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Oct 1, 2014

Pulse of the People on Danny Conorquie’s Murder

Danny Conorquie was executed on Thursday and buried on Sunday. His murder is galvanizing public sentiments that government has to step up its game in respect of the persistent incursions into Belizean territory. Officially, the government has not confirmed if Conorquie was killed by Guatemalans operating illegally in Caracol, but all the signs are there that his life was taken by bandits who fled across the Guatemalan border.  When we took to the streets today to canvass public opinion; there was no doubt as to whom people believe is responsible for the abhorrent act. Here is what ordinary folks had to say.


Resident # 1

“I feel annoyed because it is unfair. I think that our government should at least do something about it and get more involved because we need that.”


Duane Moody

“I know they are saying that they noh know who kill ahn. Who do you think killed him?”


Resident # 1

“Well it is obvious, everybody knows it…it is the Guatemalans; they come in and they killed the guy. I think government should intervene and negotiate and let’s see what we could find the culprits.”


Resident # 2

“I feel like we have been neglecting our borders and I feel that it is time to increase the security. I’m very sad; my regret goes out to the family and I hope it never happens again.”



“Who do you think could have done something like this so callously?”


Resident # 2

“Well I watched the news and I saw that it was clear to be seen that it was Guatemalans from across the border. And it just goes to show that it is something that we cannot ignore. We as a country, as a people, it affects all of us—not just that family, but all of us—and I hope something can be done.”


Resident # 3

“The Belizean government has got to do some good investigation to find out what’s the story: how it starts, how it ends, who is right and who is wrong. They need to do an investigation.”


Resident # 4

“I think we need more security around we border and they kinda thing deh so, yo know. Instead, take off the B.D.F. off the streets and put them dah di border; that dah weh I want dehn do.”


Resident # 5

“Mien that terrible. For me, I think government should take more responsibility on that because the statement of the foreign minister, he noh take a position. Because I know people weh go to his office weh as foreigners; he tell them that dah noh fi he area and he noh wah see dehn. That dah noh the job of the foreign minister to tell somebody dah noh ih area. You could got people certain days.”


Duane Moody

“What do you feel it says to the security that we have there and basically our country being invaded by Guatemalans?”


Resident # 5

“Well I think dehn could do better. But government noh care because dah noh dehn kids deh out there, dah noh dehn bredda….that’s why dehn noh worry. My kids, yoru kids could dead every day, but dehn noh even worry. All weh dehn di worry about dah dehn pocket.”

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Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Pulse of the People on Danny Conorquie’s Murder”

  1. Louisville, Ky. says:

    First of all, in case you don’t know, Sedi and I are related but since I am not in anyway, involved in politics, I am at liberty to say it as I see it, as is my wont, without an iota of concern for his political future.
    Second of all and most important, I don’t like chancey people and it is for sure, dehn chance Danny out of his life.
    For Sedi to get on national radio and TV and pretend like he has not a clue as to who executed that young man in cold blood; makes his own integrity suspect, as Belize’s minister of foreign affairs.
    In view of the continuous goings on along the border, if I had laid out that entire scenario to a standard 3 pupil and asked the question: “who do you believe kill Danny Conorquie?’ Any 8 year old would have said, they believe it’s the Guatemalans….. But our learned Attorney General and Minister of foreign affairs, seh:…. “he noh know.”
    Either Sedi di play the fool, or, ‘e di tek Belize pippl fi fool!!

