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Aug 6, 2014

A Pair of Belize City Youths Arraigned for the Murder of Chryslin Gladden



Clement Bol Jr.

The gruesome murder of a sixteen year old at the Lord Ridge Cemetery has dominated the newscast since the beginning of the week. Chryslin Gladden, a promising Wesley High School student, was stabbed multiple times; her body was found inside the cemetery on Saturday morning. Immediately following the murder, reports surfaced that a former classmate with whom she had a troubled friendship, had been involved. Late Tuesday afternoon, police reported that they had charged seventeen year old Ashley Meighan of Doris Brooks Street in Belize City for the murder.  Today, relatives and friends of both the deceased and the accused appeared outside the court awaiting the arraignment of Meighan. But inside the court of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, Meighan was jointly arraigned with her friend twenty-three year old Clement Bol Junior, a resident of the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City; they were both remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September fifth. While Bol Junior was unrepresented, Meighan’s legal counsel is Attorney Ellis Arnold. It was just before six on Saturday morning that the mutilated body of Chryslin was discovered by a man walking through a footpath at the cemetery. Reports are that her throat was slit and she had been stabbed multiple times to various parts of the body.

A ten inch blade believed to be the murder weapon was discovered two hundred feet away from the scene. Chryslin was last seen socializing with Meighan and others on Booths Crescent in south side Belize City this past Friday. It is not known when she met her death, but police say it was motivated by jealously and hatred. Several persons were detained, but it was not until today that Meighan and Bol Junior were arraigned for Chryslin’s murder. Of note is that Bol Junior is no stranger to the court.  He has previous charges for criminal offenses including robbery and has been the victim of several shootings. According to reports, Clement Bol Senior, an ex-police officer, picked up his son, took him to their Buttonwood Bay house and around seven-thirty p.m., called a police officer he knew very well so that his son could turn himself in for the murder. 

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8 Responses for “A Pair of Belize City Youths Arraigned for the Murder of Chryslin Gladden”

  1. sly deceiver says:

    Mr. Clement senior i have to say that i am proud of u because that is what a good father should do hand over his son before he hurts others or ends up being a victim himself. It saddens me deeply when i hear parents on tv and radio defending and swearing that their kid is innocent when they know dam well that they aint and all they do is hurt their kids doing so which is why they end up dead or killing more. It is refreshing to know that great fathers that one can look up too still exist.

  2. tashybze says:

    Damn damn what could this child have done to them to make this happen to her. Is it that bad a thing to want better for yourself that this girl had to die because of it. What could be so bad about this girl that you hated her so much, that you had to take her life? What was it my gosh. This is crazy I dont even know any of them and I am very sad inside. I pray that the judge never let you two see the light of freedom again.

  3. Laverne Kester says:

    I’m happy to hear a father would turn in his son. I would like to think that If I were in the situatuion I would make the same choice. It’s difficult to take public ridicule, I know that there’s people out there that would say I would not turn my child in. But I love my children enough to do the right thing. I know too the parent of the girl killed love their child just as well. I’ve losst a family member in a similar situation and the parent of the young man that committed the crime family supported him and not the victim who lost her life and she died leaving behind a small child.

  4. Vanzielove says:

    I hope they burn in hell..they have no right to be taking someone’s lives. i hope they rot in prison and never get out from the first place none of them should have gotten a lawyer because they do not need anyone’s support..they want to kill people, then face your time and guilty by yourselves. what could chryslin did so wrong that they had to take her life?what’s their excuse?hatred?come one mein..bail should not be an option for them..25 to life without bail..her youth needs to be taken away because another person’s one

  5. I can relate.. says:

    When people that are jealous of you disguises themselves to be your friend is obviously very harmful and painful. God have mercy on their souls,give the family of chryslin the strength they need to move on and be strong for each other. This is such a sad & outrageous crime.what is this world coming to?what is this generation coming to?the sad part is it’s only gonna get worst. RIP Chryslin

  6. Al Rich says:

    My hat is off to this father who had the sense to do the right thing. So sad that some kids make such stupid decisions. Looking at the girl I see defiance and hate in her face. To be so young and look so hard. What could have made her do such a horrible thing. Did she think she could get away with this killing.

    Now three families are hurting, one more so than the other. How awful to know you are going to die and all alone in a dark cemetery.

  7. H@tari says:

    We are sinking to our lowest point ever as a society. Children viciously murdering children. Can it get worse than that? People, we have to get off our asses and do something NOW . . . but what can be done with the out of control crime and gangs in BC? I think we are past the tipping point there. An entire generation of monsters left abandoned by their worthless parents and now loose on the streets to attack at will. And I really don’t think that the police department has a clue on how to deal with it and GOB is too busy playing politics and window dressing. I am so glad that I do not live in BC.

  8. TKB VOICE says:

    I totally agree, i don’t want any of them to see light ever again. I am so pissed at what they have done. I have known Chryslin a long time since primary school, we were in class together. I love all my friends and it hurts to see her go for no reason at all. We may not get the justice we want because this is a mans world, but God is alive and sees all things and so God will give us our justice as much as i hate your guts i cant help but feel sorry for you, because when you get what you deserve, trust me, it will be NOT NICE!!!!!

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