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Nov 5, 2014

Cervantes Family Releases Shocking Recording

Ramon Cervantes Sr.

Tonight’s headline is one of the most incredible, disturbing and frightening we’ve carried. It contains an allegation that very senior persons put out a hit on an Orange Walk resident. We’ll try to keep it as simple as we can because the allegation is under investigation. Now, on July fifth, 2014, the body of Ramon Cervantes Senior was found buried in a shallow grave. He had been kidnapped from his farm a week before, then tortured and beaten to death. Three men were subsequently arrested and charged for his murder, while Police sought a fourth man, Manuel Castillo, believed to be the mastermind behind the gruesome crime. But today, the Cervantes family held a memorial and press briefing, which was broadcast live, in which they released a recording of a call made on October eighth, from Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo to Vilma, the wife of Cervantes Senior. We start tonight’s coverage with parts of that recording.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

At one this afternoon the Cervantes family held a memorial for Don Ramon Cervantes Sr., attended by family and friends. But what came after that brief memorial is what shocked the gathering. Vilma Cervantes claims that on October eighth, she received an unexpected call from Manuel Castillo, the man believed to have killed her husband. He told her that he is innocent, and right at the start tells her not to trust anybody.


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

Manuel Castillo

“I will send you some evidence that. It’s the [Bleep], the [Bleep]. There is a [Bleep] involved. there are about seven persons there in orange Walk and on top do not trust the police officers because the same ‘pinches’ police officers…there are eight ‘pinches’ police officers.”


Castillo goes on to name a very Senior Police officer who he says is involved. He says he was approached to do the hit and refused, so he was shot by Tony and left for dead. And then he reveals that the hit wasn’t targeting Cervantes Sr. but Ramon Cervantes Jr. and the hired killers made a mistake.


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“Now yes, I will take care of the problem, I will take care of it because even if I have to go back again, to do things that I should not do because of this [Bleep] paid a lot of money for, for the death of. It wasn’t for your….that’s why I tell you. The young men made a mistake. They went and grabbed your husband. It was your son that they wanted to kill. Him. It’s him they wanted to kill. Monchi. It’s Monchi that they wanted to kill. They made a mistake and they killed, your, your, your husband.”


An obviously anguished Castillo says he needs his name to be cleared because even his family has turned its back on him.


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“I will help you. And, and, and, and, my name….i wasn’t my name cleared from all of this because it hurts me very much because even my family has turned their backs on me. When I called them a while ago. They told me that I sent to do this and that. And no. That is not so. I told them it is not so. Look, I am all over Facebook and the internet, all over. And I have not done anything. I am the one that told them not to do it beucase no no…I don’t do that kind of job. And I….And what hurts me mostly Misses Vilma; look, what hurts me the most, is that these days I am supposed to be with my wife because she recently had a baby. And I don’t even know where my wife is right now. I don’t even know where she is right now because of this problem that is happening. I am telling you. I don’t know where my wife and my baby are. Now how do you think I feel?”


And the man known as ‘El Pelon,’ currently being sought by Belize Police and Interpol, says that he will get even with those responsible.


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“Explain to Monchi not to trust all or any police because, please I tell you, that they are the same ones that are involved in all this. I’m telling you it’s a, it’s a huge organization Misses Vilma; I tell you. That’s why I am even afraid to talk because, I don’t know, Misses Vilma, maybe tomorrow , I will be walking around there and the same people that sent to kill your husband pay someone there to kill me. That’s why I want to finish with him. I need to finish with this.”


Voice Of: Vilma Cervantes, Wife of Deceased

“The who killed Misrter Ramon, then Manuel?”


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“Misses Vilma, it’s [Bleep], Misses Vilma.”


Voice of: Vilma Cervantes

“He sent to kill him?”


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“Yes, he sent to kill him. And I will get the evidence and I will tell you who he is. But please don’t say because you know why? Because the [Bleep] has contacts in Mexico. And in Mexico, the mafia is big. Do you understand me? I will tell you his name. But listen to me well Misses Vilma. I will tell you the name of the [Bleep]. But listen, listen, don’t say anything.”


Castillo explains that he was approached to do the hit at his home in Bacalar and claims to have recorded those meetings. He promises to hand over those recordings to Vilma Cervantes.


Voice Of: Vilma Cervantes

“I thank you …that you give me all the evidence you have the quickest possible. And you call me back to tell me when and where.”


Purported Voice Of: Manuel Castillo

“Okay, I will give you everything Misses Vilma. I will give you. Because I, that day that I was at my house, because at my house in Bacalar, they reached and they sat and talked in the house and there I recorded them Misses Vilma. I have the recordings. I have the recordings hidden in the house. But I have about six hours to get there but I need to stay some days so that I can walk a little.”


The call ends with Castillo promising to call back when he has the evidence in hand.  Mike Rudon for News Five.

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15 Responses for “Cervantes Family Releases Shocking Recording”

  1. Ali BaBarrow sez says:

    Penner keep your [Bleep] mouth closed.

    Ali is the only one who can protect your family.

    Xmas is almost here, stay cool dog.

  2. Power Balls says:

    Mmmmmm how come I am not surprise about this? Mrs Cervantes you need to contact the American’s. The interpol. Before you do any move. Your mistake was to go public with this recording. Now everyone that is involved are working together to erase whatever evidence there is. I am sorry about Manuel but he is a walking dead man. I dont think that he was one of the killers because acording to him they wanted your son dead. Not your husband and the killers made a mistake. He knows your family good. So he will not mistake your husband for your son. We need to clean all this corrupted police and politicians. One more thing. This smells like drugs involved.