  2. Timber says:

    Awww. Channel 5, I was scouring the topics trying to find a section suitable to write my comments about something. I never used to read the Belize news, which was always depressing because it was filled with nothing but crime and political mess. My condolences again to this family and kudos to the officer who spoke out, even though he was FORCED by his SUPERIORS and the MINISTRY to recant his words. I’d really implore you to start including a segment like this so people can voice constructive opinions. What I’d like to talk about is The Legal Aid Department. About three months ago, I had made a comment about that department. This past weekend, I’m sitting with a few friends here in NY and that department came up. Apparently, the general consensus in that department is that if you have to go in there for help, you’re at your last whim and you have to take whatever treatment they give you. The service is unprofessional, starting from the very front where you’re greeted by the messenger or the relative of one of the employees in there. They don’t know how to ask the pertinent questions nor, are they professional in nature. You can stand there for a few minutes and they might not even acknowledge you. During this time, you can hear the “carrying-ons” coming from the back of the office with, at times, the same person that you’re told is busy or not there and you recognize her voice. They are loud. Most of these attorneys and clerical staff take that office as a joke and act like you’re at their whims and fancies. It’s as if you should be lucky to be able to get some free or cheap service. Yes, a lot of poor folks go there due to the fact they can’t really afford to pay a regular attorney, but a lot of Belizeans living in the US also use that service; not because they can’t afford an attorney, but because when they visit Belize, their time is short and they feel comfortable leaving their matters where they BELIEVE that they will be taken care of with a little more due diligence than if they did so with a regular attorney, who, for the most part, charge you horrendous fees and as soon as you hit the airplane, your issue is cast to the side. If Legal Aid were to raise their fees a little right now , we in the US wouldn’t mind paying because we know what it costs to have legal matters taken care of in a timely and professional matter. Audrey Matura-Shepherd was once in that office. I must give her recognition because she was professional. Some of these attorneys see that office as a burden now because they have to do their service there for a few years as a repayment for government paying for them to study abroad. Maybe we should change that trend. Let them work for a salary and be obligated to repay one half of their scholarship costs. I bet their attitude would change. Let’s talk about one Ms. Brooks, because her name came up in this conversation. I defended her months ago in one of the discussions, even though I saw where she was wrong. Ms. Brooks, a word of advice; not everyone who goes into that office can’t afford an attorney. Two, tone down your voice on the phone. I know you speak loudly and it appears to be intimidating and aggressive and people who don’t know you will think you’re being boisterous. Treat people with respect and no one wants to hear you asking way from the back of the office “Da weh she wah now?”. This one goes to you and the attorneys in that office, DO YOUR JOBS! Not because you’re friends with someone whom a case is being brought against you ignore that person’s plea for assistance. Two months ago, you wanted the entire Belize to come to your assistance when police ran up into the home of your family and arrested everyone in there after the burial of your nephew. Who knew you, including myself behind the scenes, rallied to your cry. Believe me, Baja Shoman did her job but there were several people who made phone calls behind the scenes who you don’t know about. Maybe you can reflect upon your incident and act differently in that office. Some of the people who go in there can’t read, so it’s not a crime for them to eat in the lobby. Tell them nicely that it’s an office policy that food and drink aren’t encouraged inside. Last but not least, these people’s businesses are PRIVATE! That last comment goes for the attorneys in there also. I have been privy to you all just blurting out people’s affairs and that was just this year because I wanted to see if what was being said about that office was true. Several folks who I met and spoke to in Belize said they’d never return there again. The problem with Belize that most people can’t handle folks who deal with business the way it should be dealt with, professionally. So, you get upset when people set and go by certain standards. I know you Ms. Brooks from Junior Sec and our Technical days. You see Baja? Her bread is buttered on both sides. She is a Shoman working in a UDP office. She WILL NEVER LOSE her job because if PUP gets in she’ll still be hired. You. on the other hand, is about what fifty, fifty one years old? Careful. You know how politics play in Belize and the person who has this gripe now is a relative to your boss in the Ministry.

  3. Retired CEO says:

    While the culprit behind all of this remains the PM & GOB, no one is talking about a mass demonstration against our PM & GOB demanding the removal of the Foreign Minister coupled with a responsible response to this incident and firm actions to secure and protect our border. Instead everyone is pussy footing and politically posturing to get in the lime light.

    On the second thought, perhaps, the sad reality is that their is no one in the cabinet who is capable of taking on the position of Foreign Minister. Gapi, Faber, bootsy, or Finney none of them can be trusted with such a position. Furthermore, perhaps they do not have the diplomatic skills to take on this portfolio. The PM will have to take responsibility for this portfolio? Wake up Belizeans!we are experiencing a very serious leadership crisis. Lastly, demand that a new election be called to replace this cabinet of buffoons. ASAP?

  4. CEO says:

    Let’s do an investigation with some international help after we do then lets blame the correct people and if Guatemalans are responsible then Sidi needs to get involved at that point.

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