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May 5, 2015

11 Year Old Shooter in Human Services Custody

The shooting of Travis occurred last Thursday and it was until this afternoon that police sent out a release on what transpired.  Contrary to the family’s report that the two boys were playing in the yard, the police say that their initial investigations reveal that while Travis was coming from school, he started hurling rocks at the eleven year old. The minor reportedly went inside his home, got his father’s licensed sixteen-gauge Harrington and Richardson brand shotgun from a room.  He aimed it at the six year old student and fired the single and deadly shot, which caught Travis, who was standing about fifty feet away, near a palm tree. But it took five hours for the young boy to get to the K.H.M.H. because one ambulance broke down and the other did not have fuel to reach Belize City. As to the eleven-year old, News Five understands, he has since been removed from his parent’s house in the Valley and is now in the custody of the Human Services Department. By law, the minor cannot be charged for a crime because of his age. Since the incident, Polanco and Bahadur maintain, that they have not heard from the police and they are of the belief that the licensed holder of the shotgun needs to be held responsible.


Gurly Bahadur, Mother of Deceased

“I want dehn hold the father for it. Dehn say the child deh ah social right now, but then he just eleven. Five years, six years from now, he will be out free. My son gone; I left heartbroken; that dah my baby. I woulda want make dehn lock up the father make he spend the time dah back for my son.”


Gurly Bahadur

Duane Moody

“You think he is culpable?”


Gurly Bahadur

“Yes, well because dah he left the gun out dah his house. And if he neva teach di kid how to shoot a gun, maybe the kid never mi wah know how to shoot the gun.”


Duane Moody

“Are you guys hearing anything from police as to the next way forward? We know that the parents were detained for some hours; they were interviewed and then released. What are the police saying?”


Thomas Polanco

Thomas Polanco, Father of Deceased

“I don’t know because they noh tell me nothing. Dehn just come investigate, but dehn noh really tell me weh di happen.”


Gurly Bahadur

“Nobody get back to me.”


Duane Moody

“If police is not saying anything, if social has only taken away the kid, is that any kind of semblance of justice for you?”


Gurly Bahadur

“Well right now to tell you the truth, I know I can’t get back my child, he wah walk off free, his son wah walk off free, but I woulda want dehn pay all expense for my baby. That dah all I di ask for cause I know I noh wah get no kinda justice. Like I tell yo, I dah noh Dean Barrow, I dah noh Esquivel fi say get justice. So I woulda want mek dehn at least pay all expense.”


Duane Moody

“I know when I spoke to you last week, hours after the incident happened, you spoke of negligence on the parent’s part to have the gun lose like that in the house, unsecured. Any other comments as to that?”


Thomas Polanco

“Have to tell parents if dehn have gun, make dehn know how to put it up because then to have it in the reach of pikney, dah trouble because for pikney, dah temptation.”


Travis Polanco will be laid to rest this weekend.

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2 Responses for “11 Year Old Shooter in Human Services Custody”

  1. Timber says:

    To the family, I sympathise and empathize with you. No, a gun shouldn’t have been left around the home, worst a loaded one. Unfortunately, are there any laws to hold the parents culpable? Now the truth has come out, the kids had a little childhood tiff. The reaction of the eleven year old was a direct result of the parents introducing him to such violence at a young age; i.e.hunting and I bet t.v.viewing in the household isn’t monitored nor regulated. Cartoons are obscene and violent, and, don’t even ask about some of the movies they show especially at peak times. Parents let the t.v. Do their jobs for them while they’re doing something totally different. There’s no family time nor any extra effort being made to educate beyond what’s necessary. Even at my age,( I was raised by ” old school” parents), I don’t watch certain things on t.v. There are certain places I don’t go, depending upon the venue, nor certain company I don’t keep other than just the casual hello. No, you’re not Barrow nor Musa, neither of them give a damn about you nor your son’s life. However, please don’t make this political. All this, including what I just read about the ambulance, is a breakdown of the system. That’s why we need to educate ourselves and stop jumping up when these politicians prostitute the citizens of Belize for a mere $50 every two weeks, the promise of land when elections come around,land you will eventually lose because 95% of us do nothing with it because we either don’t have the finances or, the land is inaccessible; and, last but not least, this damn petrocaribe money which they’re stealing and lying to this country about and you’ll pay dearly for it. Let your vote be your voice. I streamline sometimes the nonsense from Wave and Positive Vibes in the US. Joe and Fonso make me sick. Joe keeps calling people names like stupid, thief, etc… Joe, remember Cooperatives and the lady who made a few calls to save your ass from going to jail? Let’s talk about Joe junior and the reason why he ran to the US. Now, he can advertise a BelMex construction company in California. Who the hell he thinks will trust him with their money and to do work when he’s not suitably qualified. You want me to call names of a couple of elder Belizeans who trusted him and he botched? You call Delores Balderamos a maklala, word has it that you looked a sight when you and Alberto August were in that room with the young lady who berated August on facebook and a couple other social media sites. Now, let’s go to Little Darryl. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. The time is almost near for me to bust out on him. Belize will see he’s not as squeaky clean ad he’s trying to portray.I heard your estranged wife trying to flex her muscle around Belize. She’s in for a surprise!

  2. annoyed says:

    LOL! I wish you had a blog page Mr Timber, it would be interesting to know what else is to know about all these corrupt, arrogant and ignorant men. I despise Jo, fonso and Alberto august. Hearing them on the talk show is like listening to the House speaker for house meetings. He is the other A**h*le taking up cases for all the drug lords in San Pedro. His services are in high demand and we know why. Alberto August, He is the biggest prick in santa elena, watch his mansion going up so fast. Just another term for the udp and he will have it all finished up. UDPs… bunch of cronies. My poor belizeans will pay for petrocaribe.,

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