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Oct 9, 2014

One Woman Protest at the US Embassy

As we told you, the US Embassy has issued a press statement in which it explained the decision of the US Southern Command to select a Guatemalan contractor to build Belizean Coast Guard facilities. According to the release, the selection is made based on the company that can provide the best product at the most reasonable cost. That rationale would generally be sound, if it weren’t for the fact that Guatemala is pursuing an unfounded claim to fifty percent of Belize, which means that there is a very active territorial dispute. That dispute, diplomatic for many years, has recently reached the point of hostility, which is why the forward operating base at Hunting Caye has become the focus of much controversy. This morning, one woman stood alone in front of the superpower’s embassy in Belmopan to send a message. Mike Rudon was in Belmopan and filed the following report.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Yaya Marin Coleman walked alone on the street in front of the US Embassy in Belmopan. In the event she tried to storm the iron gates, the entire area was cordoned off, with a heavy Police presence as well as circling Embassy security personnel. Last week Belize City protesters stoned the Guatemalan Embassy with eggs, but Coleman didn’t have any eggs in hand today, only signs and determination. Her primary concern is the base at Hunting Caye being built by Guatemalan workers.


Yaya Marin-Coleman

Yaya Marin-Coleman, Activist

“Hunting Caye, the Sapodilla Caye Range, is here, which is in the southern-most part, and then Ambergris Caye is here, which is in the north, so as far as our territorial waters – the northern command is already at Ambergris Caye, the southern command is being built, and then we know about the incursions from Guatemalans from the land south and west, and so I’m thinking hold up…if we have Guatemalans building the northern and the southern-most posts, and logically they are our enemy, then they have access to Belize from the water. They’re already coming in from the land, and now they’ll have access from the water, and so that is a threat to our national security for the whole country.”


Coleman says the most logical place to protest is outside the US Embassy, which is US territory, because her anger and discontent are against that government. And she is there today as a one man army because the persons entrusted to defend our sovereignty have fallen down on the job.


Yaya Marin-Coleman

“When I think about our Foreign Minister going to the United Nations and not even saying that we lost…that Danny Conorquie was killed. That was not even said…I’m thinking my goodness, that’s the kind of power they have over you brother? They year before you were more manly, if I may say so, in your speech and you’ve been humbled. Like the Amandala headline said we’ve been punked, but it also said to our Belizean people – what are we going to do? We can only blame others for so long. Each individual Belizean, the time has come when you have to make the decision for yourself – what am I going to do?”


We asked for an opinion on government’s handling of the territorial mess, which recently has reached near epic proportions. In this very volatile and serious soap opera, Cabinet Ministers have appeared more comfortable in the role of keystone cops than that of gatekeepers.


Yaya Marin-Coleman

“Frightening, incompetent people as gate-keepers and this is just one of the incidents that we are aware of. Think about all the other incidents where we are not. It’s frightening. It’s time for us to pause and say hold on…and I say to the brothers and sisters who are our gatekeepers and many Belizeans elected because I’ve never voted in this country, and I’ll take a hit for that but I have the responsibility to speak truth to power…and I’m saying it’s time to pause and say nobody move and nobody get hurt – let’s stop. Let’s stop and really with the inclusion of the people of Belize, let’s take stock of where we are.”


Today, there was no movement at the embassy, except for the constantly circling security vehicles. Perhaps they do not take this woman seriously. But she is serious, and plans to stick with this as long as it takes.


Yaya Marin-Coleman

“I’m in front of the US Embassy because the US Southern Command gave the contracts to a Guatemalan company and employed Guatemalan labourers. That’s why I’m here today. It is my intention starting next Thursday, and every Thursday – Jah give me health and strength and there’s not a national disaster – I’ll be protesting in front of the Curl Thompson Building. Danny gave his life. I’m willing to give every Thursday, if I’m granted the permit from the Belize Police Department in Belmopan. From eight to five I am going to protest and Belizeans are welcome to join me.”


Throughout the four hour one man protest, Belize Police Department vehicles also circled – local vehicles, but emblazoned with the flag of the United States. Go figure. Mike Rudon for News Five.

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8 Responses for “One Woman Protest at the US Embassy”

  1. BelizeanInAsia says:

    Unbelievable! Well, not really…

  2. Louisville,Ky. says:

    It takes a certain kind of courage and determination (balls), to do what Ya Ya is doing. I’m not sure that I can say the same about the Official who said he doesn’t have a clue, who murdered Danny Conorque in cold blood.
    It just goes to show, that some women have balls indeed and some men don’t.

  3. Rod says:

    I applaud you yaya yes this us gov. Is and has always been biased toward guatemala this us ambassador should be sent home for stupidity down with guatemala.

  4. Retired CEO says:

    While having the ability and right to protest in a democracy, I admire the courage and effort of this young lady walking alone in front of the US embassy, however, I strongly believe she is barking up the wrong tree. The real culprit is the GOB and its idiot minister of National insecurity. She needs to take it to the General assembly building, the PM’s office and office of the minister of national insecurity. These are the incompetent people who have miserably failed our country by fooling the public. Wake up, rise up Belizeans demonstrate en masse against your own incompetent elected and selected officials who have and are compromising our nation’s security for a fistful of dollars.

  5. Credibility says:

    Applaud her courage for sure. But this lady is too biased for anyone to follow,. She blows wind at everything and I personally have never trusted her intentions. While I am not standing at the footsteps of the US Embassy, or throwing eggs, or criticizing Belizeans as a whole for not doing anything, I believe I am doing the only thing one can do, and i won’t put it on social media to get any praise for it. To God be the glory!

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    @Credibility Ya Ya as a Belizean Citizen has that right. Lets not attack her instead let’s attack the issue at hand.Typical Belizean always selling out their own.

  7. CEO says:

    The foreign minister may say not to do this Yaya because deh wah get bex!

    As soon as we get more people who are willing to stand up against this kind of crap better will come!

  8. sickntired says:

    The usa woudda neva have no terrorist bid fi contract inna them country but they ok with bring fi we direct enemy come get we security plans. And look how one lady have to be ballsy and point dis out. All them spineless politrickcians no say not one word. And we want to know why crime and poverty so high.

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