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Apr 13, 2015

Deadly Weekend Shooting in Roaring Creek; One Dead, Another Critically Injured

Jermaine Welcome & Allen Garbutt

Tonight, a small community in Roaring Creek Village known as Hattieville is still in shock, and residents are afraid, following a bold execution of one man and the attempted murder of another over the weekend. Early Saturday morning, a lone gunman targeted twenty-four-year-old Allen Garbutt and his friend, twenty-four-year-old Jermaine Welcome, as they stood outside Garbutt’s home on Progress Avenue. Garbutt survived the hail of bullets but Welcome did not. Mike Rudon was at the scene of the murder Saturday morning and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Scattered, cold French fries lie where they fell just after one-fifteen on Saturday morning, when a gunman shot Jermaine Welcome and Allen Garbutt at Garbutt’s home in the Hattieville Area of Roaring Creek. The two men had just returned from buying food and had placed it on the verandah. The shooter stood outside the fence and fired at least five shots at them. Garbutt’s mother heard the shots but was afraid to come outside, until she received a phone call.


Voice of: Wendy Garbutt, Mother of Allen Garbutt

“I hear my phone ring, and when my phone ring my son seh mommy, mommy come outside they shot up mi. And when I rush outside and I run soh I noh find ah. So I halla fu ah like five times – Allen weh yu deh. I done seh my baby dead. And da when ih seh mommy, mommy sih mi down ya…da when ih drop down deh by the step. Ih seh mommy they shot mi up. When I gawn ova ah da because the blood deh dash. An ih seh mommy wait sih Jermaine ova deh soh. When I peep ova deh Jermaine lay out too.”


One bullet hit the verandah, still stained with blood. Another penetrated this front window and curtain, then exited the side window before hitting the wall of the cement house next door. The other bullets found their mark in Jermaine Welcome and Allen Garbutt. They managed to run around the side of the house before collapsing – Garbutt on this step and Welcome near the fence.


Voice of: Wendy Garbutt

“I just see the blood deh dash from my baby shoulder. So I ask ah weh part you get shot. He seh mommy inna mi shoulder and inna mi hip. So well I just pick he up first, and da when we gawn fu Jermaine he seh Miss Wendy they shot mi inna mi back. And when we look inna ih back the big shot and the blood deh dash dash.”


Jermaine Welcome

Wendy Garbutt ran for help from a cousin next door, and rushed the men to the Western Regional Hospital.


Voice of: Wendy Garbutt

“We pick they up, we put they inna di car and we gawn. We ker they da hospital. Meanwhile we gwein Jermaine seh Miss Wendy I noh wah mek it because I noh deh breathe. So I tell ah hold up hold up. He hold mi pon mi two shoulder an ih seh Miss Wendy I noh wah mek it. Da time we done reach da di hospital. When we reach da because when they rush een Jermaine and Allen, they come out back and seh Jermaine dead. Right now they deh operate pon Allen. They finish da Belmopan and they rush ah da Belize.”


This area known as Hattieville, in Roaring Creek, has become a hotspot, and in recent weeks there has been a shooting and a murder nearby. The zone is known for drug activity, which could explain the spurt of violence that has now ended the life of Jermaine Welcome and has traumatized residents.


Allen Garbutt

Voice of: Wendy Garbutt

“I noh know. I coulda neva tell. I noh know because da innocent people deh get shot. Because da lee bwoy deh me noh know he as no trouble bwoy. So da innocent bwoy. And di next shot weh happen ova deh same way. They people da innocent people weh they deh shot. Soh I noh know weh deh happen. I noh know weh deh tek place.”


Residents tell us that police recovered five expended shells outside the fence, shells which allegedly came from an M-sixteen assault rifle. Mike Rudon for News Five.


Late this evening Belmopan Police confirmed that the expended shells were five point five six calibre…consistent with that fired by the M-sixteen. Two suspects are being sought. 

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1 Response for “Deadly Weekend Shooting in Roaring Creek; One Dead, Another Critically Injured”

  1. cousin of shooting victim says:

    i think the police slip up in this case….the reason i seh that is because early friday evening in front a chun shop a gun man mi deh bout he gawn fi shoot dime in front a lot a people and his gun snap and he and dime mi the fight fi the gun the gun man had on a mask and through out dah whole struggle the mask neva come off so we nuh know dah who dat the gun man manage fi get weh and run towards the another world area no police neva come bout come investigate about that incident.. afta 1 we heard gun shot neva know that dah my cousin they shot… from the first incident police should a mi deh bout and lock down the village and the patrol… if they mi do dat my cousin neva mi wah in a hospital right now the fight fi ih life and cheese neva mi wah dead…. too much thing the happen our village too small fi so much thing the happen…police need fi step up….

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