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Mar 13, 2015

Will There Be a Challenge to the P.U.P.’s Leader?

Francis Fonseca

Even without the heat generated by that fiery recording, Fonseca is at a most difficult time in his political leadership. In some quarters there is criticism that he has been unable to unite the party and has been unable to restructure the once mighty organization into even a shadow of its former self. But there’s a bright side. Fonseca says he enjoys the protection of a party resolution which states that he cannot be challenged as leader. Following the massive loss in municipal elections, there’ve been rumbles of a challenge to his leadership, but he told us today that the resolution is still in effect, so it’s not going to happen.


Francis Fonseca, P.U.P. Leader

“That was reiterated and supported by all of the members of the parliamentary caucus, the national executive, the standard bearers…so that remains the position.”



“Not to be revisited?”


Francis Fonseca

“Not to be revisited.”



“Even in view of the fact the P.U.P. is clearly doing something wrong in so far as the election results are going in the wrong direction.”


Francis Fonseca

“That’s something for us to fix. That’s for us to fix and we will fix it.”



“But fixing it may require challenging some of these people who are apparently or something is wrong that their work is not having the desired output.”


Francis Fonseca

“Well that’s your view.”



“But it is the results sir. The results indicate that the desired output is not being achieved so something must be wrong. It can’t be that the U.D.P. is that great.”


Francis Fonseca

“And we will fix it. We will fix what is wrong. You are suggesting that the candidates are the source of the problem and we are saying we will fix what is wrong. We do not believe that the candidates are the source of the problem. We will fix whatever needs to be fixed moving forward.”


Mike Rudon

“Sir, but normally they say the buck stops at the party leader not only the candidates. But you are saying we are going to fix what is going to happen, but you can’t challenge me.”


Francis Fonseca

“Yes, that’s the position of my party. Not my position, that is the position of my party. Whether you like it or not, I enjoy the support and the confidence of the people who are standard bearers, representatives, chairpersons of this party—there may be exceptions—but whether you like that or not Mike, that is the position of the People’s United Party.”



“But apparently you don’t enjoy as much support from the supporters of the P.U.P. who didn’t come out for municipal election.”


Francis Fonseca

“Well you want to rehash that, put there are many factors that went into that. You would like to and enjoy drawing that conclusion that Francis Fonseca is the problem. I know you enjoy that; that keeps you up at night.”


John Briceño

John Briceño, OW Central Area Representative

“Presently Honorable Francis Fonseca is the leader of the People’s United Party and until when they call a national convention then you decide if you want to continue supporting him or somebody else. Yes the last time we had a national convention was back in 2010 and there are people that have been saying—standard bearers and other people—that probably it is time for us to consider having another national convention so that we can have a complete and total look of the composition of the national executive, look at the policies that we want to present as a future government. So yes, the last time we had a national convention was in 2010 and the next….well it is five years and as members have been saying, including the former prime minister, that probably it is time for us to consider to have a national convention.”


Mike Rudon

“Will you be one of the persons advocating for a national convention and if there is a national convention, will you consider putting your name in?”


John Briceño

“Well we are going way ahead of ourselves right now at this time. I think that yes, the party leader is listening to what is going on within the party and I do believe if more people were to talk to him and ask him for a national convention, I think that is something that he will do. That he will seriously consider. As to whether anybody will challenge the party leader, I think that is something that will be look at, at that time. Certainly it is not something that can be looked at presently today.”

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5 Responses for “Will There Be a Challenge to the P.U.P.’s Leader?”

  1. Pelican says:

    Now he tells reporter that he does not care if he, the reporter does not like it, they will do their way. He refuses to listen. The PUP is a MASS party, made up off followers also. He better listen. If he insists he is making the party look like a private CLUB like LIONS or ROTARY. Well, then let us ask Rotary to run for elections. Or the Boy Scouts! Come on Francis listen to the party members.

    What is all the HYPE about WELCOME TO THE PARTY all about then…..

  2. Retired CEO says:

    Johnny B. double speaks, he speaks out of two sides of his mouth. Apparently, his intentions are to dismantle and shatter the PUP and its’ leadership if he cannot have his way. This boils down to the shattering of the late Hon. George Prices’ dream. Whatever he says is to be taken with a grain of salt. Clearly, this individual cannot be trusted.

  3. De says:

    They need to get rid of both him and Said Musa. That’s the only way forward!

  4. Belizean @Heart says:

    DONT TRUST JOHNY ANYMORE HE IS ANOTHER CLOWN,HE ACCEPT LEADERSHIP AND SUDDENLY HE RESIGNS HE JUST THE USE THE POOR MARGINALIZED PEOPLE THE SAME AS DEAN BARROW…so sad looks like udp getting stronger.but the STRONGER GIANT IS THE THOUSANDS OF POEPLE OUT THERE THAT DID NOT VOTED on the municipal elections and the past general elections,thousands upon thousands didnot vote so its going to be intresting whats ahead and what is to come,.

  5. Concerned PUP Supporter says:

    There must be Unity within the Party for them to be considered serious contenders once again. There are many in the masses, who were tired of the obvious corruption. What John Briceno has done is bring to light, what many have suspected or know…. Thus, the outright voting out of the PUP out of office in 2008 and subsequently, because the Party has not inspired unity and hope, in 2012 General/Municipal and 2015 municpal elections. The party leader moved too slow and too late to achieve unity. He should have buried the hatchet with John, from the time he took over the leadership. The Old Guard (Musa/Fonseca/Ushers) have dealt a serious setback to the Party as well when Briceno won the leadership convention and forced him to finance the party affairs out of his pocket. Damn, the bleeding had to stop….obviously Briceno could not continue to finance the party. Will the party ever pay him back the allegedly $3M he pumped into the PUP? He had to “buy” the Belize Times, Party Headquarters, Vibes Radio ….from the PUP Old Guard. He never had a chance man!!!!! and….was hammered by the National Perspective until he resigned as PL. Where is the National Perspective now?? Briceno, claims to be friends with the PM Barrow….that is all nice and dandy…but for now the Party needs to rebuild and go to war against the UDP….there isn’t any place for friends with the enemy….especially when the eloquent PM has them for comic relief in the National Assembly.

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