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May 22, 2015

Caleb Orozco Featured in NY Times

Caleb Orozco

Caleb Orozco. He has become the face of the LGBT Community and he has been in news for years challenging section 53 of the Belize Constitution. Well, this is not about that challenge. But, maybe it is that challenge that landed him in the prestigious New York Times. Today an article of almost five thousand words was published on The article titled “The lonely fight against Belize’s antigay laws” talks about the legal challenges and also about Orozco’s personal experiences. Writer, Julia Scott even subtitled her article, “can one challenge to a statute criminalizing sodomy create a domino effect in the Caribbean?” Well, the article picked up steam online, on facebook particularly. Some of the comments we saw, well, they weren’t too kind towards Orozco- some goes as far to say that the contents of the article were greatly exaggerated and that it isn’t the reality for LGBT people. Well, we decided to ask the man himself, and Caleb says everything is true. He said the article was in the making for two years and everything was fact checked.


Caleb Orozco, President, UNIBAM

“When we speak of our story, it is often minimized or as I can quote someone, it’s a “pack of lies straight from the pits of hell.” How can anybody accuse me of telling my story as a pack of lies straight from the pits of hell, when I lived it? How can anybody tell me that my story and the demeaning way that I have been treated over thirty years is a pack of lies when I am the one living in fear?”


Andrea Polanco

They are saying, that you know, a lot of the things said in the article are exaggerated. How do you respond to that?”


Caleb Orozco

“The greatest destruction in this country are not homophobes, it is the majority of our people who remain silent and watch discrimination, mockery, violence, threat and insult and say nothing about it. Our people have remained silent about their issues for so long, it is personally disgusting to me because our silence perpetuate our treatment and as such helps people to reinforce attitude that we do not experience fear in our lives.”


Andrea Polanco

So, you’d say for sure that everything that is in the article is accurate and really true about your personal experience.”


Caleb Orozco

“Everything that has been written is written with the intent to speak the truth. Everybody who knows me knows that I am honest to the point that you won’t want to hear me anymore. I will tell you something even if it will hurt you and I will tell you even if I have to tell you. I don’t need to dramatize my life because as it is, it will tell itself.”



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14 Responses for “Caleb Orozco Featured in NY Times”

  1. Rev Mary Martin says:

    Many thanks for Julia Scott ‘s immaculately detailed over-view, providing deep insight into the mind and heart of Caleb Orozco, whom I love very deeply. “But it took three years for the Supreme Court to hear the case; two years later, the nation still awaits a verdict.” Why? Caleb stands alone in the lawsuit after many Belizean LGBT folk attempted to remain anonymous out of fear and signed onto the lawsuit as a group. The Churches became an “interested party” to the lawsuit and petitioned the Supreme Court Justice to strike out the group as Co-litigates. No person should be forced to live this way! I cry for Caleb and pray that his dear mother’s hushed statement does not prove to be prophetic: “Every time he walk the street, they promise to kill him. Win or lose the case, they’ll kill him.” May Caleb and every LGBT person enjoy daily walks, nights of dancing, loving relationships and a long and prosperous life.

  2. Liberty & Freedom says:

    The article in such a liberal, biased and “has–been” newspaper is worthless. Belize is a Christian country, based upon Christian values, where marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
    What are Caleb’s values? Does anyone really know about Caleb and what his belief’s are?
    The Western countries have accepted the LBGT culture and are trying to force it upon people with traditional values Just ask anyone Muslim what Sharia Law has to say about homosexuality? We are so blinded by the Western liberal press – controlled by their respective governments, that we do not look at the world’s view of the LGBT life style. I strongly do not think they need to be discriminated against, or become victims. God says we are all brothers and sisters. However we are to love our brothers and sisters not in a sexual way who are LGBT.
    So Caleb, enjoy your day in the spotlight of the New York Times. I purchased fish yesterday and wrapped it in newspaper – New York Times edition that featured you.

  3. tashy says:

    I hope he gets what he is fighting for, why cant people just leave this man alone or any other gays. The courts noses is in the wrong business, it should be in the gangs and all the killings going on and all this bad government that is in the house, instead of fighting this man or any one to have the RIGHT TO LOVE who they want to love. PRAYING YOU WIN YOUR CASE

  4. Teacher says:

    ” I will tell you something even if it will hurt you ” – Caleb Orozco
    That is exactly what we are ALL doing.

