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Jul 23, 2014

A Tour Guide Stabbed To Death On La Isla Bonita By His Common-Law Wife

Felix Alamilla

A domestic dispute ended in murder early this morning in the north end of San Pedro. A tour guide, Felix Alamilla who is also a caretaker of a luxury rental, was stabbed as he slept at the rental. Bleeding profusely after the stabbing, Alamilla was shuttled to at least five clinics, but he was unable to get medical attention to save his life.  The wounds were inflicted by his common-law-wife, who is from the Chetumal area and with whom he shares two children. There are reports that she was apprehended when she attempted the leave the island. Duane Moody reports from San Pedro.


Duane Moody, Reporting

The most recent homicide on San Pedro occurred in the early hours of this morning approximately four miles away from the center of town, near the southernmost point of the island. Tour guide, twenty-eight year old Felix Alamilla, Edgar Obando and a third male person are caretakers of this luxury rental house, but around six this morning, Alamilla’s common-law-wife enter the house and stabbed him several times as he slept on this red sofa.


Lenancio Bol

Sgt. Lenancio Bol, Coastal Executive Unit

“At this time, the investigation is showing this stabbing incident…we received information at six-fifty this morning. A male person visited the station and reported that his friend was stabbed and was transported to a private clinic in San Pedro Town. The investigation is saying that about five a.m. on today’s date, the deceased was sleeping at this building…he is the caretaker of this building…he was here when he was attacked by his common-law, who is now a suspect in this investigation.”



“Was the male person alone at the time?”


Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“No he was not alone. There was another person who was with him. At this time, we definitely won’t disclose that information as yet because we want to follow up the investigation to see if this person is a suspect or a witness.”


Edgar Santos Obando

Obando, who says that Alamilla was like a brother to him, told News Five that they were socializing at the house and fell asleep. He left around five a.m., just an hour before Alamilla was mortally stabbed.


Edgar Santos Obando, Friend of Murder Victim
“I was here like five in the morning, I took off because I had to go to my other work. By the time I got here, I was coming back my way and I saw him coming on the gulf cart and he was already injured.”


Duane Moody

“What are they saying happened?”


Edgar Santos Obando

“They are saying that his wife just come and attack him while he was sleeping. She just jump and starting stabbing him. We have passed a lot of things together and his wife is someone that all the time when we are drinking she is always bothering asking where is he and I am a guy that I am not going to say anything. I am going to stay out of it; that’s their problem that they have to find out themselves.”


While a motive has not been ascertained, police say that thirty-six year old Anabel Kumul, a Mexican national of Otton P. Blanco, Chetumal, Mexico, turned herself into police and gave a caution statement on what she has done.


Anabel Kumul

Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“Based on the information received, police conducted further investigation and she was taken to the station where right now she is detained.”


Duane Moody

“We understand that she was nabbed trying to leave the island.”


Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“That investigation, I cannot confirm because I was at the clinic and then we had a team …a search party so I believe that information is almost accurate.”


Duane Moody

“Has the murder weapon been recovered?”


Sgt. Lenancio Bol

“At this time, we have a couple knives. We will look at it and see if any one of them was the weapon of choice. My investigation is showing that the deceased apparently went out for about a day or two. And I believe that that create rage in some form with the suspect at this time and I believe that that was the motive.”


Duane Moody

“What could have triggered her to even go to this point of taking the life of your brother?”


Edgar Santos Obando

“I’m not quite sure, but I know she was going into a situation. Her dad is dying so probably all of that could get into her mind to let her do something like that. So probably she wasn’t thinking that right.”


Duane Moody

“You think if you were here, this would have been different.”


Edgar Santos Obando

“Totally, this was going to be totally different. Something like this wouldn’t have been able to happen.”


Giovanni Solorzano

An ailing Alamilla was rushed to other medical facilities on the island, before he ended up here at the San Carlos Medical Center. Despite all efforts by Dr. Giovanni Solorzano, Alamilla had hemorrhaged extensively and took his last breath inside the private clinic.


Dr. Giovanni Solorzano, San Carlos Medical Center

“The first visible injury was a very small minor cut on his head…very small…I mean less than three centimeters in diameter. The second one was the one right on his chest which was right above the chest, above the heart area and that was about one inch in diameter. It was obvious that he bled from that wound as well, but not excessively because it didn’t seem to be too deep. The one that I was most concerned about was the one that was on his left leg; it was obvious that this was the one that he bled the most. So in my humble opinion the patient bled to death. The patient was brought in from the outside into the clinic, but he was basically doing his last breath; he had already bled to death from the way down the south all the way to town. As you can see outside the clinic, there is no blood, not even the entrance, the door…clean, clean, clean. So he was basically just his last breath when he was brought into the clinic.”


This afternoon, while processing the scene, police detained a man, who it is believed contaminated the crime scene when he washed away the blood stains at the site of the murder. Duane Moody for News Five.


An autopsy was conducted on the body of Alamilla this afternoon and he will be laid to rest at ten a.m. on Thursday on the island.

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6 Responses for “A Tour Guide Stabbed To Death On La Isla Bonita By His Common-Law Wife”

  1. Mi Eterno Amor says:

    esta despedida
    sea por el bien de todos
    inventare algún modo
    para vivir sin ti.

    Te juro que nadie mas
    te amara como yo
    mas hoy, por ti mi pecho arde
    porque me duele decirte que
    a ti he llegado tarde.

    Aunque no te vuelva a ver
    quiero que sepas que haré
    por ti, mi viaje sin boleto
    y en la distancia siempre serás
    mi eterno amor secreto.

  2. Belizean Soul says:

    I am American who lived in San Pedro 2001-2006. My husband died there Oct.2003 because we could not find an open clinic or a doctor late on a Friday night. His body did not get to KHMH morgue until Monday, & the autopsy was inconclusive because of decomposition due to lack of refrigeration. Amazing that nothing has been done to insure medical attention can be gotten 24/7, eleven years later! Shame on you San Pedro!

  3. oscar965 says:

    Frist of all my condolences to the Family. Rest in Peace Felix. This is the second person in less than a year that dies on the island due to lack of 24 hour medical facility. San Pedro is the Leading Tourist Destination Town, Tripadvisor has placed the island as # 1 from all other islands in the world BUT GET SICK AND U R ON YOUR OWN. Most Doctors, with the exception of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez DO NOT ANSWER PHONES AT NIGHT, DO NOT MAKE HOUSE CALLS. They love to work 8-12 and 1-5, Mondays to Fridays. Our PolyClinic is not 24 hours. This morning on the local San Pedro Morning Show again EMPTY PROMISES were made by the Mayor and Area Rep. Imagine this more priority is given to have our streets in better conditions rather than an open hospital. This Person died because our Politicians, both Red and Blue lack the vision to ensure that such an essential service!!!

  4. Rod says:

    Belizean soul. I agree with you but yet the mayor and his friends can waste money to go to the riviera to live it up while people keep dying on this island every year these are all deaths that could have been prevented if this corrupt mayor and udp gov weren’t wasting the money on their pleasures instead of investing in a good hospital with competent doctors. What a shame but that’s this corrupt udp pm and gov. They pocket all the money while people keep dying because of poor hospital and poor doctors what a corrupt gov. We have become guan judas barrow guan.

  5. Kate says:

    The Police Officer distinctly said that they will not release any name of the other person detained who was present on the scene. so why the heck will you people post a footage of the second person detained. You all should get sued!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    The picture of the girl is his wife that killed him Kate, there is no other suspects picture! The guy is his friend , the one giving interview

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