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Mar 18, 2015

Ladyville Police Explain Charge Against Raul Magaña

Bryan Neal

The driver of vehicle involved in a traffic accident that occurred last year was taken to court on Tuesday. Raul Magana Junior was behind the wheel of his SUV that overturned on the George Price Highway.  His common-law wife and son both died, but tonight there is more to the story. In a most unusual move Magaña, who was also a victim in the accident, is facing charges of manslaughter. Today, we got an explanation from the police as to why they believe Magana is liable. Duane Moody reports.


Bryan Neal, Attorney [File: March 17th, 2015]

“Well, I am still shocked that he has been charged. We will have disclosure I believe on June thirtieth and once we get disclosure we will see what is the substance of their investigation. But, this is an accident and that this position. We are maintaining that. And it is really tragic that this man is being charged after having lost his family.”


Duane Moody, Reporting

It came as a surprise to the court and others on Tuesday that thirty-five year old businessman, Raul Magaña Junior, was being charge for a traffic fatality almost a year ago in which his wife, Lissa Li, and their two year old son, Raul the third, perished. On April twenty-eighth, 2014, Magaña, who was traveling along with his family and two other persons from Orange Walk to Ladyville, allegedly experienced a tire blow out that caused his vehicle to overturn between miles twenty-six and twenty-seven on the Phillip Goldson Highway. He lost control of the vehicle.


Voice of: Valerie Wade, First Responder [File: April 28th, 2014]

 “When I heard that the vehicle tire burst, the vehicle lost control and it spin around like three times. After that, ih lost control in the gravel and ih flip. When it flipped, the baby and the lady drop out while it is flipping. The vehicle start to flip and flip and flip.”


Duane Moody

“The driver was still inside while this was happening?”


Voice of: Valerie Wade

“And somebody run out of the vehicle and holla help, help, help. And I run come to try and help them.”


Duane Moody

“Tell us about what you saw when you came out here to help?”


Voice of: Valerie Wade

“When I come out here, the lady done drop dead already; she mi done dead. But the baby mi still alive….ih neck mi broke and then ih mi di bleed through ih ears. But if something mi even here and mi ker ahn, ih still noh mi wah live.”


Raul Magaña Jr.

Raul Magaña Jr., Charged for Manslaughter by Negligence [File: April 29th, 2014]

“Right when ih pull across di highway, ih mi di look fi go head-on into a lamppost, so because of that lamppost, I try haul back the vehicle and when I did this, by the time ih come off the highway due to the grass and wah stone, di stone knock the back of the car wheel and ih just flip. Nothing I coulda mi do and this thing happen so fast that when the vehicle finally stop turn and I look beside me—because ih turn with the wheels upside down—I notice mi wife and mi baby noh deh side ah me. So I start scream the holler fi them and come out. The other two occupants of the car, Edwin and “Tash,” come out of the car and they help me di scream and no one answer. Till I find mi wife couple feet from me ina di bush dead; bad position, bad scene. Then I start look for mi baby and when I get there, all I could see dah mi baby gasp fi air in front of me and I couldn’t do nothing. All I do dah just kneel down and hold on to ahn.”


But over the weekend, five weeks before the first anniversary of the tragedy, Magaña Junior learnt that he was facing a slew of charges: two counts of Manslaughter by Negligence and two counts of Causing Death by Careless Conduct. As we were told, Magaña Jr., as the driver of the vehicle, is liable for the safety of his passengers…despite being a victim himself in the accident.


Keith Clarke

Sgt. Keith Clarke, Station Sergeant, Ladyville Police

“He was driving his Toyota Prado which overturned killing his common-law wife and his two year old son. After extensive investigation, it was determined that Mister Magaña was liable for the deaths of his wife and son and hence the reason he was charged for a bevy of traffic related charges yesterday.”


Duane Moody

“Could you explain to us how is it that he was liable to be charged? Why given the fact that he was one of the victims in the accident…”


Sgt. Keith Clarke

“Well I wouldn’t want to prejudice the case as we speak; however, I believe we have very competent investigators who have come to the conclusion that Mister Magaña was liable and this matter shall be vetted out in the court. And it shall be decided whether he is guilty or not for the deaths of his wife and his son.”


Duane Moody for News Five.

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4 Responses for “Ladyville Police Explain Charge Against Raul Magaña”

  1. Belizean Pride says:

    what a waste of time, the accident hit n run and others never comes to a court case but why will this one is done unprecedented. Could this political or some other people behind this case. Seems absurd due to the fact that his death of his wife and child was not intentional nor premeditated.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is not a waste of time. Driver’s in Belize take road safety very lightly. Whenever I am driving on highways in Belize, I insist for everyone in my vehicle to BUCKLE UP. No ifs or buts. If they don’t comply they gotta come out! I have a six seater passenger van and even the passengers in the back seat have to use their seat belts.
    Secondly, the authorities should have regular inspection of vehicle to ensure that they are safe to be traveling on the highways. If you go back and look at the tire conditions of Magana’s overturned vehicle, you will see what I am talking about. Worn out tires causes many accidents. We have so many check points in Belize yet there is no road safety checks. There is the manpower to conduct these safety checks. Just my two cents on the matter!

  3. The mailman says:

    Buckle up Belize , it’s the law , I can understand the charges if the driver was DUI
    Otherwise it’s an accident , the child should have been in a car seat also

  4. Kilgor Trout says:

    He had an unsafe vehicle, no child car seat with saftey belt. No seat belt was worn by his wife or child. As the driver he has responsibility to ensure all passengers are buckled up. As the driver he has a responsibility to ensure his vehicle is roadworthy. As a parent he is responsiblentonensure his child isnstrapped intoban appropriate seat. He is a well known drunkard and drug misuser. Probably hung over, speading and half stoned too. What a fat retard he is. He probably got off due to corruprion.

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