  5. Richard Ammon says:

    Those who condemn homosexuality based on Bible words forget that this same Bible supports owning slaves and calls charging interest on loans (usury) an “abomination”; and it also says if a widow does not get re-married–to her brother-in-law–she should be stoned to death… so why not follow those commands today !? Because the use of the Bible changes over time and cultures. Using the Bible to condemn homosexuality is totally wrong and inhumane (like slavery and widow killing), Stop hating and learn the real truth about human sexual diversity.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Leviticus 20:13 ESV / 827 helpful votes

    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

  7. bill magnusson says:

    God clearly says in His Word that homosexuality is an abomination and those who practice it will go to hell. Who are these people to tell us we must turn our backs on God just to make them feel good. Why should I give up my values for you, why don’t you give up yours. Do we stand for Christ or lay down for gays. Our nations very existance depends on our adherance to Gods laws.

  8. JJ says:

    Liberty & Freedom, your name contradicts what your comments states. No one is forcing anyone to live in the life that the LGBT community lives. All the “straight” people have issues with this topic and I really do not understand why, it does not impact your beliefs in your god, it does not require you to sleep with someone of the same sex, it doesn’t affect you at all. The LGBT community only wants equality.
    I believe that the reason why people are so against the LGBT community is because our government and our churches say it is wrong. There aren’t laws in place that protect these people. I am not saying that a catholic has to agree with the lifestyle but they should RESPECT. Everyone on this earth has been given the right to make choices in life whether you are catholic, black, white etc.
    LOVE AND LET LOVE. Belize has enough violence happening, we don’t need anymore

  9. CEO says:

    It is amazing to me how the Belizean public can be manipulated to think that LGBT interests are things so important to the future of Belize as a country but criminal activities especially of elected officials, gang crime and the decadence that comes with these are of less importance.

    We have always had LGBT people in our society and we use to live in peace and harmony. It was not until hard drugs became part of our society that we started to kill and murder each other with no care for life.

    I know I could live in peace and with no fear among LGBT who are peaceful than among drug dealers!

  10. john says:

    God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, nasty motherfuckers

  11. Belizean Pride says:

    Oh come one Rev Mary Martin, rev or not, this is what the Belizean people are against for, getting the LGBT life style from the American people shoved down our lives in saying its o.k to live like that. And you mom seem to enjoy this issue so much. I wonder where or how you got the Rev. Mom this is something that Belizeans will never accept even if the world says so. Only by forcing our Jewel by other big countries with sanctions might but deep inside we know it’s not a normal thing or life style.

  12. PSoberanis says:

    To say that the article exaggerated the situation is a testament to how blindly people of a particular faith follow what is being taught without following the basic values of the religion. The Caribbean on a whole has stigmatized the LGBT community while advertising themselves as being welcoming locations for tourists of all walks of life. The sad truth is that the treatment of another human being in such a manner is appalling. Using the bible to justify such violence is appalling. In the time of slavery, the bile was used to justify slavery itself. This is no different in how we twist the words that we should live by to suit an agenda. Let love reign. Caleb, my cousin, I will support your efforts 100%. I do hope that the article continues to gain steam on social media and that the pushes the issue to forefront so the world can see what truly happens in the Caribbean when it comes to the LGBT community. @Liberty&Freedom it is clear that you speak from a place of ignorance. I know plenty of people who are a part of the LGBT community that have wonderful values. Human values that are not biased by religious extremism.

  13. Belizean Pride says:

    What we Belizeans in vast are trying to say is look at what is happening in the U.S if a gay couple wants to married in a church and the church oppose it they are sued, if a bakery is ask to make a wedding cake and they oppose they are sued. Come on they end up oppressing the business also and the community. I’d say since you as his cousin why don’t the gay community get together and build a church find their own marriage officer to marry them instead of causing such havoc or scandal. Same applies to the bakeries make them build their own bakery to suit themselves and do what they want. But what you don’t see is that knowingly that church oppose them they still try to go to a church for marriage causing such a scandal and suing the Pastor, church and marriage officer. We don’t want that. I have neighbors that are gay but who cares I guess none, this is the main reason we Belizeans don’t want to go through the same thing like in the U.S where business have to close down churches ares sued and etc. It’s not because they are gay it’s what they end up doing in the community.

