tossed into the stagnant body of water.


Russell Blackett

“We searched the farm and we found what appears to be burnt remains of a body, as given to us during our interviews.  That has been sent to the forensics for analysis.”


That’s the crime scene and the motive.  The question for many however, is who is William Mason?  Described by many as a charismatic, smooth talker, he is also known to be a conman and an extortionist.  Details of his sordid past has been unearthed online via a website called  There, the Guyanese/Canadian businessman, under his many monikers, has been accused of a wealth of get-rich-quick-schemes.  Locally, William Mason is known to rub shoulders with the political and social elite, and is recorded as a financier for several personal and professional ventures, none of which have been described favorably.  Tonight, along with four others, including Ashton Vanegas, he is charged with the murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

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12 Responses for “A Pastor is Butchered and Decapitated on a Sprawling Ranch”

  1. Ali BaBarrow, chief thief says:

    >>He was able to get a Belizean birth certificate without trouble even though he was not born in Belize.


    he can afford a UDP passport, and a UDP PARDON.

    IN Belize we don’t fool with Hollywood, we got REAL, heads or tails.

    All praise DEANO, Patron Saint of Corruption.

  2. justice4u says:

    its so sadd that our country is home to some serial monsters.Our authorities need to do better than this ,they are out there profiling our belizeans.while these monsters are creeping our borders and are residing on our soil and entertain all kind of illegal activity.This man should have been charge from the time they know he is using false identity.Our ministers are risking our freedom and livilyhood all cause of money.They are too greedy and cnt satisfy ,but want hard working citizens to satisfy with minimuim wage after cost of living is going up.Such ashame on goverment of belize and his collegues who know and suspect and wait until this time .Who knows this man life could have been save from this monster @ least,again who knows how many people he already killed and it just went under the carpet.I want to know when will the minister address the nation about all these hustling and corruption.Whats his intention cause saldivar obviously is just a waste of time on social media.He want to do the world to prove what.Nothing cause we all know if it was any belizeans found transporting a head in a believe me,automatically they would have charge with murder.You guys are not setting example for our country.The system is so corrupted.I hope the family ,friends and entire community get jusstice so they can atleast find a means of way to get thru this.I am waiting to hear the minister express their condolence to family and our fellow belizean to sleep on a monster bed so easily and quietly.

  3. Bzeyouth says:

    Ripoff.Com does not exist.

  4. ems says:

    Lord have mercy on us in Belize, save us from the evil that lurks within us. Apparently, only divine intervention can save us in Belize?

  5. joe says:

    why am I not surprised this criminal has political ties. Simply put – birds of a feather; you attract what you are; six of one…I think you get the point. I pray my people will wake up and get those low-down scoundrels that they call leaders off the high pedestals they put them, and see them for what they truly are.

  6. Belizean Pride says:


  7. Dave says:

    Remember Dark Night Cave Tubing?

    Why is it that Belize attracts some of the worst characters from other countries?

    It sure says a lot about Belize, land of the rejects!

  8. carlos says:

    How did Mason got those documents. I am sure he also has a passport too. we we Belizeans have so many trouble to get our passport renewed other that are not born here easily get passport. What a shame to those in government power. They put all kinds of scrutiny to get a passport for the poor Belizeans. They have them go up and down just to get a passport and yet those criminals connected to minister and politicians easily get a passport. Its so a shame of this government, corrupt and dishonest.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    This brother was a humble individual always smiling.We use to hang out a couple of times when he was living in NYC.This shit has to stop.Our leaders should be ashame of themselves.It’s so ironic how Belizeans get murdered everyday and none of the elected officials seems to care.

  10. paradisebz says:

    The same way john McAfee voluntary gave to our politicians the same way william mason did.Can’t our ministers see the trend.come non we r well known for corruption cause you guys won’t put a top to sad how some ppl are dedicated to their job,but being under a umbrella by u guys give them no option but to go with d flow.

  11. Rod says:

    No surprise here with this useless incompetent impotent pm and gov now we are close to 6000 murders in Belize since this pm and gov have been in office only difference now is that anyone is fair game preast pastors kids woman anyone and yet this pm is mute on all these murders but I blame you cowardly belizeans that just sit back and see what’s going on and do nothing about it just remember you or one of your family members might be next. Barrow you Betta make sure none of my family members are murdered because you will surely see your end days.

  12. Anais Nin says:

    John McAfee refused to pay the local officials or donate money. They came to him and said they needed money for new boots. He asked them to get everyone’s sizes and he will get them shipped in from USA. He never paid off anyone which is why he had so much trouble with them.
    Yes, your government is corrupt. And it also caters to the wealthy foreigners who are living out some kind of vacation fantasy. I would guess that all of the people who spoke out against John McAfee were probably paid to say those things.

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