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Sep 25, 2015

Minister Hulse Blames Local Media for Bad International Press on WRH Rat

A rat in the incubator!  Not only have the jarring images gone viral but the story has made headlines across the world.  Undoubtedly, the recent incident involving a rodent biting a newborn inside the incubator in the neonatal ward at the Western Regional Hospital is another black eye on the public health sector. This morning, Minister Godwin Hulse took the local media to task for its extensive coverage of the incident.  While a lot has been covered about the unfortunate occurrence, Hulse says little is being done to shed light on the positive accomplishments of the public health sector.


Godwin Hulse, Minister of Labor

Godwin Hulse

“I was a little disturbed at the massive coverage that the rat in the incubator had because really man, rats are everywhere and bats are everywhere.  Yes, they should not be there, it should never had been in the incubator et cetera.  It’s very unfortunate.  Thank God nothing happened to the child but that we covered it to the extent that it got all this international coverage doesn’t speak well for our country and I think sometimes we have to be sensitive on how we cover certain things.  The nurses, we can’t put that on everybody’s shoulder, rats are creative little creatures, I think they’ve been around from the dinosaur days just like cockroaches and you can’t get rid of them.  Houseflies, it noh care what you do you can only do your best.  It’s unfortunate but I don’t know that it deserves such a significant media coverage as to have it now internationalized to the point where I see it in British news and I see it even in some of the other European news.  I think that is unfortunate, Latin American news as well.  That is unfortunate because it focuses on the country as, “Oh, we’re careless, we’re nasty” which is not the truth and we have not, we have not heralded the great work that a lot of these doctors and nurses do in these hospitals and the amount of lives they save especially in various accidents et cetera.  I personally have had the experience of those doctors and nurses who have gone beyond the call of duty to help to save the lives of some of my family members when they’ve been there and we have to herald that as well and we don’t want to downplay it with a rat that we happened to find in an incubator.”

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10 Responses for “Minister Hulse Blames Local Media for Bad International Press on WRH Rat”

  1. Patriot says:

    Hulse, just remember, this is only one bitter taste of your own medicine. Remember 2008 inuendo of the ACB you were part of it!!!

  2. Prig Minister of Belize, Ali BaBarrow says:

    Good job Godwin Hulse!!!
    You are most precious of the forty thieves.

    You cleaned up the passport mess, threatened to arrest whistleblowers, and the PUP has given up.

    Now you are blaming those who report the news. A good defense is your great offense.

    When all the criminals are rounded up, you will bunk with me in Hattieville.

  3. Prig Minister of Belize, Ali BaBarrow says:

    >rats are creative little creatures, I think they’ve been around from the dinosaur days just like cockroaches and you can’t get rid of them.

    And now they are ministers of government. Time to get rid of them.

  4. Prig Minister of Belize, Ali BaBarrow says:

    “Oh, we’re careless, we’re nasty”

    rats in an incubator, rats in the kitchen cabinet.

    Either way, still nasty,

    so we now call the rat a gibnut and it was admitted into the hospital for a medical problem.

    Some ministers are rats, some are comedians.

  5. Prig Minister of Belize, Ali BaBarrow says:

    There’s a rat in mi kitchen, what am I gonna do?
    I’m gonna fix that rat, that’s what I’m gonna do

    When you open your mouth you don’t talk, you shout
    And you give everybody the blame
    When they catch you up they will shut you up
    And you got no one to blame.

    When you deh pon the scene, you make everyone scream
    Because they know you’re so unjust
    When they catch you up, they will kick you up
    Because you’re someone they can’t trust

    Ub40 – Rat In Mi Kitchen Lyrics | 1986

    And you got no one to blame, except the local media.

  6. John says:

    Pablo Marin is always in Chicago, so while he away the cats don’t play
    The bottom line is that it happens under his watch, in democracy he is to blame. And Hulse, get over it.

  7. BelizeanInAsia says:

    Hulse! This disgusting incident would overshadow any positive accomplishments of the public health sector. Da shame unnu shame now becaz the World di watch. Come on mein! Not having basic sanitation in a hospital is as low as you can go. You people disgust me! Belize is such a small nation and you cannot even get the basics right? I blame the Belizean people living in Belize. Get these useless, incompetent people out of your government! When will you get enough???

  8. Belizean Pride says:

    From all the bunch of scum the in gov. this is the one that always seem to jump in defence of any of them.

  9. shen says:

    It’s true rats are everywhere but can be controlled. If you incompetent ministers would put interest in the good well being of our hospitals and our belizean people, this baby would have never been bitten. All you ministers are doing, is trying to fill your pockets more than it could take before you are being thrown out of government in the next up coming election. The money you are taking in and the money you are wasting on fixing streets could have been used to upgrade our hospitals so has the poor people could get the attention they need. Streets are not important because we don’t go to the streets for help but we do go to hospital when we are sick or in an accident . My mother always tells us not to wish bad upon others but since you ministers don’t care for the belizeans, why should we care for you guy. It should have been one of your child or grandchild that should have been bitten. Infact it should have been one of you ministers that should have been bitten but you know where and see if you wouldn’t find a resolution to this problem. You are useless, incompetent and no good for our country and I am glad to see that this news made it world wide so that they see how nasty our ministers are and not only our ministers but also some of our doctors and nurse because they are not there because they love what they are doing. They are there because is the only job there is to take.

  10. kmh says:

    It’s not just rats. Mothers dying in childbirth. Babies dying en mass from infections at khmh. If Belizeans look nasty abroad maybe it’s because we have some sanitation and hygiene issues. Don’t blame the media for revealing the truth. Do something about the problems so belize can look healthy and safe.

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