  14. KINGSKID says:

    This is indeed a sad story—-not because of the fight for gay rights. I am a Christian and I know what the word of God says about sodomy. However, I also know that God and His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ will ALWAYS love the sinner—-and always hate the sin. We must be able to differentiate between the two. I pray for the salvation of this young man. It is only in Christ and His power that he will ever experience the peace and true love for which he is searching.

    What saddens me equally is the manner in which my adopted homeland (the USA) must seek to interfere and influence and hold as bait over our heads (my beloved Belize) its desire to see countries such as mine walk in the path that it (the USA) has chosen—to take God out of every public proclamation and profession. I am not at all however, surprised. Prophecy is being fulfilled (as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so too shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man) and Our Savior’s return is imminent! Maranatha!!!

    My word to Caleb: “Call on the Lord while He may be found and seek Him while He is near. You have lots of time and immeasurable solitude on your hands. Get into the Word of God, and ask His Holy Spirit to enlighten you and comfort you and guide and direct you into all truth. There is still freedom and power and peace in the blood of Jesus. I am praying for you.

    To all those who commented on and endorsed a boycott of my beautiful Belize, go on ahead. Why am I not surprised? This just goes to further validate my point that my adopted country will too frequently resort to bullying tactics and hold money and financial support as a carrot at the noses of “dependent” and vulnerable Third World nations. Bow to us or we withdraw our support. But guess what? If the people of my beloved homeland who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways (not just sodomy, but all the other corruption that now exists and has tarnished our beautiful jewel), He has promised that He will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal our land. With Him on our side, that is all we need—not dependence upon foreign finance.

    Orozco: Part 2

    You know what? There was a comment (that I can’t quote verbatim, as I don’t remember it exactly) that the NYT made in its article that was most poignant to me. It was something regarding the attitude of “the church” in Belize in regards to this situation. Now, while I totally and completely do not condone this lifestyle, nor do I agree with the efforts of the masses in the Greater “Developed” countries to propagate it—-no, more like force it down the throats of all who do not agree, I would challenge the body of Christ to examine itself and see whether it is walking in the His footsteps. As simple and clichéic as this may sound, I wonder whether my brothers and sisters in the Lord have asked themselves: “What would Jesus do” in this situation. How many of them have attempted to reach out to this young man, or any other wretched soul that is caught up in the web of lies that the Enemy has propagated to have them placed in this situation in the first place? How many of them have even called out to our Savior, by name, on behalf of this and other individuals caught in this state? I am reminded that as members of the body of Christ, we should all be able to profess that: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound” (Isaiah 61:1). I see several directives here. Those of us who claim to be under the anointing should be preaching good tidings, binding up broken-hearted, proclaiming liberty to captives and opening prison doors to those who are bound. If these homosexual individuals do not fall under the purview of these action verbs, then I wonder who does.

    I am reminded too of the verse of scripture that admonishes us that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12 (KJV). As such, Mr. Orozco and all who are like him are not the ones against whom we should be fighting. Rather, we know who the real Enemy is. We also know that through the power of the blood of Christ and under his anointing, one can put 1,000 to flight, two, 10,000, and if you see the incremental pattern here, it would take no more than three or four to completely capture all the demon spirits that are reigning over our beloved Belize (with a population of a little over 300,000), and put them all to flight.

    One final thought before I sign off on this topic —-for now. How many of my Christian brothers and/or sisters have reached out to this gentleman with the love of Christ, and demonstrated in deed what Jesus would do, so that he would “go and sin no more?” Just a thought—-or more like a challenge.

    Mr. Orozco, if you ever get a chance to read this post (and I hope you do), and if you are ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, please look me up. I would love to sit and share a meal—and the love of my Savior Jesus Christ with you. I can only imagine what you, with as strong a conviction as you currently have for what you presently believe, would be for the Kingdom of God if you were to be on His side. I continue to pray for you sir.

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