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Apr 27, 2016

Guatemala’s Foreign Minister says BTV Expedition is an Act of Provocation

Carlos Raul Morales

Tonight, however, the BTV remains undeterred to travel to the Sarstoon over which the Guatemalans are exerting sovereignty and have deployed additional troops in the area. The B.D.F. believes the expedition is risky business for the BTV. Guatemala claims it’s an act of provocation and will not allow the BTV in the area. The Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Carlos Raul Morales, said so in a lengthy interview to Canal Antigua, a local station in Guatemala.


Carlos Raul Morales, Foreign Minister, Guatemala

“Guatemala up to today has not permitted Belizean civilians to go to the island. A year ago, the Foreign Minister of Belize agreed, no one lives on the island, animals and birds live on the island. The idea is to leave the island in peace and let the ICJ decide. We already had a status quo to navigate the Sarstoon River.  They have a unit in Modesto Mendez and they supply it through the river.  The status quo was any time they navigated the river; they pass and ask our permission, we have a unit there, they passed because we understand that they have to supply the unit.  This is what these Belizean N.G.O.s they want to take the caye and Guatemala has not allowed this.  They have another excursion planned for the thirtieth of April, we have told the international community, we’ve told the U.S.A. and UK that this new provocation worries us, because what they are doing is provoking Guatemala and the Guatemalan military will not allow them to reach the caye.”

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4 Responses for “Guatemala’s Foreign Minister says BTV Expedition is an Act of Provocation”

  1. moses x benguche says:

    Wil reminds me of a kid who does foolishness for attention. Let him go. If he feels the need to be a sacrificial lamb.

    If Diplomacy fails, send for all Belizeans abroad with military training buy big guns on the black market Borrow from our friend and allies. Enlist all men over 17. We have to show the joker Molina that we are not going to roll over. We have many strategic options. The bay of pig invaders were trained in Guatemala. I am sure Fidel would like a pay back. Foreign minister get on the phone start calling people. we have to have other options than diplomacy. Build up and show your ability tweet the face book the spread them out.worlwide on the internet.

    We have 3 options. Post our BDF and volunteers on our side of the sarstoon with light arms, bboby traps, land mines wire etc.Be prepared to hit and run. I know the area it is very swampy. Guats cant land vehicles there and their boats will only go so far. Sink a couple of their boats with bazookas, and prepare for guerilla warfare. Keep the fighting at the sarstoon isolated. At least show them that we are not afraid to die. The way we are acting now is like Vici France.
    2. Send an SOS to England and announce that we are maki8ng a deal for oil so that the Gurkas and light infantyry can be posted at he borders. Appeal to our caribbean brothers to send troops and arms. Announce that this is the works and they are coming. Offer citizenship for mercenary fighters. Plant mines and troops aat the western borers don allow them to land in PG. set up big guns on the high ground and blow up thier boats as they come ashore. If they breach the shore destroy the airport blow up the bridges leading to belmopan. Logistically it won,t be easy for them to run over us. We know the land. sabotage and blow up their trucks. Get all the gang bangers and set them us a guerilla hit and run team.. We know that if the joker is crazy enough to launch an attack it will be in the South and Benque so we have to shore up the paces with mines and snipers. In Benque we definitely have to cut off access to the roads.The will be sitting ducks for us. The will have to follow us in the jungle without their heavy equipment. W e can also use propaganda. The guaatemaln killed 30 million campesinos in Peten. We can rile them to go after the Indians soldiers tand .the oligarchy are the officers who ordered deaths of many campesinos, Come on PR man lets get the press going. Jimmy the Joker will be give s dose of Kryptonite. Barrow should not meet with him again without laying out that if he comes we will be ready some of us will die so will a lot of them. Hit and run guerilla warfare baby. I like it, you cannot negotiate from a point of weakness even if you have to talk big.

    All this if diplomacy doesn’t work. Lets get ours storty to all the international media and those of us who are coming fro the sates are bring down guns and ammunition by boat and land. We have sow the joker that we won’t take his bluff. Now we weh see who man da man and who pussy whe run.
    Lets write letters ton our congressman,senators and legislators. Picket the Guatemalan embassy in New York that shoulg get some attention. There are tens of thousands of young willing Belizean men in New York. We have living in our country thousands of Guatemalans living in Belize.. Lets recruit some as spies to give us a headsup on any offensive they plan, so we can set our defense,
    I and 12 infantry,scout and heavy weapon specialist are coming down. Keep Wil out we way. Or maybe we can use him for bait. I and others will report to camp on Monday. Send me a list of what you need ill talk to some people. We must show the joker that we big up and ready fu dead, If he see we weak he noh whe negotiate

  2. John Mencias says:

    Now … this is what I call going too far. It is one thing for us to say to our own people (the BTV and others) – as we should – that they should not go to the Sarstoon in the way it seems they may be planning to as such actions may provoke an already tense situation. It is another thing for the Guatemalan Foreign Minister to be making these statements that ill-serves the détente that have been so far achieved. If anything what we should be talking about is a bipartite Belizean-Guatemalan peace-keeping commission/forces working under the aegis of the OAS or some other regional body to monitor and maintain the peace and ensure equal access for ALL within the Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon until we resolve this dispute by internationally-sanctioned, amicable means.

  3. Me says:

    I’m in New York I tried to visit the Belize Mission to give them my information. There are at least 100,000 Belize men abroad. I’m one of many ready to go home and defend my country. I’m ready to picket at the Guatemalan embassy here in New York. It’s time for Belize to really become a nation let’s stand together. All Belizeans in the New York area lets get together and show Guatemala we are ready to die for Belize and that we will never allow it to become Belice.

    Anyone in the New York Area wishing to contact so we can start to organize I can be reached at

    Reach out let organize, lets unite and defend what is ours.

  4. Marie says:

    For BTV to go record what is happening in Sarstoon is in accordance with Media. They are there to tell the truth. Why is Guatemala telling us how we should run our show. It just tells you they are afraid the UN will see that their acts are one of invasion and not waiting for diplomacy. Belizeans don’t be cowards. Media goes in war zones to show exactly what is happening. BTV is not traveling in their country, BTV is in Belizean Soil.

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