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Apr 20, 2015

Well-known Couple Found Dead Inside Ladyville Home, Murder/Suicide Suspected

Michael Estell & Colleen Sharp

A well-known Ladyville couple was found dead inside their house in Ladyville, Belize District. When family members were unable to get in contact with them on Sunday, police were called. Inside the bathroom of the house, on the second floor of the building on the Old Coke Road, police would discover the bodies of fifty-four year old Michael Estell and his thirty-year old common-law wife, Colleen Michelle Sharp. Both had been shot once to the head and a point thirty-eight pistol, licensed to Estell was found beside their bodies. While speculation is rampant as to what would prompt the couple’s violent ending, police would not confirm who pulled the trigger. Andrea Polanco has this report.


Andrea Polanco, Reporting

It was inside this three story house where the tragic and fatal end of a relationship unfolded in what police say is a murder-suicide. After they were unreachable for a few hours, Coleen Sharp would later be discovered with a single gunshot wound to the head above the right eye and her common-law husband Michael Estell with a single gunshot wound to the right temple.


Hilberto Romero

Supt. Hilberto Romero, Head, CIB, Eastern Division

“Family members called the police. They became concerned when they couldn’t reach them via phone or by any other means and the police went to the area and checked the house.  We found two bodies. The firearm was between the two bodies and they were each in a pool of blood.”


The firearm between the couple was a point three eighty pistol with a live round in its chamber, licensed to Estell. Also found in another part of the house, was another licensed firearm. Police say that nothing suggests force entry. Reports are, however, that there appeared to have been a fight inside the house between the couple.


Supt. Hilberto Romero

“There were no signs of forced entry and no signs of anything being tampered with or anything of such.”


The couple was out socializing on Saturday night and was last seen alive around ten that night when they arrive home. This bar, located on the lower flat of the residence was open late on Saturday night. An employee saw the couple arrive; everything appeared normal.


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“About ten, Mike pull up and open the gate and drove in. He left the gate open and about fifteen minutes later Colleen show up as usual.”



“Did anything seem strange? Is that the normal?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“No, that’s the normal thing.”



“So that was the last time you saw them?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar




“Alright, now you closed the bar about what time last night?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“About eleven.”



“Did you hear any kind of noise, any kind of ruckus to indicate that there was problems upstairs?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“No, nothing, nothing.”



“Now this morning, or actually tonight rather, talk to us about he sequence of events when the first set of guys came looking for Mike.”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“Well we open at six and about seven-thirty – eight, that’s when the first amount of guys come looking for him, shouting for Mike and come in and ask me if I see him. I said no and we opened the gate and waited for the police to come and the police and a couple of the guys went upstairs. They came down a few minutes later and said that they were dead.”


Colleen Sharp

Friends and family gathered outside the couple’s home on Sunday night when they received the news. Neighbors said that they didn’t hear any gun shots or disturbance at the residence. And, that contrary to speculations that the couple had a stormy relationship, from all appearances, they seemed happy. So, when they received the news, they were in shock.


Voice of: Neighbor

“When someone called me and told me that Mike Estell died, I wasn’t sure which Mike Estell because I know two Mike Estell. Then they called me back and said, it’s your neighbour. I went like, really? When I looked out so and I open my doors and I saw the lotta cars, I was like oh my, it’s true. That was when I know of the death. Really shocking. But, they never did, it never did, there was never, never any sense of uneasiness between them. It’s a shock. Very shocking.”



“How would you characterize their relationship? Everyone who knew them unfortunately knows that there was a history of violence in the relation. Were you aware of this at all?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“Not really, because when you see Mike and Colleen and them together, it is normal couple. Seriously we don’t see anything wrong, so we don’t judge like that.”



“So when they came downstairs and told you Mike and Colleen are upstairs dead, what was your reaction?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“That was a shock. I asked did somebody kill them; what happened?”



“Would you have imagined that it was as they are saying, a murder suicide?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar

“No, I swear I was shocked; I couldn’t believe it.”



“Have you ever heard them fighting upstairs?”


Voice of: Employee of Mike’s Bar



Today, police were unable to say who pulled the trigger. The time of the murder-suicide is also unclear as the post-mortems are being conducted this afternoon.


Supt. Hilberto Romero

“The Scenes of Crime personnel were there. They processed that scene thoroughly and that is a part of the investigation; to dust for prints and any other material that is relevant to the investigation. The post mortems will be done today and the doctor will submit his reports along with the firearm examiner and then we will be in a better position to establish what actually transpired here.”


Thirty year old Sharp and fifty-four year old Estell lived at this house for many years, and shared it with their ten year old daughter, who wasn’t at home at the time.


Voice of: Neighbor

“As a parent myself, I am sorry for that little girl. I know her so well. She lived here with her parents. Imagine her devastation when she hears this news. I know them so well. It’s hard.”


Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

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4 Responses for “Well-known Couple Found Dead Inside Ladyville Home, Murder/Suicide Suspected”

  1. Forensic Files says:

    There is high suspicion that this is a murder and the serial killer/s is rite in-front of the police noises. But as normal for the Police their old saying “Police is investigating”, which has become a bully phrase. Police investigators please do your job properly, and comprehensively investigate that employee, crack his phone records, computer, tablets, compare his declaration/ statements and please interview one by one the neighbors at their house in a very polite and professional manner and you will end with the killer/s. The description of the police of how the bodies were found is impossible that it be rule a suicide. Come on Police officers show your abilities and capabilities that you can solve this murder.

  2. timber says:

    Ok. So, please tell the public how did these illiterate police officers can already be claiming murder/suicide? You are as irresponsible as them for reporting it as such. These ingrown police are quick to close cases because their crime-solving rate is Zero!

  3. Al says:

    Message to the police: Did you bag the hands of both deceased so you can test for gun powder residue. I believe this is the basic place to start idiots. Is our coroner trained in the police forensics for gathering evidence or just how to cut up the corpse.

    This police department truly needs to petition the American Embassy to link them up with the FBI to get some in-depth training for these illiterate people who calls themselves detectives.

  4. Forensic Files says:

    Fully agree with AL. Has the persons working for them been fully investigated? their clothes, their story where they have been the night of the murder, shoes they wear that night and compare to print shoes gathered at the murder scene, finger printing in full of the house entrance on the night of the murder. Did the owner always allow his employees to hold or safe keep his second gun??? has the wife of the employees been questioned? these questions and investigations will assist to find the culprit/s.

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