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May 31, 2016

Delegate Fired By Beverly Castillo over Vote

There is a backlash to the election of Patrick Faber as first deputy leader, which is being felt across the United Democratic Party.  Ladyville resident Ingrid Hernandez is an avid supporter and had been employed by Area Representative Beverly Castillo as a campaigner in Belize Rural Central.  She claims she worked tirelessly for Castillo to win a seat in that constituency during the last general election and for that she was selected as a delegate on Sunday.  Hernandez alleges that she is being victimized by Castillo who reportedly terminated her employment on suspicion that she voted in favor of Patrick Faber.  As you would know, Castillo is a supporter of the Saldivar camp and his loss over the weekend has led many, including the BRC area rep, to believe that they were betrayed by their delegates.  Disgruntled and frustrated, Hernandez visited our office earlier today to express her disappointment.


Ingrid Hernandez

Ingrid Hernandez, Disgruntled U.D.P. Delegate

“I have been served with a letter from my area representative for Belize Rural Central, Beverly Castillo, to demit office today.  Her reason for doing it is because she believes in her heart that I had voted for the Honorable Patrick Faber.  And all during the campaign leading up to the convention I had been supporting John Saldivar because she is my area rep and she has been supporting John Saldivar.  I have been on tours from north, south, east and west along with these people.  I have neglected my home, my children, my husband to be on tour with them and on Sunday when the convention was being held, and I know that the nation is well aware that the Honorable Patrick Faber has won, and because of the amount of votes that he had received they are assuming that I voted or I have supported Patrick Faber.  Sir, I don’t agree with the way and the strategy that Beverly Castillo has done this because I am U.D.P. supporter for many years, a diehard U.D.P. supporter, and I have worked for Ms. Beverly from the time she was a standard bearer to this present moment.  I have campaigned for her tirelessly day and night, in the rain, in the hot sun, Sunday to Sunday, so she can be where she is.  Village Council Election is coming up, I would have been on the ground working for her and for me to be served with a letter today that I have to demit office is very hurtful.  It hurts me because I have done Beverly Castillo no wrong.  This is a U.D.P. family and I have the right to vote for [whomsoever] I choose and she cannot assume that I have voted for Patrick Faber because she does not know who I voted for.  She cannot assume that or point to me and say, “you have supporter Honorable Patrick Faber.”  We are one U.D.P. family.  Beverly Castillo, along with John Saldivar and Patrick Faber are all cabinet colleagues.  When they are in cabinet I will be right out here still struggling to make my ends meet.  It hurts me so bad what Beverly Castillo has done and she did not have the decency to come and give me the letter herself.  She sent her driver with it this morning to the office and the amazing thing about it is that she was at the office yesterday.  She could have called me in the room and spoke to me woman to woman and told me what was her concern or how she felt and I would have told her.  I would have told her, “Miss Beverly this is what I have done.”  I don’t see what is the bickering.  We are one party, that is what makes Belize.  Belize is a democratic country, we noh live eena wahn communist country weh people dictate to you.  I believe that as a democratic party you have the right to choose whom you want.  This is not against the P.U.P., this is a U.D.P. convention.  What is the problem?  What is the bickering?  It looks so bad and it makes me feel bad sir because I have worked for Beverly in Belize Rural Central and many people in Ladyville could attest to that, that I have worked hard for Beverly Castillo and the U.D.P.  In return this is what I will receive, a letter to demit office immediately because the area representative believes in her heart that I voted for the Honorable Patrick Faber?”

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6 Responses for “Delegate Fired By Beverly Castillo over Vote”

  1. Timber says:

    Not to sound unsympathetic Mom, but I’ve used this phrase time and time again when I’ve blogged about issues in Belize; “Da good fu unnu cruffy.” This has been one of the main reasons why I had not supported the UDP even as a teenage boy and now a grown, educated man with a high level of education and expertise . It’s a party full of ignorant, illiterate, arrogant vindictive people from the prime minister down to his members of cabinet , including the mayor. I’ve also blasted the PUP because they too need to change some of their ways and delegates including; Ralph, Paul Thompson (he has not worked since they lost general elections so where is his source of income?), the likes of Sherrete Yearwood ( a total disgrace to herself and the party), Tambran, and some of the names go on. I tried to volunteer and offer my services in Belize before and was met with resentment. I have a couple of other childhood friends who experienced the same thing. The people of Belize need to get out this cultural practice of “hands out” and thinking that it’s a privilege to go beg a minister of government for $50 every week , tolerating bribes from government workers to get things done and get up off your asses and work and educate yourselves. Many of you have cars that you’re paying for and not even a decent place to live. At times I do understand the need for transportation because of the crime. Then, you bring pressure on any government when the crime situation is such, because an unsafe country affects us economically at the local and international levels. I digress. Again, I’m sorry Mom, especially in these hard economic times but maybe this will be a wake up call for you and many others.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Damn she’s Cold Mrs. Beverly should be ashame

  3. Teddy Steinway says:

    You take your cellphone pic of your ballot next time.

  4. CEO says:

    Or don’t tell anyone how you voted!

    Are there any laws in Belize regarding these political hiring and firing?

    When she was given the job over someone else for the favors she was happy and did not run to the media. Now when the table is turned she is running to the media. As they say ” the same knife whe stab hag, stab sheep”. Tek yuh lik and keep moving!

    A very poor way of doing business. What’s sad this crap is tolerated by the public!

  5. Christina says:

    If this is true then politicians in Belize have the wrong idea. We do not serve them, they serve us. Which is why they come begging us for votes. By electing them, WE employ them. At any time, WE feel they are not cutting it, WE have the power to undo that too. We don’t have to wait five years either. Area Representatives are there to do just that, serve the will of their constituents not their own. I as well am not aware my area rep came asking me who i wanted him to support either. That needs to change or be changed. Power to the people.

  6. We Want Justice! says:

    The lady says she has campaigned for Beverly Castillo tirelessly day and night, in the rain, in the hot sun, Sunday to Sunday. Don’t you realize that after all of that your Minister does not even know your name? Wake up Ms “Herrera”

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