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Nov 7, 2014

DPM Vega Requests Additional Police Security

George Lovell

And while the Cervantes family walked into the Police Station today unescorted, News Five has been informed that additional security has been provided for Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and his family. We’ve listened to the same recording everybody has, and we’ve also heard the DPM state that his life and his family have now been placed in danger. We haven’t been able to figure out by whom. Where or what exactly is the threat, since Vega has stated that he is entirely clueless and blameless where the allegation against him is concerned? C.E.O. George Lovell couldn’t shed light on the why, but he did confirm the enhanced security. 


Ret. Col. George Lovell, C.E.O., Ministry of National Security

“I think there was a request that was made and I had asked the commissioner of police to look into it. I think he may have had individuals deployed to provide that request.”


Mike Rudon

“We have been able to confirm that since yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister has received added security for himself and his family. He mentioned in his statement yesterday that the allegations have put his life and the lives of his family members in danger. Your response to that.”


Ramon Cervantes Jr.

Ramon Cervantes Jr., Son of Murder Victim

“Only he would know why. I don’t know. Unless there is some preponderant guiltiness resting on his shoulder…I don’t know why.”

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12 Responses for “DPM Vega Requests Additional Police Security”

  1. Peter Monteroso says:


  2. Rod says:

    Vega the murderer and thief the breath and scope of this gov corruption is endless this is the same faith that has happened to hundreds of belizeans and then blamed on gangviolence

  3. FAIR JUSTICE says:

    Gaspar Vega, if your conscience is clean why ask for more security. You have nothing to fear if your conscience is clean. Why waste our tax payers money. A guilty man accuses his own self by the actions he take. Now you make the nation see you as a guilty man. You Gaspar Vega… know you are dealing with drugs…you may not do the deed but you have mules that transport it for you. You are one corrupt bastard just like all your colleagues. The entire U.D.P is BEYOND corrupt.

  4. Patriot says:

    “the DPM state that his life and his family have now been placed in danger.” News 5–This leads to many questions:
    1) Is he making a drama?
    2) Why such drama? El que no debe, no teme?
    3) Does Barrow think that DPM will commit suicide and additional security will prevent it?
    4) Does the DPM think that the Orange Walkenos will lynch him?
    5) Or does he fear the Mexican cartel?

  5. sickntired says:

    So now vega gwen tek di police off them regular duties and crime will continue to get out of control and krofi will get distracted and forget bout him – good strategy fi him.

  6. Level Headed says:

    Any sane person would ask for additional security! Have we not seen the public try to take “justice” in to their own hands in Belize. These accusations are very serious and Mr.Cervantes was a well loved member of the OW community, it stands to reason that someone might decide to seek their own form of what they consider justice. Furthermore, I find this entire situation very far fetched. Does Belize even have the equipment to determine that the person on the recording is in fact Castillo. The way this was presented by the Cervantes family at what should have been a “memorial” with a full house of media and PUP officials is very fishy indeed… seems as tho Cervantes Jr. has his own agenda at hand as well.

  7. Belizean Pride says:

    It’s more likely that the Mexican cartel will soon strike for the big fish has been expose. Mexican cartels don’t play and if it’s the case hope suga city won’t have a history to tell our kids when a political was wiped out for being involved in it. Who is from Orange walk knows who plays with cartel and the rest of the country is getting to know it also. It’s nothing of surprise for the suga city peeps to know that. As I’ve been saying lets pray God our northern district turn into Juarez style where corruption within the police force is rampant along with local politicians.

  8. Concern says:

    Level headed, the three men in prison thought they had killed Castillo. All three of them know who contracted them to kill Mr. Cervantes, or they wouldn’t have killed him so quickly if it was for ransom, and they also know HOWMUCH MONEY THEY WERE GOING TO BE PAID. Police need to talk to them again separately to get the real motive from them. If Mr. Cervantes Jr. had not done what he did, and given the tape to the police men, it would have been filed away and nothing would have come out of it. Now we certainly don’t believe the police when they say that the case was closed because all three had said that it was Castillo who masterminded and did the whole thing. We are happy that Mr. Cervantes brought the information to the public and the media, because, we don’t want another case pushed under the rug and forgotten as time elapse.

  9. Louisville, Ky. says:

    @ Level Headed, I think you are on to something there. Methinks Junior is withholding some vital information and he is manipulating certain things to suit his political agenda.
    The questionable recording states that it was him they were after but somehow killed his father instead, as if by mistake. Seriously?
    The killing of Senior was tragic as it was unfortunate. However, I think Junior knows way more than he is saying and implicating other politicians is a case of smoke and mirrors.

  10. joe lopez says:

    Wow! After all there is some one that came out with a very good comment! Thank you Louisville, ky…. you are a very intelligent person… am pretty sure Mr vega is innocent!

  11. JahKid says:

    Why would Ramon Jr present this recording to the people at the funeral and not hurriedly to the police as would any sane person do. Jr seems fishy with the whole scenario as it develops. Politicians are corrupt and this includes aspiring ones too. Why does the idiot Castillo not come and sink DPM in court if he is indeed the caller, but if the caller is not Castillo I’ll watch the outcome of this whole thing and we will see the shame and the downfall of a political group because we watching.

  12. Concern says:

    If Mr. Cervantes had doctored that tape to make it into political in order to frame his opponent, we would have seen the rebuttal a long time ago. BTL records all conversations, and if it was not Castillo on the line that too would have been rebutted. It’s amazing that a good person is dead, his family will never ever be the same, and some of our educated people prefer to throw smoke screen instead of making their compassion encourage them to get to the truth, by proper investigations. Not the fake investigation like we saw they did with Penner. The deputy could come out shining and smiling if he is innocent. Think a about that!

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