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Sep 9, 2014

P.U.P. Says Faber Must Explain Assault on MoE Employee

Minister of Education Patrick Faber is taking significant heat at the moment. The senior U.D.P. Member of Parliament has been accused of assaulting two women during a party at his home in Lord’s Bank Friday night.  One of the women, an employee of the ministry who is allegedly involved in an intimate relationship with Minister Faber, told police that he choked her on his bed and then punched her twice in the face. According to the report, when a female friend of the victim attempted to intervene, she was also punched in the face. The complaint to the police was subsequently withdrawn, and Faber has told the media that as far as he is concerned, that means the matter is over and done with. The police department is following Faber’s lead and refuses to speak on the matter, saying that because the complaint was withdrawn, it does not exist. Well not surprising, the P.U.P. disagrees – and vehemently so. According to P.U.P. Senator, Lisa Shoman, Faber is an elected official, an Area Representative, a member of parliament and a minister of government and he owes the nation an explanation.


Lisa Shoman, Senator, People’s United Party

Lisa Shoman

“We believe that he owes a duty to the nation to explain what it was that happened in his home, and further for him to make a full statement to the Police about the incident, and we also believe that it is incumbent on the Police to interview all witnesses that were involved, and to make a full investigation of what occurred, notwithstanding the fact that the complainant has allegedly withdrawn the complaint that was made.”



“What can you say in relation to the legality of that though, in terms of withdrawing a statement?”


Lisa Shoman

“Any complainant who makes a statement of course is entitled to withdraw the statement. However, I note with alarm and concern, as does the Party, that it was not the complainant who told the media or the nation that the complaint was withdrawn. That information came first from Patrick Faber himself, and then was confirmed by the Police. Therefore we do not know the circumstances of that withdrawal – when it occurred, how it occurred, why it occurred. There are many reasons why a complainant may withdraw a complaint or a report. That does not mean that it does not exist. For anyone to content that the report does not exist is the heights of utter folly, and it spits in the face of reality. The report existed, it was made, and it was withdrawn. What concerns me and the People’s United Party is that the Police don’t seem to be interested in investigating as to why it was withdrawn and what were the circumstances. Domestic violence, any kind of violence in fact, is all our business, and we should all be very concerned that the Police mount a full investigation.”

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7 Responses for “P.U.P. Says Faber Must Explain Assault on MoE Employee”

  1. BzeYouth says:

    So, big questions for those mothers? Why would you have your 25yr old daughter celebrate her 25rh Birthday at the house of a 38yr ( May be off a yr or 2) man’s house?

  2. Timber says:

    LOLOLOL. Everything has now become a political matter for the PUP; not that I’m against them, because I’d take most of their crooks anytime over these illiterate, greedy , and vindictive UDP’s who broker deals with these thugs on the street and now have manifested a crime wave in Belize. I hope the PUP police themselves like this when they get into power. This was the fight of the Women’s Group. Isn’t the PM’s wife a part of it? Also, isn’t Carolyn Trench a part of it also? I may be wrong. (Correct Me). This serves our young ( I can’t even say only young) men and women of Belize right. We run up to these politicians and kiss their @##@# and get insulted by some of them because we have the perception that we’re looking good in their presence. There is nothing most of those jackos can teach me, especially with my level of education and the family I was raised up in. The mistakes I make now are my own because I had a strict parent and one that looked ahead at the pros and cons of our actions . I visit Belize and hear the venom that comes out of ……..’s and his sidekicks’ mouths, some of the nonsense spewed by the other radio station, and there is now way I’d sit for ten minutes in their presence and … is well known to my family. Believe it or not, the only one who tries his best to have an objective and conduct a decent show is Mos. I didn’t care for them much because of the venom his father used to write in the newspaper and incite a lot of these kids with his talk and propaganda about anti-establishment and anti PUP and SJC. These kids, like Willie , Reesh, Claude Too Tall, Jungle and them took this and felt it was gospel. Why? Because they were making their $25-$40 per week selling newspaper for Evan. Many of you may not believe it, but Evan contributed immensely to the downfall of sports in Belize, especially semi-pro basketball. Even as an adult, visiting Belize, I didn’t go because no parent wanted their child to go to a game where you know it’d probably end in violence because the team that he and his area support was on the verge of losing a game. This Faber issue is not the first and won’t be the last; ask his last wife( I say that because I don’t know how many times he’s been married). She bit and bared until she got her education and left without him even knowing. He got the message one day when he walked in. …………e. His holding unto to bills money as a means of control. I’m saying all this because I’m a second cousin. I’m not going to write more because I know Channel 5 has to do effective and responsible journalism and be able to substantiate some of this. We’re still to learn what was the outcome of that traffic incident recently. It was obvious he was probably under the influence again. Too many of these ministers think they are above the law and will continue to do so as long as the ignorant John and Jane Public run to them and put them on a pedestal.

  3. Retired CEO says:

    Clearly, the Minister of Education should not be given carte blanche in this matter. Any complaint or report made to the police should be kept on file and appropriately investigated. For the police to make a blatantly ridiculous statement that a report does not exist simply because the complainant has recanted her complaint is pure nonsense and a downright insult to the intelligence of all Belizean women.

    How can we expect the legal justice system to work effectively, with the kind of leadership displayed by these buffoons called ministers of government. Very sadly so, it clearly appears that the so -called Minister of Education is a woman abuser. How can we expect our young people to respect law and order, when those who are in charge of the government easily break the law and are not held responsible. It goes beyond saying that this minister should do the nation of favor and resign. He is a very poor example as a role model for young people. He is not fit to be called the Minister of Education. Rise up Belizean women, rise up and demand that this minister be held responsible for his ruthless and negative behavior towards women.

    Furthermore, it appears that the police is blatantly refusing, conducting any further investigation into this matter. This is totally irresponsible and disrespecting of women rights under the law. Once a police report has been made, even if the defendant withdraws her statement the report is kept as a future reference under close scrutiny in the vent there is another occurrence of this nature.

  4. david says:

    That is the example this guy is giving to all the teachers of belize, physical abuse is acceptable.
    Do we really need this wrong information be given to our children of belize??
    I would say make this arrogant guy faber to step down from his ministry , couse he is no honorable.

  5. CEO says:

    “This was not illegal it was just distasteful!”

    These guys show very poor judgement!

  6. lisa says:

    some women let themselves be victims, stop hiding come out and tell the truth. he hits you once he will do it forever. “no” is not a shame.

  7. Mellow Belizean says:

    Well from a legal standpoint the precedent has been set and it’s now open season on Belzean women. A man can abuse a woman and once he can get her to recant, as far as the police are concerned the event didn’t happen. One more nail in the coffin for justice in Belize.

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