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Jul 20, 2015

Why Did Troubled Coastguard Officer Keyren Tzib Kill Her Common-law Husband?

Thytis James Blancaneaux

An idyllic hang-out with friends, drinks and food on Saturday turned into a bloody tragedy when a domestic attack elicited a deadly response. Thytis James Blancaneaux, thirty, was at the residence he shared with Keyren Tzib, twenty-four, in the Spanish Town Area of Lord’s Bank. They were having some drinks with friends and preparing some food when a fight broke out between the couple. Multiple sources say Blancaneaux started beating on Tzib, who stabbed him once in the shoulder. Police got the call at around two p.m. and found him on the ground dead, with Tzib crying over his body. This afternoon she was charged with the crime of manslaughter and arraigned in Magistrate’s Court, the second time she has been there in violent circumstances this year. Mike Rudon has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Thytis Blancaneaux and his girlfriend Keyren lived here in this small shack in Lord’s Bank. They were here Saturday afternoon, just after one, hanging out with four friends – drinking some rum and cooking split peas and pigtail when they started fighting, first verbally, and then with Blancaneaux getting violent.


Max Tejeda, Eyewitness

“They two ya start wah argument, so Mr. Blancaneaux jump up from there and hit Ms. Tzib and they start arguing…so they drift across that area. They come across right here where we’re standing and they start arguing. So I jumped up and I came here and I said it doesn’t make sense to start all that…no sense. So the girl who was in the picture deh dah middle…the guy Blancaneaux deh deh…the girl deh back ya deh seh cool off. So he seh yu want I hit yu again then. And he move fu hit her and the same time the girl had the knife in her hand and she stabbed him in his shoulder here. So he walked away from here and he said Max call the Police and I said yeah…I wah call di Police. And soh when he seh soh, da dead ih dead.”


Hilberto Romero

Supt. Hilberto Romero, Head, Crimes Investigation Branch

“They had a domestic dispute. They had some argument. They had a fight between both of them and that led to Tzib stabbing him to the shoulder.”


According to Tejeda, who always hung out with them – before that one killing blow was struck, Blancaneaux also beat on Tzib with a piece of stick.


Max Tejeda

“When he hit her, she turn around and get off the chair and he run ova deh. See di piece a bamboo still deh deh. The Policeman they ker di rest ah bamboo and he move up and she was right here and he start to whap ah up with the bamboo, bruk up di bamboo pon ah right.”


Max Tejeda

Blancaneaux is the deceased, but there is some doubt that he is the only victim in this tragic story. In November, 2009, Keyren Lavaun Tzib graduated from Coast Guard training as the best female recruit in the squad. In April 2015, she was charged criminally for shooting a Coast Guard colleague while undergoing therapy for depression. And now, Tzib has been charged criminally again, this time for the death of her boyfriend under what seems to be significant duress.


Supt. Hilberto Romero

“The case was sent to the D.P.P., the statements, and she has indicated that Tzib is not to be charged for murder. We are reviewing the file. By the end of the day we will determine if any charges will be levied against her.”



“Sir could you speak to us about her demeanour when Police arrived at the scene?”


Keyren Tzib

Supt. Hilberto Romero

“The information we gathered is that at the time they were consuming alcohol, and there were about four persons that were in the area when the stabbing occurred.”


Max Tejeda

“Actually she neva deh behave no way. As I tell yu even when I call di Police she gawn een deh, she neva tell me why I call di Police, why I do it. She neva have nothing to seh. She just kip still and she cry because she see he down deh. And wen the Police come she move out from here and gawn over there. then they still neva pay her no mind but they know she noh wah run goh nowhere, because if she mi wah run she mi wah goh long time. At dat same time they tell ah she hafto goh da station. She neva have no problem. She just walk right deh and get into the vehicle.”


So what could have led to the vicious and eventually fatal altercation? Their friends say that she wanted to move from the area into better circumstances, and kept pushing Blancaneaux to find a job and do better for them.


