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Sep 2, 2014

Former P.M. Says Flowers’ Comments Are Unbecoming of a Public Officer

Said Musa

Well this afternoon, the former prime minister did come back to the media. Speaking at today’s press conference, Said Musa described Inspector Flowers’ response as an emotional attack on him.  The call for the dissolution of the Gang Suppression Unit, says Musa, has long since been a policy of the People’s United Party.


Said Musa, Area Representative, Fort George

“He’s free to give his opinion, to say well we don’t agree with what the Honorable Said Musa said because of so and so and so.  We are fighting crime. We are reducing this and that and that and that but he didn’t do that.  He launched an ad hominem attack on me because of the comments that I made at the that convention and that’s the difference.  In other words, he did not behave as a serious respectable, professional Inspector of Police.

This issue of the dismantling of the present GSU is a policy of the People’s United Party as far back as the 2012 elections and the situation has only gotten worse.  And that was the issue I was addressing on Saturday at the convention.  Belizean people know fully well, not only the people on the south side, that the GSU is itself has become like a criminal organization, the way it has been treating people.  We cannot fight crime by the way they go about doing it.  They have been harassing people, harassing many innocent people, they presume people guilty before they are being tried in a court of law.  They are abused and yes they have, there are many instances where the GSU have been found liable, members of the GSU, in the Supreme Court of Belize and the government has had to pay compensation to these people.  So I am not saying anything that is not on the record and I am saying, and I would want to repeat this, that the GSU should be abolished, should be dismantled because that is not the way to fight this very serious crime wave that is affecting our country.  It hasn’t worked in the past, it will not work in the present and it certainly will not work in the future this mano duro approach to fighting crime.  We cannot hope to mitigate the effects of crime in our country unless we have the support of the community.  The police needs the community in order to fight crime.”

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5 Responses for “Former P.M. Says Flowers’ Comments Are Unbecoming of a Public Officer”

  1. Mike says:

    Now he feels hurt? when he opened the can of worms> isnt it the Police you called when the riots reached your house years ago you ingrate? Musa disbanded the SIS now he wants to do that to GSu-PUP WILL BE SOFT ON CRIME-AND WE SEE WHO THE REAL LEADER IS-FRANICS DIDNT GET THIS IDEA.

    What will PUP do to fight crime? say please stop-or I’ll ask again?

  2. Uncle Benji says:

    Prime Minister Musa (get use to it. He’s Belize next P.M.) don’t waste your time on black bwai Flowers. The man looks more like a gang banger than head of a paramilitary unit.

    Please concentrate on saving the P.U.P. by replacing lame duck, Barack Fonseca, as leader of our beloved party.

    We are ready to give you our votes and our monies. If you don’t save Belize from Dean Ali BaBa-rrow and his thieves, who will?

    Forget the weed smoker Flowers. Let’s concentrate on Belize.

  3. Kay says:

    If Belize doesn’t have criminals..Said Musa doesn’t have a job. So if there is no “crime fighting team” there will be more than enough criminals for him to defend in court and make enough money to retire whenever he feels. Smart move Said but tax payers prefer to feel safe knowing there is someone watching our backs as for you, you only worry about you. Flowers had the ‘narcissist’ comment spot on!

  4. Kaila Moralez says:

    I don’t see what is so hard for YAKY mouth Flowers to understand from Hon.Said Musa’s remarks about the GSU.
    When there is a series of cases of GSU abusing their power, more so than being effective at reducing crime.

    If one was to evaluate the relationship the GSU has with the general public from a social science point of view, it would beg the question,’ What is the root cause of the GSU having a pattern and reputation for abusing their power?’

    1) We can look at certain TRENDS, where this UDP Government allows the police to GET AWAY WITH MURDER!! For example, (AURTHUR YOUNG) who was killed while in police custody and the matter has been ignored swept under the carpet to this present day, the (CANE FARMER) who was illegally executed by Police in the year 2009 and the matter was ignored and swept under the carpet. Most recently, TWO POLICE WERE IMPLICATED IN THE MURDER OF HON. RAMON CERVANTES AND LIKE A MAGIC WAND THEY HAVE SUDDENLY BEEN REMOVED FROM THE LIST OFF ACCUSED CRIMINALLY CHARGED without any explanation to the public as to how they were baptized and are washed clean of criminal involvement. So the entire police force are cognizant of the fact that they are protected by the department and by extension the government which the public is knowledgeable of the unfairness and is one of the factors that erodes the relationship between the public and police.If I were to attempt to list the amount of illegal MURDERS by POLICE I would be here for infinity typing. So I hope those three examples serve to inform you why the GSU are confident they can abuse their power because the government enable them to do so.

    2nd) We can look at the MODE of training, which is EVIDENT lacks Sociology training, psychology training, and Ethics. Due to the INADEQUATE TRAINING, the GSU response to the public is inappropriately administered. The lack of resources with police equipment also contribute to the GSU being abusive because they have to work with limited resources and when one works in such poor conditions where they are UNDER PAID and UNDER SUPPLIED it cause them to conduct their work in frustration which they take these frustrations out of the general public.

    All communities within Belize has VALUE. All CRIMINALS have VALUE because GOD loves everybody and God gave every human being a God given GIFT which most have not discovered but it is there somewhere. The problem is, CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR ORIGINATE from a PROBLEM, each of these criminals prior to their encounter with the GSU, had PROBLEMS, be it Financial, Family Abandonment; and when the GSU approach the CRiMINALS and INNOCENT PEOPLE in this abusive manner, IT COMPOUNDS the PROBLEM!!!!

    3rdly) The political interference in the way police are recruited and subsequently political interference in police work is a big part of the reason why the GSU are confident to abuse their power because they know the likelihood of their behavior going unpunished is as sure as the devil will always be EVIL.

    Instead of john Saldivar and flowers address the problem of Crime and the Abuse of Power of the GSU they turn their unwanted attention on Honorable Said’s comments. For the record I agree with Honorable Said Musa and Honorable Francis Fonseca, that GSU should be ABOLISH DISMANTLED!!!

  5. ACT NOW says:

    When do you get it – neither party is going to save us – – the GSU is doing exactly what they are supposed to do – at least someone is acting and not just spewing crap that we want to hear – its up to Belizeans, soon we will have the cartels running things and our children running scared or leaving the country to save their lives – Flowers for PM

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