  3. Retired CEO says:

    Very sad and sickening day for Belize. How low can we go, seeking power and control over others or those significant others who we perceive as our enemies. This is almost unbelievable, I knew Munchie Cervantes Sr. personally and it is very hard to understand/accept why anyone would consider eliminating him by murder. He was such a nice and honest guy. Politics today is at an all time low in the Jewel. Likewise, it appears from the top to the bottom the police dept. of the day stinks with corruption, apparently, long gone are the days when we had truly honest police constables that we were all very proud of. The PUP always promoted the idea of a peaceful revolution with no violence, Unfortunately, we cannot say this today. Apparently, this bunch who are in power today would stoop to any level to stay in power. Rise up Belizeans before it is too late.

  4. bzean says:

    1. Hear Say (He say that she say that it was Manuel on the phone)
    2. Why was her daughter so readily available to record the conversation?
    3. That recording is 0 (zero) evidence.
    4. Why was Manuel the FIRST man to disappear and go into hiding?
    5. Obviously, it’s most natural for anyone to try and clear his name, as I would too.
    6. That recording should have NEVER been played at a press conference (what appeared to be PUP convention, cause that made it look a lot more bogus and fabricated).
    7. Details have been extremely sketchy from the first day when this incident happened, and the family, especially Ramon C. Jr., knows a lot more the whole story then he says. He is trying to paint a picture now. COmon, Jr., spit it out.
    8. It appears as if R. C. Jr. is trying to gain some political points through this whole thing, and I guarantee, that’s what will unveil in a short time here.
    Trust me, I would not wish death to anybody, it is an ugly and sad situation, and there is many innocent suffering from this as well, as not all people are crooks.

  5. Get it Right says:

    What no one asked is, why would someone so high up would want you dead. That’s the question that needs to be asked

  6. Belizean Pride says:

    To me this was the worst step this family did, if I would their family I would have never divulge that recording until I get the others so i can prove something, Now the people behind this if we can say it so knows that, the person as the hit man is not dead, that he has a house in Bacalar, he is wounded, he has the rest of the recordings at his said home, the rest of the mafia now can go raid his so called home in Bacalar and find the recordings to destroy further evidence. Mein hope this family don’t regret it for doing so. They should have thought a little harder together as a family. If this is true I pray we don’t hear people disappear like the wind, since mafia in Mexico is the worst nightmare of the country at the moment and links they have almost in every country including Belize.

  7. aldo says:

    and killing monchie serves what purpose to whom?

  8. Rod says:

    Egret it right why is there over 5000 people dead under this gov. Ask yourself that.

  9. Anonymousss says:

    The daughter’s quick thinking gave her the ability to record the tape. She saw the look on her mother’s face when the phone call was received and by the mother’s facial expression, she knew it wasn’t a normal phone call. Consequently, they put the home phone on speaker and it was recorded with a cellular phone.

    It was NOT a PUP convention. It was a memorial for Don Ramon Cervantes and the press briefing was held shortly after that.

    This recording is absolutely genuine. It was NOT fabricated.

    The decision to play the recording was NOT a politically influenced action. They are seeking nothing but justice and the truth. Put yourself in their shoes. They lost someone so close to them in a harsh manner. Wouldn’t you try to obtain that justice?

  10. Concern says:

    Two simple answers. All that information is recorded by BTL and can be verified. Secondly Ramom Cervantes Sr, never had any enemy and it was not robbery Yup…if someone thought you could win them at the poles, they could want you dead. Too much is at stake!

  11. orangewalkeno says:

    Go back and ‘interrogate” those 3 confessed killers and get the truth about who financed this killing and who all are involved.They are in police custody so it should not be a problem I guess,or do they have royal statute in her majesty’s prison?let”s hear from the national security minister.

  12. politics again says:

    again and again and again. over and over and over. the reason to everything that goes wrong in belize is the udp government(being sarcastic). why di rest of uno no man up and seh ohh dah me or dah di pup. caz no matta wat, uno have to bring in politics right “Retired CEO”. blame di UDP Government for the things that go wrong so that the PUP a.k.a the little girls that always over react and like to play the pointing game, look good eventhough when they do or if they get in government, the country will be more screwed up than ever.

  13. YEAH says:

    Nobody is even talking about the UDP govt but just to inform you.

    Not everything that goes wrong is because of the UDP govt but MOST of the biggest issues in Belize are caused by the CORRUPT UDP govt. This present UDP govt is the MOST CORRUPT Belize has ever seen. If the PUP would be in power, Belize would be in a MUCH BETTER state.

  14. bzean says:

    Have you forgotten???? sorry, i should’ve known you suffer Alzheimer’s disease.
    It blows my mind for anyone to say that Belize would be in MUCH BETTER state. I do remember otherwise from PUP, or was it just “back then”, and now they would do better? As far as i’m concerned, it’s still an Espat show. And 3 other PUP standard bearers/area reps have just confirmed it. THINK before you blab such utter Bullsh*t.

  15. YEAH says:


    You think before you speak. You brought up politics out of nowhere.

    The matter right now is that justice needs to be obtained! Scratch the politics out. Let’s not bring up any irrelevant issues now.

    P.S. The present UDP govt is still the worst govt Belize has ever seen. For they are evil beasts that shall pay someday for all they have done.

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