Max Tejeda

“I think di problem, because dat start di problem right here…this girl used to wah good environment. If you notice di environment here isn’t good for a girl like that. She was arguing with him to find a better place for them to live. His father mi dead and lef a place at Cotton Tree for him. He mi wah ker she back deh but she seh she noh going back there unless the place have electricity and water…then she would go. He mi just talk to his brother in the States, soh ih bredda seh go check the place, come back and call mih and he wah sort out the thing they for ah, but then ih neva work out his way.”


Supt. Hilberto Romero

“We had that they had previous incidents. Those incidents were not reported. But yes we have information that they had verbal and physical confrontation prior to that incident.”


Edward Broaster

Today it is too late for Blancaneaux and perhaps for Tzib, but the Police is using their story to push an anti-domestic violence agenda in the hope of preventing future fatalities in similar circumstances.


Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster, Rural Regional Commander

“This is a clear indication where this could have been prevented if we had people who had seen what was taking place say something and would have been able to stop this from happening…hence the reason why we are campaigning on this slogan – if you see something, say something, you may just stop something.”


Mike Rudon for News Five.


Tzib, who is currently on interdiction from the Coast Guard at half-pay, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison and her next Court date is set for September eighth.

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2 Responses for “Why Did Troubled Coastguard Officer Keyren Tzib Kill Her Common-law Husband?”

  1. Timber says:

    Today is way TOO LATE for a lot of things. I read the news piece on this young woman a few months ago when she was on trial and felt sorry for her. I know she didn’t make up a rape story as she told while in training at the Coast Guard. However, her accusations were cast aside and instead, if I remember correctly, the brought her up on charges for being AWOL. It’s obvious she was suffering from clinical depression and due care should have been given to her. I forgot, we have no professionals in Belize to take care of that. And please don’t tell me about Jenny Lovell nor anyone because they aren’t qualified and all they do is talk people’s business out and the doctors prescribe some outdated heavy, cheap drugs. Now, she has killed. She was probably suffering from domestic abuse for a while. I also feel pity for you ignorant, illiterate ass Belizeans who have yet to see the light and come to grips with a lot of things, including the path this government is leading us. They are throwing this country into serious debt that will saddle us for generations to come, by stealing. Where is FIU? Uncle Sam has his eyes on a few of you though. Ask Dean how much money he has abroad? Then, instead of using the PetroCaribe money for what it’s supposed to use for, drunken Patrick Faber can be on a podium talking about the food, alcohol and buses the money paid for. We have an inept educational system. I see the Mayor got his mother a consultation job and she has now become expert. She forgot teaching methodology and knowing each student for what he or she is worth and how to approach that student especially depending upon the situation at home. She too has gotten into the hustle. She forgot who got her there, even as a younger teacher than most others who was on staff and was promoted and guided to be somebody to get where she is now. Our healthcare system is atrocious. Even the poorer countries in Central America and the Caribbean have better facilities and doctors than we do. Government calls KHMH a private entity but yet they meddle in their business and put who they want in positions but want to be autonomous of them when it comes to paying salaries and giving wage increases. Same thing they do at DFC, Sister B can walk in there and demand files for people who were deemed a high credit risk, take case and point the two yellow houses in Pen Road’s entrance while that owner was in foreclosure at another bank. Castro can go in there for school loans for his sons who have not entered anyone’s school, except for SJC Sixth Form for one semester and their GPA was less than 1.0. Yet, DFC is supposed to be independent of government. They left my cousin’s Carlton Young’s building where they were paying $3,000 per month in rent only to go to a building owned by Dennis and Dean Barrow and family paying $9,500 per month with smaller space and no outside visibility. Yet, you ignorant jackasses on the street shouting PetroCaribe and killing each other while these fools sit back and laugh at you and plunder government coffers. SMH

  2. jj says:

    Keyren Tzib is just playing the fool nothing wrong with her.

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