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Jun 22, 2015

PM Responds to Hulse’s Allegations

Dean Barrow

That recording, and those very unflattering comments by senior U.D.P. standard bearer, has incited the immediate fury of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He sent out a release this morning stating that he would sue Hulse, and also wanted an apology from him. According to the statement, “What is worse, he – from what has been reported to me – appeared not just to have been propagating the libel, but embracing and endorsing it. He will have to explain this to the public, the Party and his constituents, and he will have to apologize to me. He will also have to suffer the consequences, both political and legal, for his actions.” The PM also made a pre-emptive threat to the media, advising them that the libel should not be repeated. Barrow repeated that threat this afternoon in Dangriga.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“Hulse obviously was taped. He didn’t seek to public it to all the world. Media houses publish it to all the world, then I am afraid that is a different story. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to sue anybody. I believe my reputation is such that nobody will in fact lend any credibility to Melvin’s scuttlebutt and so I am hoping that it doesn’t reach the point where I have to sue anybody.”



“But people may indeed lend some credibility to it because what Mister Ramos did for example is a, forgive, counterintuitive in so far as…he is having financial difficulties, but the job that pays him at least thirty-six thousand dollars a year, he’ll walk away from. Might it not be that someone acting on behalf of the interest of the U.D.P. made an arrangement with him to have a golden handshake when he lands.”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I don’t think so, but you’d have to ask Mister Ramos.”



“I have and he denies it.”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“You see and he ought to know. Have you’ve asked Mister Mahmud? He ought o know.”



“He’s made himself unavailable.”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“We know that people with blood coursing through their veins can sometimes react in an extreme fashion when they feel they have been badly treated, when they feel they have been insulted, when they feel as they have been cast aside. It is my sense that in both cases that is what happened. But as I say, you will have to find…you already spoken to Mister Ramos; you have to find Mister Mahmud to talk to him.”



“Sir, you’ve spoken about political consequences for Mister Hulse. Can you expound on what those will be?”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“No, no because I am saying that the party will have to meet and review the situation and come to a decision as to what to happen.”



And just to expound you are saying that you will not sue even if the media chooses to use it…”


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I never said that you know. I said I would hope not to have to sue anybody. You see, it is a peculiar situation because it is a matter of public interest. But everybody must realize that Melvin Hulse is not part of any kind of inner circle in the U.D.P. you listen to it, he is really kind of retailing what is speculation and gossip and he does so as though he knows. And you really can’t countenance that. But I think while I don’t want to offer any license to the media. I think your station said they will take legal advice; perhaps that’s the best thing to do and then the media will decide how to proceed. For those that have already proceeded in a fashion like Plus TV, who obviously couldn’t contain themselves, I will sue Plus TV. And I am hoping that it stops there. and of course…weh ih name? Bad Vibes?”



“Positive Vibes.”

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3 Responses for “PM Responds to Hulse’s Allegations”

  1. Peter says:

    Why does Barrow sound more and more like a dictator? He seems to be really out of touch with the people of Belize. Threatening everyone left right and center. It’s a sad sad day for Belize.

  2. Timber says:

    Awwww. I see they’ve started to self-destruct. Of the two political parties, I never liked UDP, even before their first term in 1984, before I could vote. I always considered them “two-bit hustlers” and street thugs, including Dean. Look at what he encourages at George Street. Also, I always perceived them to be arrogant, self-serving and vindictive. I’m using all these adjectives for them, not out of total bias; because I have good friends from both parties, but what they have portrayed on a regular basis. I’ve seen Sister B’s attitude towards some of these people when I visit Belize. She knows how to keep their telephone numbers when it’s time for rallys, fundraisers and elections. I’ve blogged about UDP a few times and their mentality and have always stated that Dean has the “By Any Means Necessary” mentality. He will stomp on his own momma to get what he wants. I reiterated this point again when he changed the law, which was unconstitutional, to cover their crookedness over this Eurocaribe money. He uses big words and tries to “overtalk” the ignorant and illiterate Belizeans. Newsflash Dean, that only works on the ghetto crowd. I’m glad this came out from one of their own. The mess is about to get worse, because I heard through the grapevine another one in their party is about to sing “sanky” , and his hopeful successor, the ” Cement Mayor”, is waiting for him to stumble. However, I question your sincerity Melvin, because one wonders if you had gotten what you thought was your fair share of the pie, would you had said anything. You knew all along that there were major improprieties going on and said absolutely nothing. In that same blog about Dean under one PetroCaribe caption, I stated that someone of his mentality is dangerous because they crave “absolute power.” As elections draw nigh, there will be more scandals. ” Wireback” as Albert Vaughn so dearly calls him, backstabbed Santi to please “Mr. Cemento.” However, “Cemento” doesn’t know what was brokered behind is back also. “Wireback” knew that “Cemento” had momentum so he’s riding that horse, no matter whom he has to trudge on. He tolerates Castro, even with all the mess he’s doing and turns a blind eye to a whole lot, because he’s hell bent on winning. As bad as PUP was, UDP is even worst. Nepotism at its worst; members of family and friends placed in high positions. The possum game between him and Darrel will be interesting. However, closer to election time, I have a surprise for Mr. Cemento. His hands aren’t clean. His father likes to call people stupid, dumb and thief and I’ve blogged several times to ask his father to talk about Cooperatives, Credit Union and Junior, his son. I will let more out the bag than I already have why Cemento eventually feuded with BML. Then, I will drop an even bigger bomb. Talk Melvin Dean can’t sue a soul because if what you say is true, he runs an even greater risk of being exposed. He definitely can’t sue the media because they’re only reporting as a third party. That’s why there’s disclaimers. How come the UDP broadcasted Johnny’s audio recording and passed judgment and never deemed it libelous? His arrogance is about to bring him down. PUP had long suspected about Mahmoud and had concrete evidence about Ramos but actually chose to ask him to quietly step down . I digress.

  3. Kaila Moralez says:

    Wow Timber you spoke every word i would choose to say on this topic I need not say anything but thanks for saving me the work. I will use my energy for pop corn as this story unfolds. I have been saying all along that this general election outcome will not be as a result of who has the most money God will decide the outcome of the next general elections by causing things to happen such as Flippings recording and more yet to come. God will remove UDP and free the Belizean people from pain and sorrow barrow. I use my real name KAILA Nunez Moralez.

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