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Feb 25, 2016

Cayo Police Investigate Shooting by G.S.U.

There is an incredible story coming out of the West tonight, in which a man from Bullet Tree was shot by an officer of the Gang Suppression Unit. It happened on the Santa Rosa road near Calla Creek. Welder Roberto Chan was travelling in a white S.U.V. with his wife and two children when he came upon officers of the G.S.U. on a border operation. Shots were fired. Chan was hit in the shoulder. Those are the facts. But then it gets complicated. The G.S.U. claims they had up a checkpoint of sorts. They say Chan tried to ram them with his vehicle, and then reversed to try again since he missed the first time. That’s when the officers fired a shot which caught Chan in the shoulder. That sounds eminently feasible, but Chan and his family have a completely different version of events. News Five’s Mike Rudon has put together the different sides, and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

This is where the incident happened just before 7:30 Wednesday night. Just so you can visualize it, Chan, his wife and small children were on this stretch of dirt road. GSU officers were in this clearing, apparently on an operation to intercept firearms. The officers say they tried to stop Chan at this spot, and that’s when he tried to ram them with his vehicle.


Via phone: Supt. Mark Flowers, Commander, Gang Suppression Unit

Via Phone: Supt. Mark Flowers

“It is my understanding that while officers were out near the Guatemalan border in Belize an incident unfolded where an SUV almost rammed two officers and then reversed in their direction having missed them the first time. A shot was fired which we now know struck the driver.”


Via Phone: Guadalupe Chan

Via phone: Guadalupe Chan, Wife of Man Shot by GSU

 “There is a way that is a lot of bus and its dark where I live, so we were coming from visiting a friend and then we were coming and we just heard gunshots. We didn’t see any vehicle, any checkpoint, any lights, anything. My husband shouted ‘Aaayyy’ and he told me to check my baby and so I called my baby Annie and told her to come in front with me. I heard the Police shout Police, Police so I shouted to them don’t shoot, don’t shoot I have two babies inside of the vehicle.”


Like we said, it’s complicated.


Roberto Chan, Shot by GSU

Roberto Chan

 “It was like 7:22. I was coming off the Santa Rosa road with my wife and two children when the Police shot me. I don’t know why.”



“Was there a checkpoint there with a Police vehicle?”


Roberto Chan

“There was nothing there. They just came out of the bushes and shot me. I don’t know why.”


Police say they had a vehicle parked on the side, clearly visible. The family says they didn’t. In fact, they say, the GSU rushed Chan to the hospital in the family’s vehicle.


Via phone: Guadalupe Chan

 “In my vehicle they rushed him to the hospital, then they called their vehicle to come pick them up and they came in a blue van.”


Via phone: ASP Reymundo Reyes, Deputy Commander, Cayo

Via Phone: ASP Reymundo Reyes

 “Well I know that they had their vehicle out there. And at the same time they were in their operational unit uniforms which have the words printed big enough in white that that could be seen from far. They have the Gang Suppression Unit Police on the uniform itself.”


San Ignacio Police are on the job and have taken some statements which show just how difficult this case will be.


Via phone: ASP Reymundo Reyes

 “The investigation will reveal whether the shot fired was justified. At this moment we have different stories. The officers are saying that they were on the operation when they tried to stop the vehicle and the vehicle tried to run them over. So far in a statement from the wife she is saying that while they were driving by they only heard two gunshots and then the husband realized that he has been shot. I believe that the Police will not just shoot at a vehicle passing by.”


Via phone: Supt. Mark Flowers

“I will be among the first to sympathize with the person who was shot last night. I am certainly sympathetic to that person for the very reason and I pray to God that if that was the case that they did not know…and maybe they wanted to fend off…I don’t know what it is and I don’t know what they’re saying. There is no joy in knowing that this had to happen. There’s no joy in that. I don’t even understand fully what caused the incident. I am sympathetic to the person and I am very sorry that it happened. I feel sorry for them.”


Following normal protocol, San Ignacio Police will investigate, prepare a case file and submit to the DPP for instructions.

Mike Rudon reporting for News Five.



Police sources tell News Five that Chan’s vehicle was actually the target of the operation, and based on information received it was believed that weapons were coming across the border, only a short distance from where he was intercepted. Nothing was found in the vehicle when Police searched it, but it is believed that it could have been removed when it was left unattended at the San Ignacio Hospital where Cahn was taken.


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9 Responses for “Cayo Police Investigate Shooting by G.S.U.”

  1. MNHG says:


  2. Kriol Chicken says:

    Or maybe, just maybe, the GSU was COMPLETELY WRONG and assaulted and shot an innocent family man.

  3. Kriol Chicken says:

    …Because we ALL know most gun runners bring their wife and babies when smuggling weapons…

  4. observer says:

    what ever the intent was by GSU; that fact remains illegal use of force on a family, training, correct judgement, and proper equipment should have been applied, many ways to stop a vehicle without gun shots into a family, now GOB police will most likely be sued for $100′s K and tax payers will foot the bill!
    who ever fired the shot shot should be fired!
    Did the search of vehicle gain anything, or was it clean, this will determine the $ damages we have to pay?

  5. meandi says:

    SO if that vehicle was suspect why wasnt it searched? Im no psychologist but its so clear that after shooting someone they realised that they did wrong so they just tried to remedy the situation by taking the person to the hospital and try clean their tracks. forgetting their first intent.
    Oh GSU and police – fool di talk but no fool di listen. As usual, nothing will come out of this, they will just wash their hands and clean their nails… next . . .

  6. Family of the Victim says:

    who is so crazy to remove any fire arms at the hospital when other police officers where there at the scene come on men stop the make up stories. Accept that your officers did wrong second of all they were the one who drove my cousin in his own vehicle to the hospital wouldn’t it be obvious by them that the fire arms were in the vehicle if that is what they are claiming. Mr. Flowers Sympathize because he is well aware that his officers were at fault. No van was at the scene nor any check point materials were used.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    “Police will not just shoot at a vehicle passing by.” come on Mr. Reyes we’d believe you if your police officers would be well trained including the GSU. We know how you always have cover ups on your rug cops and try to talk sweet how sad for you to say such a statement

  8. Hatari says:

    Again, lack of proper training, lack of supervision, lack of accountability, and a total lack of professionalism. The PD is totally out of control and wasting tax dollars while abusing our citizenry.

  9. Spike says:

    I thank God no one was killed. Human life means less and less in Belize these days.

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