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May 22, 2015

Does Spread in NY Times Benefit LGBT Agenda?

So, what does a major spread in the New York Times do for the LGBT Community? Caleb says it is about showing just how real it is for persons from community and he wants to raise awareness. And from the article it seems as if though Orozco has been facing the brunt of the discrimination, and he says many others go through it, but they are silent about it. So, we asked him today if it has been worth it and will this article help:


Andrea Polanco

New York Times, it is such a high profile media, do you think it will aid in terms of the work that you are doing?”


Caleb Orozco, President, UNIBAM

“At this point, I have to keep it real and in keeping it real, on the positive side, it will help to educate people about the human element about what is going on; not the politics; not the opposition; not the prejudice; just the human element and if my story has successfully educated families about what the issues are and get families in a conversation then my story would have succeeded in what it was intended to do. On the other side, the story will also invite homophobes and in so doing, the homophobes will bring out why the story is important. In that regard, the two opposing comments that takes place over the story brings into context the conversation of what it means for an individual to actually stand up”


Andrea Polanco

Do you think that what you have done so far has been worth it?”


Caleb Orozco

Caleb Orozco

“What I have done so far is not done for popularity, reputation or done because it is something that will get my name in the world. It was done because I needed to find a tool that to fight a system that refuses to respond to the needs that I have as an individual. It just so happen that in seeking to find the necessary tools to culture the system of oppression in which I live, it just so happens that the investment and the sacrifices that I have made personally have been transformative in getting people to understand and express their views around what the issues are for them”


Andrea Polanco

But it seems that, well, you’re kind of the face of the LGBT Community. Do you think that member of the community have perhaps put you out there; you’re there alone?”


Caleb Orozco

“If you had asked me that ten years ago, I would have said yes. But what I want to make clear is that nobody put me out here alone. I put myself here. It just so happens that the support I have are people who do not wish to bring visible light to themselves or people who do not wish to be the face of an issue because they have seen what has happened and they don’t have the support like I have. What my sacrifice is about is a call to action. For my community is important for them to understand that the time is now for them to act and defend the various fundamental rights and freedoms they have they have. It is not time to go behind the zinc fence. We have too many zinc sitters in our community”


Andrea Polanco

Do you think we will ever reach that point in the near future as it relates to the LGBT Community, or will it happen until our law is amended?”


Caleb Orozco

There is no reason why the constitutional framework under which all citizens live could not be inclusive and address all citizens. Our constitution doesn’t speak to ‘except’ it speaks to all citizens and that is how we must remember how human rights apply to our everyday living. When your life as an individual is being injured day in day out psychologically by strangers you don’t know, how long does it take you to stand up for your own self if the state doesn’t stand up for you, then we have to do it for us and this is what is at the heart of this conversation.”

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5 Responses for “Does Spread in NY Times Benefit LGBT Agenda?”

  1. Teacher says:

    ” I will tell you something even if it will hurt you ” – Caleb Orozco

    That is exactly what we are ALL doing.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Teacher:It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s an “Abomination”

  3. CEO says:

    Teacher your comments are pretty ignorant so I have to believe the same of you!

    We will never all fully agree with each other, as a matter of fact no two people will ever be in full agreement but we need to find a way forward if the nation will survive. If we start to kill those we do not agree with there would be mass murder all over the country. There were several times in history where innocent people were brutalized because the looked differently or they worshiped differently. Then there was a time when those that were accused of witchcraft were burnt to the stake alive. Today in Belize it is LGBT’s that we gang up on.

    We have always lived in peace throughout our history with homosexuals in our midst but I do not know of any society that have lived peacefully with gangs and mob activities.

    Intelligence can never be legislated. There are all sorts of laws on the books against criminal activity but people still commit crimes. All Belizeans should be afforded all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of the laws of Belize.

  4. Belizean Pride says:

    It might gain attention in N.Y but not in Belize and I’m telling you that Caleb even if it will hurt you.

  5. PSoberanis says:

    An interesting aspect to this issue from the Christian perspective is the lack of criminalization of people who commit adultery. Isn’t that a sin of grave proportions? It is one of the 10 commandments yet I don’t see folks up in arms when a man or woman is sleeping with multiple partners. My point here is simply that we cannot just pick and choose what we want from the bible to criminalize. No matter how long a law has been in place, even those that have been around for centuries, it does not mean that the law is just. History should be our teacher. If we are to learn anything from history it is that as humans we are flawed. Things will change over time and, as humans, we need to change what is considered “legal”. Remember, slavery was legal for quite a while. Still did not make it right.

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