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Jul 16, 2014

Smith Family speaks on being detained for firearm

Ishaida Brooks

The Smith family is settling back home after spending a week in prison. They had just returned to their house after burying family member, seventeen year old Myron Smith, when police conducted a search of their house. It yielded a firearm and live rounds of ammunition and the entire family of seven, including two minors, was locked up and subsequently charged with firearm offences. The search was prompted because police had set chase behind one of the minors who ran into the Smith’s house to escape the long arms of the law. In court, the minor pleaded guilty, but because of the draconian gun laws, the entire family was remanded. There has been a public outcry against the gun laws and on Tuesday, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions instructed that the charges be withdrawn from Alrick Smith, his common-law wife, Sandra Casey, their children Leon and Tamike Smith, along with their cousin Ishaida Brooks and a minor. The hellish ordeal is one that will not be forgotten by Brooks, who was visiting the house when the search took place. She told News Five today that the family will be suing the government.


Ishaida Brooks, Firearm Charges Withdrawn

“I was across the street with my uncle when I saw the two officers running up the step. When we went upstairs, the officer told my uncle well these two young men have a gun and we want search the house. My uncle said no problem. We upstairs now and one of the young man told me well please go and hail yo lee bredda fi mi because I want make ih go call mi ma and tell ahn that police wah ker ahn. I gone downstairs, hail my lee bredda, gone back inside. If I coulda  mi have wah opportunity to go outside back, I mi wah can’t do that because one of the officers turn around and lock the door and he dah like weh part you gwen? You can’t go nowhere. When the officer find the gun—because ih look like one of the young man hide the gun ina di house—when the officer find the gun, he run outside with the gun and holla see the gun yah, see the gun ya…nobody move, everybody just change unu clothes and let’s go. He never tell we well yo9 under arrest for this; he never tell we anything till we reach the police station. When we reach the police station he dah like well all ah unu wah get charged fi this. But we di explain to him that the gun dah noh fi we. If unu say unu see two young persons di run upstairs, how in the world di gun wah be fi we? Why unu di ker we? And he say it outta fi he own mouth—he talked to all ah we—I know that the gun dah noh fi unu. I know that the gun dah fi di young man. Like that he di tell we. So we dah like soh why we need fi deh yah? The first thing ran through my mind when she (the magistrate) told me that, I told her I have a young baby, but people exaggerate. My baby two but I still yet feel it cause I know that my baby wah miss me and I close to ahn and everything. So I just mi di think about my baby and my family at the time and I neva mi di think about nothing else and that’s why I got emotional. We never had to go through all of this and this is why I start to cry.”


Duane Moody

“You spent a week in prison. What was that experience like know that I noh do nothing bad; I’ve never done anything bad—I don’t even have a record—and now you send me dah back of Hattieville?”


Ishaida Brooks

“The experience mi kinda bad ina wah way and good in a way because the young ladies them when we reached there, they neva show we bad face and stuff like that…they just welcomed us and were just like no worry about nothing. Everybody know and ih mi reach back there already that dah mi chance and that ih neva necessary. People, everybody dah back ah jail from the prison officers, people weh work deh, say noh worry unu wah come out because the law noh fair. They just mi di try uplift we and noh bring we down or nothing like that.”


Duane Moody

“So what’s the next step now? When you found out yesterday that the charge was withdrawn, tell us about the feeling you had then.”


Ishaida Brooks

“I was happy but I mi still mad with the police officers and everything.  Ih noh done ya because my family and me, we, want to sue them because seriously this never necessary and he make the officer, the court everybody just make my family, my auntie go through wah lot with the payment and all of dehn things. And none of this never necessary and this noh done yah at all. None of this noh done yah and we gwen further with this because I noh know. All of this mi so never needed to happen.”

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2 Responses for “Smith Family speaks on being detained for firearm”

  1. Eric says:

    Before you talk like an idiot Rod let me enlighten you about suing the government… when you sue the government and the plaintiff wins where do you think the money comes from? It comes from the public’s coffers where your tax money goes and before you say “but I don’t fit in the tax bracket that pays personal income tax”… you do pay taxes Rod, you pay taxes every time you go to the Chiney man to purchase goods and every time you pay for services you pay a merciless tax called GST. So suing the “government” is really suing us. If you can’t see that after all that I just explained then you are truly no smarter than the steaming pile of s@#t that my dog left in the front yard. The only way to make these idiots feel is to either personally sues them (which is almost impossible) or for them to be reprimanded; the latter choice is also impossible. The Roman Emperor Caligula used to mistreat his Praetorian Guards, the same men sworn to protect his life and because of his mistreatment and abuse they turned around and assassinated him. Same is the case with these police, they are sworn to protect the politicians and aristocrats of this totalitarian society, they protect their lives as well as their dirty little secrets; so if the powers that be would turn on them they should expect the same in return. This is why things will always be the same where it comes to these Praetorian Guards/police abusing their powers.

  2. Lydell says:

    I think we are not militant or proactive enough concerning this nonsensical,draconian,oppressive and ridiculously stupid gun law. How much tolerance do we have collectively as a people? This is too much. Imagine the uproar and outrage a gun law like this would cause in other civilized,independent democratic countries. Just think about what would go on in Jamaica,Mexico,England and the U.S. How backwards and stupid do we look in the eyes of the international community. But i guess we don’t care about global image. We have no national pride or unity. Who wants to live in a country where your neighbor can throw a rusty bullet into your yard without your knowledge and call the police only to see you and your family carted off by the police once they find it. If this is not idiocy and lunacy then i don’t know what is.I wonder about our “super genius lawyers” who have absolutely nothing to say about this issue.Despite public frustration,outrage and anger the politicians remain silent. Geez, i wonder why?????? Don’t think they can get mileage from this gun law, so why the hell don’t they get rid of the dam law. it’s not rocket science. This is our Belize,where murder,corruption and stupidity rule instead of justice,human rights and democracy. Shame,shame,shame.

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